” And a child shall lead them ..”

29 Jun

Mirren was only a year old when her father was called to war, leaving her ,and her mother behind to watch the farm. Though people often thought she would forget him.. she never did, because her mother would often read his letters to them , over and over again. While other children had fairy tales or tales of heros to lull them to sleep.. her father’s letters were her bedtime stories.  She was too young understand about the horrors of war; something her mother tried very hard to shelter her from, for as long as she could.

When her little brother was born..Mirren ,at the tender age of three was determined to be the best big sister she could, and would often sing to her baby brother, or tell him stories in the language only children could understand. Her mother’s cousin, Birsa, had stayed with them when her mother was pregnant; helping out with the chores,and keeping Mirren occupied while her mother rested. The  little girl began to look upon the other woman as an aunt, and listened raptly as Birsa would tell her stories of where she grew up and stories about her mother. What she enjoyed most, was the songs that she learned at Birsa’s side, which she would sing to her little brother Romar, after he was born.

Now they were stuck in the middle of nowhere , after their zeppelin went down, and while Mirren was blissfully unaware of the dangers, it wasn’t that far from her mother’s mind,nor that of the rest of the survivors. While the adults worked together to keep themselves and the children fed, Mirren would spend time with her baby brother ,chattering away to him,forging an unbreakable bond between the two. It was a surprise to all when little Mirren began exhibiting signs of being able to channel the light; it was something her mother wasn’t prepared for, expecting her eldest child to be a hunter like her parents . However it was  inevitable ,and Romy could only shake her head ; her daughter was too young ,and she wasn’t ready to send her baby to the trainers until Mirren was ready .

During the day, the little group of survivors slowly traversed the treacherous passes , avoiding the bands of demons ,and cultists who roamed freely; seeking out abandoned caves, or little overhangs to rest in ; spelling each off as they took watch as the others slept. The troll druid, Fierced would often carry Mirren on her back, and along with the other three, would look after the two children, while their mother scouted the area, being the only one who had been in the region before ,so had a rough idea where they were..  It during one of those periods that Mirren thought of her father,and the place he was at.. remembering his letters. Whether it was her newly awakened connection with the light , or her desire to see her father again; she reached out with her mind to her father. In the briefest of moments, over many miles away  a childish whisper  would reach the golden haired hunter , images flashing across the distance and a single word ” Daddy “

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One response to “” And a child shall lead them ..”

  1. wowstorylines

    June 29, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    This actually brought a tear to my eye with the connection and bonding between Fnar and Mirren. I’m sure that that little voice traveled through the walls of space and time to let her “Daddy” know that she was still out there, waiting for him to find them all.


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