Into Hell: part two

One day before Launch

For some reason ,the upcoming trip made her uneasy.. something niggling in the back of her mind that told her to hold off  but she brushed it off due to the lack of sleep, or her low threshold of energy. Mirren was having one of her rare meltdowns,and it took both Romy and Birsa to calm the little girl down,and get her settled. Like Romy, Mirren missed Fnar; she was very close to her father ,and for awhile when he was gone, she would sit on the front porch at their little farm waiting for him to come home. It broke Romy’s  heart to see her little girl look so  unhappy  until finally Mirren simply stopped asking where her father was ,and when he was coming home. The letters that came from him, were much anticipated by them both, and Romy would read them over and over, to Mirren ,so that their little golden haired daughter would always know how much her father loved her,and how much he missed  her as  she missed him. This seemed to mollify the two year old to some extent.The walls of the farmhouse, were decorated in the childish drawings of their little family and their pets. Munin,had pretty much decided he was Mirren’s guardian,and followed her everywhere. He kept the active little girl busy and out of trouble;they had been the best of friends since she was a baby. Though Romy had found him haunting one of the farms in Gilneas ,she adopted him into her family ,and gave him a loving home.It was clear from his loving nature, that he was a much beloved pet ,and a family dog . He regarded both Fnar and Romy as his Alphas , and took his responsibilities as a guard dog very seriously.He was one of the rare few animals that were allowed inside. Dawn , Fnar’s lovely cat, was another that had the rare privilege of being allowed inside but she preferred to be outside with her master, or off hunting.

Looking about the large room,Romy made certain she had everything packed.. she wanted to make sure that they didn’t leave anything behind , as they had an early start tomorrow ,and needed to be at Brill to catch the Zeppelin for Orgrimmar , then it was onto Northrend.  Normally she would have waited until baby Romar was older, but Foxtail sent word that Elder Greengrove, wasn’t doing well, which prompted the travel. Elder Greengrove ,was Birsa’s father.. pretty much father to the tribe.. he had guided and raised a motley group of younglings after they had been separated from their families after the Scourge had swept through their homeland. Some were orphaned that day, and some were brought to Outland, to be cared for , until the time came for them to return. Unfortunately , Kael’thas had other plans, and sought to turn them into his own private army..until with the help of Aethas Sunreaver,  Elder Greengrove, along with several of the elders,  smuggled the children away ,right under Kael’thas’ nose  into Northrend. There they had shed their previous trappings of civilization,and became the close knit tribe.Romy owed her life to the Elder ,many times over, and she knew she needed to go back , if only to say good bye to the ancient elf. Like her grandmother, Elder Greengrove came from another time ,he was a part of the history of Quel’thelas..he was the Lorekeeper of  their tribe. However time, was catching up to him, and the rest of the elders, and Romy knew if she didn’t take this chance now.. she would never have it again.

She could hear the door opening ,and called out  ” Birsa, is that you ?”  but it wasn’t the young lass but a much older woman. Leaning heavily on her cane, the Matriarch paused as she took sight of the tall ,rangy huntress; who despite giving birth to two children, was lean and fit as ever . She smiled  pensively ” I can’t get over how much you remind me of your mother.. she was very much in love with your father.. as he was with her. They grew up together ,along with my children. The De Keres, the Winterbournes and the Nighthearts.. we weren’t just close allies.. but family. I knew your father and uncle , since they were just babies ..your father was always the quiet studious type.. your uncle ,was quite the scoundrel, who reminds me of your young man in alot of ways.” she spoke as she moved over to the crib where Romar was sleeping . Romy pulled out a chair for the aged Matriarch ,helping the elder sit ,before taking a seat herself ,” I think in some ways, that’s what attracted me to him; he had that same wildness of spirit like Uncle Xyrkun ,had in his youth. I know Dad, became quite the wild one , from what aunt Desiree says.”  Romy chuckled softly ,and her grandmother nodded with a soft chuckle ” Ah yes..your aunt Desiree was quite the wild one herself.. I remember when she married not just my son Corwin,but your uncle Xyrkun as well… it was quite the scandal but we weathered through it because they clearly loved her, and she, loved them. It was very hard on your cousin when she not only lost her parents,but her younger siblings as well..we didn’t realize just how much it affected her, until her collapse .” the matriarch continued , though the topic clearly pained  her, Romy reached out a hand and encased the fragile withered hand in her own weathered one .” How is she doing now? ” she asks gently .

The elderly elven woman, merely pats her hand ” She’s recovering..her mother is with her, and that seems to be helping.  Seeing her daughter suffering from addiction, has rallied her mother to her side,and made her forget that she is a deathknight. I’m glad to see that , the Lich king, did not take away the love , Desiree had for her daughter.; seeing her daughter suffering, brought back the loving nature she had thought was lost.” Romy smiled in perfect understanding ” I still have dreams of my mother.. sometimes when I wake  up, I swear I can smell her perfume in the air. She always smelled of Lavender,and vanilla  ; they were always her favourite scents.” she mused pensively remembering the beautiful woman with the dark red hair and deep green eyes. The older woman, merely raised a hand, and brush a strand of hair out of her grand daughter’s eyes ” She would have been proud of the woman you have become; and would have enjoyed her grandchildren. Your daughter is very much like you at that age; and I daresay she’s going to be breaking hearts when she’s older.She’s a good blend of you and her father; though I hope she doesn’t have the same wildness of spirit as your aunt, uncle and father did .. but as they say, only time will tell . Your son, is a darling lad, I can see already, he’s going to be quite a handful when he’s older. He’s already learned how to flirt ,at his age.. ” she shakes her head in amusement. Romy chuckled ruefully and replies ” Well  given his pedigree .. I can’t see how its possible for him not to be..he comes by it honestly ” she looks over to see the dark red hair peeping over the coverlet  as he slept on blissfully, with a tummyful of milk.

Easing herself up to her feet, the Matriarch sighed ” I will let you get back to your packing, I know you are worried about your other family in northrend; do give them my regards.. all though we have not met, I am grateful for them for saving you, and raising you properly when your own parents could not. They did a fine job,and they are as much your family as we are.” she leans in and gives Romy a kiss on the cheek ,before she turns and makes her way slowly to the door, which flies open and a little girl with bright gold curls ,bounces in . Seeing the Matriarch  she squeals ” grammie! ” Running over to give the elderly woman a big hug, and a kiss . The matriarch carefully bends down,and gives the little girl a kiss on the head ,after recieving a big sloppy kiss from her great grandchild. ” Hello, poppet, you be a good girl for your mother , and help her when she needs it , alright?”  she gently taps the little girl on the nose, playfully. Mirren nods eagerly ” yes, grammie.. I help ”  She looks up to the elder  with big eyes. ” That’s a good girl.. why don’t you come down later, and you can have tea with me . I think you will love the scones with the clotted cream .. I know I do ‘ she invites the toddler, whose eyes become wide and looks to her mother ” Can I ?”  Romy nods, with a smile “yes you may..”  Turning to Romy ,the elder gives her a warm smile ” I expect you, Birsa  and the children down in the sunroom around four “before she turns and makes her way out before Romy could speak.

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May 5

I miss Northrend..I miss the Storm peaks.. and the little camp that was my home since I was quite sister is happy here but I am experiencing a very acute case of homesickness..if I didn’t have my family.. I suspect I would be haunting the wilds of Grizzly hills, hunting elk, and bear. Just being in the crisp fresh air ,and away from the nattering peacocks that populate Silvermoon…. eugh… how can one think with all that noise?!! Thankfully Nightheart Hall is far enough from Silvermoon City that I don’t have to listen to the caterwauling of whores disguised as nobility day in and day out, as we did,when we were staying in one of the apartments in the city.. I don’t think I bathed as much as I did then… still the thought makes me shudder.

Still no word about Romy and the kids ..I should be patient..I should be out there looking for them  too.. not stuck here behind a desk directing things but with Dad away fighting and Romy missing. I need to be here to assure people. Nightheart Hall has been empty for far too long.. while Romy may be the matriarch of the family.. Dad has entrusted me with the running of the place;and Romy managed to convince him, that I was in a far better position to be head of the house while they were both gone.; it wasn’t something Dad had counted on.. he was hoping that Romy would take on the responsibility, but she has enough on her plate right now. I miss her.. I miss her counsel ,and her way of stripping away pretense and presenting the bare boned facts. She’s always been blunt and direct.. it didn’t sit well with alot of people especially with those , who liked to disguise their motives behind flowery speeches.. I suppose I have picked up that little particular trait as well. I have very little patience for people ,who think because I was raised in Northrend, that I must be some kind of backwoods barbarian..and try to rob me blind.. certainly shocked the stuffing out of them when I showed them that I actually had a brain in my head, and was far more educated then they gave me credit for. I can now understand why Birsa chooses not to learn Common, but would rather speak in Vrykul instead; however that doesn’t mean she can’t understand it.. she’s very well versed in Common  .. she just chooses not to speak it . I’ve known Birsa since my sister and I were small. She is the youngest of Elder Greengrove’s children ,and she’s been best friends with  both Sheenagh and I , since we first arrived to the tribe. She  made us feel welcome,and we got into many adventures together. She’s like another sister to me… I couldn’t even think about her in a romantic sense.. it just felt…wrong.  When Romy was expecting Romar,and needed a hand with Mirren.. Birsa stepped in to help. I hope they are all ok..

I have been praying nightly to our gods in Northrend.. to Odyn..the Allfather… to Freya, to Thorim.. to look after my sister, and my family. I have no faith in this Light that the bloodknights beliefs lie with the ancient deities of the far north; as does my tribe. I suppose I should sit down ,and write down the history of my tribe .. so that my children and others may know our ways. It will preserve  their legacy..and give me something to do, to take my mind off of how much I miss my big sister.

Tywin Nightheart


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Into Hell : Part One

Three days prior to Launch

It was a wonderful with her grandmother, and the rest of  her family at the Goldmoon estate; Romy couldn’t get over how frail her grandmother looked however seeing Mirren and Romar, seemed to bring a new sparkle to the elderly woman’s eyes  as she held her great grandchildren for the first time.. though not related by blood, the Matriarch was as much a grandparent as her own blood grandparents were. Elphaba was a living remnant of the past ; very much like her father . With Fnar  off in Draenor ,caught up in the neverending cycle of war and death , Romy felt it was important to reconnect with family and with Birsa’s help  they arranged for someone to watch over the farm while they took the portal to Orgrimmar. Romy was reticent about taking the children through,especially little Romar..she was concerned about how the energies would affect the baby but the pandaren mage sensing her concern, took the time to explain to her that it was perfectly safe for the children to travel through the portal . While it didn’t completely ease Romy’s mind; it did take some of the worry out of it.

They arrived in Orgrimmar and took the zeppelin to Brill where they would take the translocator to Silvermoon,and a short ride from Silvermoon to the Goldmoon estate.  They spent some time with her younger brother at the rebuilt Nightheart estate ; where she got to meet his young wife, Laurelin ,along with her nephew Sellan and her newborn niece Suurin .. the name was not lost on her .. a little tribute to their life in Northrend ,with the wolves.Little Mirren and Sellan took to each other right away,and were babbling away in a language only the few young could understand. While it was awkward at first , meeting her new sister in law.. Romy found herself liking Laurelin, who had a quiet manner about her but there was a hidden fire beneath that demure exterior. It was clear that Tywin was very much in love with his wife, and the feeling very mutual.. being in the presence of such love made her miss, Fnar all the more. She missed his arms around her, his laugh , watching him with Mirren, and hearing them both talking as they had their special father daughter time. It seemed so long since she last saw her love… though she wrote him letters.. it was not the same as talking to  him ,and being with him.

Her dearest love, Fnar.. how she missed him..she wished he could come home.. to meet his son ,Romar, whom he has yet to meet. Thankfully she had Birsa to  help her out; though the young maid didn’t speak a word of common; being raised to speak a dialect of Vrykul, mixed with some Taunka. She was able to communicate still with Romy, as the older woman was still fluent.Though some would wonder the wisdom of learning an enemy’s served a purpose; it helped them keep track of the Vrykul’s movements . Even little Mirren was starting to learn the language; as well as learning the customs. Though Romy and Birsa had been raised away from the libertine excesses of Silvermoon ; it may as well have been a completely different culture as Northrend tended to cultivate a hardier stock than their southern counterparts. Being away from the excesses , had given both Romy and Birsa a resilience and independence that allowed them to flourish without the need to be protected by someone .

Sorting through the little clothes that were freshly laundered; she couldn’t believe the growth spurt little Mirren was going through. It seemed like she had gained another three inches in height. Already the clothes , Romy had brought along for extra changes , were getting too small.. Fnar wouldn’t recognize his little girl when he next saw her. Already, her hair is starting to become more and more like her father’s ; the reddish tones changing to a bright gold ,and the lighter tones becoming a pale gold ,blending beautifully together.  Romy marvelled at the fact that she and Fnar created such a beautiful little girl,and when Romar was born..he took after his mother , with his shock of red hair .. along with inheriting her ferocious temper. Thankfully , he was generally a sweet natured little guy who loved to laugh,and Mirren loved to do things to make her baby brother laugh… she took her role as a big sister very seriously. At first Romy was worried that Mirren would feel slighted that the attention was not so much on her anymore but on her baby brother but her fears were for naught as little Mirren was devoted to her baby brother; and was very close to Birsa , who had been teaching her stories and songs while Romy, was resting ,or looking after the baby.Romy couldn’t imagine  how she could have managed caring  for her two little ones without Birsa’s help while her love was away .

Taking a small pair of leather booties out, she tried to put them on Romar ; however the baby kicked them off as fast she could put them on, giving a clear indication that he didn’t like wearing anything on his tiny feet.With a smile she scooped him and gave him a quick cuddle before settling down to feed him as her daughter came in through the door carrying a wriggling puppy in her arms ” Mama..mama.. look… puppy.. can I have?” she gives Romy a pleading look with her large green doe like eyes . Romy looked at the puppy , noting that it was still too young to be taken from his mother and she reaches with her free hand , gesturing her daughter to come close  ” He’s still a baby yet, like your brother.. he still needs his mama for a while… However.. we will see about getting you a puppy when we get home.. alright ?” she gently explains to her daughter who looked about ready to cry but cheered up when her mother explained to her why she couldn’t  have that particular one.  Looking at her brother nursing she looks up at her mother and states very matter of factly ” Ro.. like puppy.. he need mama ” which took Romy by surprise at her daughter’s astuteness  and smiles ” sweet, your little brother is very much like the puppy you are holding.. he will need his mama far longer than the puppy will need his . Even though you are getting big, you have still years to go before you won’t need mama or papa .Until then, you will always be my baby. ” she stroked Mirren’s hair softly with a faint smile on her face. Her daughter went silent for a long moment, musing over her mother’s words before she replies ” I take puppy back..he needs his mama ” before she marches out the door with said puppy in her arms , passing by Birsa on her way out.

The slim pale haired lass smiled as she watched  the little girl carrying a puppy in her arms . In her lilting tongue ,she speaks ” She’s growing so fast ;its hard to believe she’s only three years old… at times , she seems so much older  ”  Romy nods ‘ She misses her father greatly; being parted from him has been hard on us both..she’s so young..but thankfully being in Half Hill, has allowed her to remain a child, and not hardened at such a young age.. like her father and I were . ” she gently strokes her son’s head gently; noting from his steady breathing  that he was sound asleep. Fixing her top, she rises to her feet and gently places the sleeping baby into his cradle, and closes the door ,but leaving it ajar so she could hear him if he was fussy . ” Given that it will take a little time to travel to Northrend, we should plan ahead and try to make the trip as stress free as possible. Mirren hasn’t really travelled by zeppelin much .. the last trip rattled her,so I want to make this next leg as calm as possible.”   Birsa nods quietly ” agreed.. I will start gathering some activities to keep her occupied while we are travelling . As long as her attention is diverted ,she should be fine ”

Romy nods ” That’s all we can hope if only we could bring my love home, he’s already missed so much of Mirren’s development” she sighs heavily , a despondant look on her face. Birsa murmurs ” All we can do is pray.. your mate is strong ,and he’s not alone ..I’m sure he will be safe until he is able to come back to you and the children “.Which got a smile from Romy ” That is true ..I can only pray that he is allowed to come home soon” with that ,she and Birsa began folding up the clothes .

 to be continued

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April 27th

Sitting here at my desk , within the newly restored Nightheart estate…it doesn’t quite feel like home; not when my family is scattered to the four winds.. Dad is back and forth but he currently stuck in the Broken Isles fighting the Legion. His heart is not in it though; it’s like he is on auto pilot.. his movements mechanical and empty. Though he fights like a man possessed, when he is in battle, but the whereabouts of my sister and her children are ever present on his mind. We have been searching for her and the children, since their zeppelin went missing. They were supposed to arrive in Northrend to visit family… they never made it. The controller , got one panicked communication from the zeppelin before the channel was lost..during the time when the Legion made its appearance once again , their vast ships darkening the sky over Durotar. With the Horde’s forces defending the cities in full force, with surprising aide of the Alliance ,who came to lend a hand in fighting off the swarms of demons that sought to level our cities and decimate our people. There was no one to spare , to look for survivors . With the constant alerts, from nearly every corner of Azeroth.. it was months before we got a breather, and during that time, the opportunity to pick up the trail had long passed. I know my sister.. she’s a survivor.. but how long can she survive with two little ones to care for and protect.. at least she was wise and took Birsa with her .. I can only pray that they are all safe and merely taking shelter from the mayhem.

Two weeks ago.. we found the wreckage of the zeppelin.. well.. we got word from the expedition in Mount Hyjal, that they had found a mile long trail of debris that lead them to the blackened husk of the Zeppelin.. along with the remains of the crew .It gives me hope that they are still alive ..just lost. We have sent a caravan to pick up the remains of the crew ,to bring them back to their families for proper burial ..however they did bring back one item…that made my heart sink when I saw it… a tiny leather bootie.. one that I had made for baby Romar, as a baby gift when he was born .. all the proof that said that Romy and the kids were on the zeppelin however it didn’t tell us anything  about their condition nor their whereabouts… I have been sending communications to Morningstar Industries ,as I remembered that Romy’s mate was part of that company.. the poor man is utterly distraught over the disappearance of Romy and the kids.

Please.. Thorim… Odyn..Freya.. watch over my family.. let your guiding hands, lead them home to their loved ones… or give us a sign .

Signing out

Tywin Nightheart

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OOC : Unscheduled Absence

Well  unfortunately due to the unpredictable vagaries of fate. my poor old beast of a computer is no longer capable of running games anymore including World of Warcraft which is a real pain , as I have two accounts that I have paid for time in monthes in advance, is now going to be wasted due to the lack of  a computer that can run them. Hopefully in the next few weeks , once I get my income tax refund in , I can put the money to a new computer, but this time I’m going with a Mac, as I had PCs for so long, and it gets tiring and expensive to constantly having to replace parts to keep my computer functioning properly.

Not sure how long it will be before I can play again, keeping my fingers crossed it will be soon.



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Yuletide Ponderings

Dec 24

Its Christmas eve here in Halfhill, and we had wanted to make Mirren’s first Christmas special.. well its special alright. war reared its ugly head once again..and my darling was called away to fight in yet another battle. It was heartbreaking because he wanted to be here to celebrate with us. Already Mirren is missing her father and has been crying herself to sleep for the last few week after he left; to be honest.. I was right there with her. I knew once the letter came for Fnar and I to return to duty, I told the courier, he could shove the notice up the Regent’s backside because I wasn’t leaving my daugther to go and fight in someone else’s bloody war. He protested adamantly but I told him he had a choice, he could return on his own two feet, or he could be carried back, his choice.. I think the look on my face convinced him to leave while he had the capability to do so.

I wish I could spare my love , the anguish of leaving his family.. I forced myself not to cry but I sure felt like it, I had to be brave because I knew that he needed me to be strong. The only thing I regret that we put off getting married so long; well I’m changing that once he gets a chance to come. I already talked to Mooma about watching Mirren ,for a couple of days while Fnar and I are on our honeymoon. Mirren loves Mooma;lately she’s been calling the old dear  Gram.. not sure where she picked that up but it tickles the old dear to be called Gram by a tiny blood elf child.I never had much experience around Tauren but the Cloudhoof clan are wonderful,and I simply adore them.

Dad is also on his way to Draenor to fight,, but he dropped off gifts for Mirren and us..not only do I have my mate to worry about , but my father as well. I already lost so many years being separated from my family, I don’t want Mirren to go through that as well..especially since I discovered I am pregnant again.. found out a couple of days after Fnar left.  It makes me a little worried..because when I was pregnant with Mirren..Fnar was with me throughout my pregnancy, but this time he will be gone,and doesn’t know he will be a father yet again.  I sent a letter with Dad,to give to Fnar  if he sees him..I told him of the pregnancy ,just so he knew that Mirren and I would be fine back in Halfhill.  I also informed the recruiting office of the pregnancy, which should hopefully curb their enthusiasm for trying to enlist me back into service.

Eilwyn informs me the second pregnancy should be easier than the first, since my body wouldn’t have enough to forget what to do . I know its a little close after Mirren’s birth but I think its better this way, so they can grow up together. Well I need to wrap this up , Mirren is trying to climb the tree to get at one of the candy canes. Dad brought some candy canes from the Winterveil vendors back in Orgrimmar. Before Fnar was sent out , we took Mirren to see Greatfather Winter ; she wasn’t really sure what to make of him but it wasn’t long before she was babbling away to him.. no fear in that one. It was one of the few  joys we had after receiving that letter. One that we will both hold onto.



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No more stinky cats !

Oct 20

I can’t believe its October already!! It would have passed me by without knowing if Dad hadn’t mentioned it when he visited . He brought Mirren the cutest little bear costume to dress up in..She loved it!  Though she is far too young to really understand it, and I didn’t want to inundate her with too much. The Darkmoon Faire has become something we look forward to ,and has become our special outing with Mirren, but eventually we would love to expose her to other events .. its so hard to believe that she is not even a year old yet but she is already crawling about and getting into things . Our pets keep a close eye on her, when she’s toddling about , and Munin does his best to keep her out of trouble ,however he is only one dog,and she has developed quite an imagination for getting into  mischief.

Though yesterday was quite interesting.. not sure how Rakhasa found a skunk in Pandaria but he came home from his hunt, reeking to high heaven, wanted to cuddle. He couldn’t understand why Dawn wanted nothing to do with him, and kept trying to woo her however she was having none of it.. which had Fnar laughing hysterically UNTIL he got a whiff of Rakhasa’s new cologne and nearly started retching. Seeing that a bath was going to be order , I went in and warmed some water ,and dragged out the tub into the front yard. The house was too small to bathe a full grown Steppe Hunter. Its funny how a big strong cat can be reduced to a mewling kitten, Rakhasa saw the tub and the water, and made ready to bolt but I anticipated that,

With a stern voice that broked no arguement, I ordered him into the tub.. I never heard a cat yowl so much in protest.. you think you got bad, you aren’t the one having to smell the stench cat! I think all of  Halfhill came to see what the commotion was about. There I was ,soaked from head to toe,,a clothespin on my nose, trying to bathe a full grown Steppe hunter , and rid him of the skunk smell. If nothing else, it certainly give them something to gossip about.I know Fnar would have helped if he was able to , but he had his hands full with our little girl who squirming , wanting to get down. However I didn’t want her near when I was bathing Rakhasa because I didn’t want to  risk her getting hurt, if he decided to jump out and make a run for it. Though he was tamed, I was still not ready to have him around Mirren just yet. He still needed alot of work.. however I also knew that if I couldn’t get him trained soon, I would have to release him back into the wild. With Mirren crawling , it wouldn’t be long before she starts toddling about,and with Rakhasa still wild in some cases.. I just can’t risk it..I can’t take that chance..I suppose in a way this only brought home  the fact that some animals cannot truly be tamed. While I may love the big brute..I know that he belongs in the wild, and not with me.

Giving Rakhasa a loving scratch around the ears, to show him that I was not mad at him, I spent a little extra time, to get him cleaned off from the stench. I know I’m going to miss him ,but I also know he is better off with his own kind.. being wild, and free. Perhaps finding a mate of his own,and siring cubs of his  to carry on his line. When he finally had enough, I let him go  as he hurtled out of the tub ,and gave himself a good shake getting water everywhere ; before stalking off haughtily as if trying to maintain what little dignity he had left.

After watching him leave, his tail swishing back and forth to signal his indignation, I got up, and dumping out the water, took the tub back to the house, after giving it a good rinse to get all the cat hair out. I looked like a drowned rat,and I knew it. but honestly there is not neat way to bathe a cat without getting half the water dumped on you as well.While I was wrestling with a two hundred pound cat, Fnar had the easy task of wrestling with a ten pound Mirren, who finally wore herself out ,and was sound asleep in her crib. After I changed clothes, Fnar had me sit, and brought me some tea to warm myself up with after my unexpected bath, It was so nice to sit there together and cuddle while Mirren was sleeping, and just relax for a little while before dinner.Who knows,perhaps our little girl will end up being a big sister in the near future .



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