OOC : Unscheduled Absence

Well  unfortunately due to the unpredictable vagaries of fate. my poor old beast of a computer is no longer capable of running games anymore including World of Warcraft which is a real pain , as I have two accounts that I have paid for time in monthes in advance, is now going to be wasted due to the lack of  a computer that can run them. Hopefully in the next few weeks , once I get my income tax refund in , I can put the money to a new computer, but this time I’m going with a Mac, as I had PCs for so long, and it gets tiring and expensive to constantly having to replace parts to keep my computer functioning properly.

Not sure how long it will be before I can play again, keeping my fingers crossed it will be soon.



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Yuletide Ponderings

Dec 24

Its Christmas eve here in Halfhill, and we had wanted to make Mirren’s first Christmas special.. well its special alright. war reared its ugly head once again..and my darling was called away to fight in yet another battle. It was heartbreaking because he wanted to be here to celebrate with us. Already Mirren is missing her father and has been crying herself to sleep for the last few week after he left; to be honest.. I was right there with her. I knew once the letter came for Fnar and I to return to duty, I told the courier, he could shove the notice up the Regent’s backside because I wasn’t leaving my daugther to go and fight in someone else’s bloody war. He protested adamantly but I told him he had a choice, he could return on his own two feet, or he could be carried back, his choice.. I think the look on my face convinced him to leave while he had the capability to do so.

I wish I could spare my love , the anguish of leaving his family.. I forced myself not to cry but I sure felt like it, I had to be brave because I knew that he needed me to be strong. The only thing I regret that we put off getting married so long; well I’m changing that once he gets a chance to come. I already talked to Mooma about watching Mirren ,for a couple of days while Fnar and I are on our honeymoon. Mirren loves Mooma;lately she’s been calling the old dear  Gram.. not sure where she picked that up but it tickles the old dear to be called Gram by a tiny blood elf child.I never had much experience around Tauren but the Cloudhoof clan are wonderful,and I simply adore them.

Dad is also on his way to Draenor to fight,, but he dropped off gifts for Mirren and us..not only do I have my mate to worry about , but my father as well. I already lost so many years being separated from my family, I don’t want Mirren to go through that as well..especially since I discovered I am pregnant again.. found out a couple of days after Fnar left.  It makes me a little worried..because when I was pregnant with Mirren..Fnar was with me throughout my pregnancy, but this time he will be gone,and doesn’t know he will be a father yet again.  I sent a letter with Dad,to give to Fnar  if he sees him..I told him of the pregnancy ,just so he knew that Mirren and I would be fine back in Halfhill.  I also informed the recruiting office of the pregnancy, which should hopefully curb their enthusiasm for trying to enlist me back into service.

Eilwyn informs me the second pregnancy should be easier than the first, since my body wouldn’t have enough to forget what to do . I know its a little close after Mirren’s birth but I think its better this way, so they can grow up together. Well I need to wrap this up , Mirren is trying to climb the tree to get at one of the candy canes. Dad brought some candy canes from the Winterveil vendors back in Orgrimmar. Before Fnar was sent out , we took Mirren to see Greatfather Winter ; she wasn’t really sure what to make of him but it wasn’t long before she was babbling away to him.. no fear in that one. It was one of the few  joys we had after receiving that letter. One that we will both hold onto.



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No more stinky cats !

Oct 20

I can’t believe its October already!! It would have passed me by without knowing if Dad hadn’t mentioned it when he visited . He brought Mirren the cutest little bear costume to dress up in..She loved it!  Though she is far too young to really understand it, and I didn’t want to inundate her with too much. The Darkmoon Faire has become something we look forward to ,and has become our special outing with Mirren, but eventually we would love to expose her to other events .. its so hard to believe that she is not even a year old yet but she is already crawling about and getting into things . Our pets keep a close eye on her, when she’s toddling about , and Munin does his best to keep her out of trouble ,however he is only one dog,and she has developed quite an imagination for getting into  mischief.

Though yesterday was quite interesting.. not sure how Rakhasa found a skunk in Pandaria but he came home from his hunt, reeking to high heaven, wanted to cuddle. He couldn’t understand why Dawn wanted nothing to do with him, and kept trying to woo her however she was having none of it.. which had Fnar laughing hysterically UNTIL he got a whiff of Rakhasa’s new cologne and nearly started retching. Seeing that a bath was going to be order , I went in and warmed some water ,and dragged out the tub into the front yard. The house was too small to bathe a full grown Steppe Hunter. Its funny how a big strong cat can be reduced to a mewling kitten, Rakhasa saw the tub and the water, and made ready to bolt but I anticipated that,

With a stern voice that broked no arguement, I ordered him into the tub.. I never heard a cat yowl so much in protest.. you think you got bad, you aren’t the one having to smell the stench cat! I think all of  Halfhill came to see what the commotion was about. There I was ,soaked from head to toe,,a clothespin on my nose, trying to bathe a full grown Steppe hunter , and rid him of the skunk smell. If nothing else, it certainly give them something to gossip about.I know Fnar would have helped if he was able to , but he had his hands full with our little girl who squirming , wanting to get down. However I didn’t want her near when I was bathing Rakhasa because I didn’t want to  risk her getting hurt, if he decided to jump out and make a run for it. Though he was tamed, I was still not ready to have him around Mirren just yet. He still needed alot of work.. however I also knew that if I couldn’t get him trained soon, I would have to release him back into the wild. With Mirren crawling , it wouldn’t be long before she starts toddling about,and with Rakhasa still wild in some cases.. I just can’t risk it..I can’t take that chance..I suppose in a way this only brought home  the fact that some animals cannot truly be tamed. While I may love the big brute..I know that he belongs in the wild, and not with me.

Giving Rakhasa a loving scratch around the ears, to show him that I was not mad at him, I spent a little extra time, to get him cleaned off from the stench. I know I’m going to miss him ,but I also know he is better off with his own kind.. being wild, and free. Perhaps finding a mate of his own,and siring cubs of his  to carry on his line. When he finally had enough, I let him go  as he hurtled out of the tub ,and gave himself a good shake getting water everywhere ; before stalking off haughtily as if trying to maintain what little dignity he had left.

After watching him leave, his tail swishing back and forth to signal his indignation, I got up, and dumping out the water, took the tub back to the house, after giving it a good rinse to get all the cat hair out. I looked like a drowned rat,and I knew it. but honestly there is not neat way to bathe a cat without getting half the water dumped on you as well.While I was wrestling with a two hundred pound cat, Fnar had the easy task of wrestling with a ten pound Mirren, who finally wore herself out ,and was sound asleep in her crib. After I changed clothes, Fnar had me sit, and brought me some tea to warm myself up with after my unexpected bath, It was so nice to sit there together and cuddle while Mirren was sleeping, and just relax for a little while before dinner.Who knows,perhaps our little girl will end up being a big sister in the near future .



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OOC: Going to be a long summer

This summer ,we had so many ideas we wanted to do with the kids , especially since they will have august free from any prior activities.. however with this viral flu going about . that pretty much curtailed alot of it, as well as the Teacher’s Strike in British Columbia that pretty much ended the school year two weeks earlier than planned.. however I have nothing but the fullest support for our teachers, as they pretty much had to work with overcrowded classrooms, little funding from the provincial government,and no contract since last year. 

 With three out of five in the household having to do into emergency, my middle child having to go into ER this morning ; only to find she has a touch of pneumonia ;a result from the viral infection that has been going about .Thankfully her brother and sister ,have pretty much recovered from their bouts, but her dad, is on antibiotics , after having to go into ER himself,and being treated for pneumonia like symptoms which hadn’t quite developed into a full blown case.

So its lots of chicken soup, plenty of liquids and lots of rest for us grocery shopping pretty much  consisted of ingredients for chicken soup, juice, light meals ,and not much else.Not much point when no one has the appetite to eat, nor able to eat much ,so its been lots of broth… at least we got bills paid, rent covered,and some money coming in from strike pay.. tomorrow hubby can apply for Unemployment benefits to get us through summer.On the plus side however, at least it’s early enough in the summer, we can get over the worst of it, and hopefully do some quiet things as a family while everyone gets over this bug.


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OOC: Computer Woes

Just when you think things are starting to settle down ,and get better, life hands you a bag of lemons and laughs at you hysterically. With everyone barely recovering from the viral infection that was going about , my computer decides ok, now it was time to be sick . With the rolling thunderstorms coming in nightly , I have been shutting my computer down at night, so imagine my surprise when I go to boot up my computer, I hear a loud clank and see my heatsink sitting on the bottom of the case. Apparently the adhesive that was holding it on, wore off, and when I phone our local tech, find out they are no longer carrying it ,nor have they have been carrying it for sometime.So I have to make the decision to either take down to the shop today, or wait until I have more money in ; which means no gaming for me for awhile.Thankfully I have a wonderful hubby has let me have access to his computer while he’s at work while mine is down but I don’t want to let it go too long ,since we both enjoy gaming together.


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Baby’s Day out

June  8

Oh what a wonderful time we had at the faire ..little Mirren was one tired little girl but she had fun watching her daddy make a fool of  himself during the games. I must admit hearing her baby giggles and squeals of delight made it more enjoyable for me as well. Though when she saw her father flying through the air  , after being shot out of the cannon; her little eyes were like saucers and she started  crying which stopped when her father appeared before her soaking wet from his landing in the water.

 Though she was a too young to be partaking in the faire foods,  I had a few that wouldn’t upset either of our tummies.. I have to say I did enjoy the funnel cakes, but I avoided the drinks as they gave me heart burn .Found a  quiet spot to nurse her, in the midst of chaos while Fnar kept a watchful eye on us both. Though the fair was a neutral zone, that didn’t allow fighting.. that doesn’t prevent asses of either faction from spouting off.  However that was lost on our little girl who  was more intent on the faire than the posturing of jackasses. Keeping her  close, wrapped in a large sling, she was able to nap off and on during the day, while her father and I walked through the fairegrounds enjoying the day away from the farm. Already our arms were getting full from the numerous  prizes Fnar had won . Mirren took to a shine to a little stuffed Zhevra toy ,and  went to sleep with it  in her chubby little hands. She looks like a little cherub when she’s asleep , with her golden curls  so like her father’s, big rosy cheeks, and little rosebud mouth. She has my dark green eyes, and her grandfather’s nose but her personality is all her own..she knows she’s loved,and that’s the important thing.

 We arrived back home, happy and exhausted.. I certainly got no protest from Mirren when it came to putting her to bed, she was one tired little girl,and her father and I weren’t too far behind . It took everything in us, to get the animals fed and watered for the night,before we both crawled into bed exhausted from the day’s adventures. It was a good day,  one that we all enjoyed as a family .


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Family Time

June   5 

  Oh my.. .I didn’t realize how fast time flies these days. . I suppose I have been too busy  trying to be a mate and mother to my two darlings that I lost track of time. Little Mirren is growing so fast, she’s already crawling and trying  to talk  ; it takes two of us  trying to  keep  her out of things. We decided to take her to the  Darkmoon  Faire , and enjoy the day as a family . It will be the first time since I went after I gave birth to her,and it would be wonderful to spend time with my two favourite  people .  I think Fnar was   relieved to get away from  his problems for a short while namely being an  obsessed childwoman, who thinks she is mature enough to handle a man  as experienced as my love . He doesn’t speak much of it but I know it worries  him,and scares him of the things she could and would do to get him for her own . From what he has told me  ,she  has been very spoiled and given everything she wanted  by her brother because he felt so bad for her ,growing up without parents, Like Fnar, Fnor had to raise his sister even though he had no clue what he was doing and tried to do his best for her.

Apparently she used to be a sweet girl but living in Silvermoon has given her ideas about her supposed social standing,and made her almost impossible to deal with now . Sadly , I can’t really blame her being the way she is.. especially seeing all the   rest of our society; the ones who aren’t  hardened experienced warriors, are flighty, selfish and self absorbed with no thoughts of anything in their heads other parties, clothes ,and seeing who can get who in their beds. For  all their carousing .. I have  yet children about however  if there are., they are hidden away raised by servants until they are old enough to be shuffled off to boarding school . I feel bad for those children; they are raised on duty and expectations not on love and compassion .. they would grow as useless and flighty as their parents..  in some ways while it was devastating to be torn from my family at a young age, I think it was the best thing that could have happened.. it made me grow up, made me strong and gave me  another family who turned against the current society trends and went feral. Survival was a struggle but we managed,  and love was never withheld. The elders who raised us , were like our parents.. they were stern, loving and patient .. they took a ragtag group of children torn from their  homes and families ,and made them a family.

I  get letters regularly from Foxtail; he’s taken to leadership very well and judging from the letters I got from the others ,he’s doing a fine job of it ..that is good to hear. Several new children were born , which is a good sign… the recent move from Stormpeaks to Grizzly Hills was a wise choice. The clan is growing and thriving ; they will do well.

 I should wrap this up ,  I hear a little girl babbling away to her father..its always so charming to hear  the two of them carry on a conversation at times.Sometimes you don’t have to understand what she is saying but you can certainly get the gist of it by the expressions on her face. Dad, says  she  takes after me in alot of ways, especially the facial expressions. I didn’t have to say a word but  he knew what I was thinking. He is quite proud of  his grand daughter,and tells us we are doing a good  job raising her spoiled princesses here..our little girl is going to be independant, fierce, and definitely has proven to have a mind of her own .In some ways she takes after her aunt Felessa;  whom happens to be the sweetest kindest  young woman I have met, other than Shenagh..hmm.. I think maybe i should introduce them.. both are  in Silvermoon, and  quite close in age .  From the letters I got  from her,  she and Shiav are expecting their first baby in the fall ; certainly didn’t take long but I can’t say anything didn’t  take long before I became pregnant with Mirren . I still shudder about how close I came to losing her , when I had been injured while on patrol. I had no  idea I was pregnant at the time ,and it was a miracle  she survived . The gods were clearly watching over our little girl  .                          

 However I should pack something for us to eat on our way to the Faire will be Mirren’s first.. and I can’t wait to see the look on her little face. I think it will be one of those special family outings for the three of  us.. but I digress, while Fnar and Mirren have their special bonding time  , I will get their clothes ready for them before  I have my bath. I  hope they don’t flood the floor again  .          


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