Into Hell : Part Three

30 May

Day of Launch

The arrival to Brill and the voyage to Orgrimmar was fairly uneventful , though they had a three hour layover before they could catch the zeppelin to Northrend, while repairs were being made to the flying airship .Though quite sturdy,  the recent tensions between Horde and Alliance have made it necessary for the current zeppelins to be refitted with onboard guns and cannons to help defend them against airborn pirates , and Alliance soldiers. While the goblins protested about it cutting into their profits; it was pointed out that they would only increase business if it was made known that they had that extra bit of security.. This mollified them when the mention of future business prospects were brought up,and they outfitted each of the airships with enough munitions to blow off the top of  a mountain if needed.

Romy ,and Birsa took the children around the vendors while they killed time waiting for the time to catch the zeppelin to Northrend. Little Romar slept most of the time, cuddled up against his mother, in the sling that she had strapped around her that bore most his weight, and kept her hands free. Mirren,would often toddle alongside Birsa, who matched her steps with the independant three year old; who did not want to be carried. It took the both of them to keep a firm rein on the stubborn child ,who enjoyed doing things on  her own. Finally it came time for them to ascend the tower to make their flight to Northrend. The last time ,Romy was in Northrend, it was with her love, Fnar visiting her family. It was there , she found  out she was expecting Mirren; one of the  happiest days  of her life; her meeting Fnar that fateful day  in Orgrimmar was the turning point in her life. It opened up many new experiences for her; though they weren’t married in the eyes of Silvermoon, they were mates according to her tribe’s customs. Having children only cemented that bond more; she was not naive to believe that Fnar was celibate before he met  her , but after they declared their love for each other,and he had proposed marriage to her; he had been steadfast and true to her; as she was to him.

She listened idly to the chatter as the goblins moved about , carrying out their launch preparations , trying to settle her daughter into a seat, handing her a stuffed toy to play with , while they were traveling. Seeing the new toy,  Mirren gave a happy squeal and hugged it to her, before she began singing to it ,her little voice bringing a smile to the other passengers faces as they watched the little girl sitting on the bench between Romy and Birsa . Though the other passengers could not understand the language, the slow tempo was very much akin to a lullaby , however the song was more of a lament than one to sing a child to sleep. However , it was a song that Romy herself had found herself singing alot more since her love was called to war.

” Control tower, this Cloudkicker, requesting permission to depart ” 

” Cloudkicker,  this is  Control , you have clearance , have a pleasant journey “

 “Thank you , Control, helmsman, take us out at one quarter speed “

There was a slight hum as the zeppelin began to move from the dock, as the moorings were cast off and they slowly made their way out of Orgrimmar. Romy was reluctant to relax, as she never cared too much for air travel, but she forced herself to , for the sake of her children. After a few minutes as the zeppelin was clearing the gates of the Horde capital , the captain’s voice came over the speaker

” Ladies and gentlemen,  this is the captain speaking ; may I have your attention for a few moments. We are currently underway, our destination, Vengeance Landing , Northrend; estimated time of arrival, six hours, and forty three minutes.In case of  emergency , there are parachutes beneath your seats,and an emergency exit at the rear of the craft. Please remain seated during the trip, and remember there is no smoking on board. Thank you for your attention ,and  enjoy your flight … captain out “

They had just passed out of Durotar when it got dark suddenly outside, as if something big blocked out the sun. The alarm klaxxons began sounding and she could hear the running of feet as the crew scrambled to their posts .She looked out the window and gasped in shock .. enormous ships filled the sky ,and she watched in horror as they fired down upon the Crossroads and the area .

” Hard to port, get us out of here! “ the captain shouted to the helms man as they tried to bring the zeppelin around , and back to Orgrimmar . Romy could feel the airship shudder as the alien ships began firing upon the land and began focusing its attention on the airship.  Suddenly there was heavy shuddering and a loud groaning of metal ,as a shot from the alien ship impacted with the bow of the zeppelin.  Romy quickly dived for the parachutes under the seat, they were sitting on ,and quickly handed two to Birsa , to put on herself,and Mirren.  She quickly placed on herself ,and quickly grabbed  her waterskin,and soaked a little cloth and placed over Mirren’s mouth and nose, to help her avoid breathing in the smoke coming from the zeppelin. The loud sounds of cannon fire, erupting from the upper deck and the lower , nearly deafened her,and woke up Romar who wailed from the  chaos erupting around him.

“Orgrimmar control , this is the Cloudkicker. Can you read me?  We have been hit by a vessel of unknown origin . I repeat, we have been hit.. ”  the captain yelled into the radio.

”  Cloudkicker, this is control.. what is your status?….”  was the crisp reply but there was a hint of fear edging the communication officers’s voice

There was a heavy shudder as another bolt hit the ship, but whether it was due to the heavy alloy covering the ship, as protective shielding against surface to air missiles, the ship held, or sheer luck , but the shot merely bounced off the armoring , yet it dented the plating.

” We are under heavy fire,and our bow has been damaged.. request back up..!!” the captain yelled  before another blast hit the zeppelin and the first officer yelled ” They took out our reciever “ as the captain looked at the now dead radio in his hand. “ Mr Merriweather , give them everything we got.. we aren’t going down without a fight!  Mr Coppernut, get the flares up and firing .. we want to cause a bright flash that, will at least blind their sensors enough to buy us enough time to get us out of here. Ensign Steelspring, get down belowdecks and get our passengers ready for evacuation. While I have faith in this old bird, we need to see to the safety of our passengers.. if I remember correctly there are children on board..make sure they are safe “  he barked to the nearby goblin, who saluted sharply and dashed off below decks.

By the time the goblin arrived, all the passengers had already put the parachutes on , and were waiting further instructions. A grim looking troll woman demanded ” Wot be happenin’? Wot hit us?”   the ensign explained ” we aren’t sure yet, but the captain, ordered me to come down and get you ready to evacuate the ship..He is trying to the ship to a safe distance, where you can deploy safely” .  Another passenger cried out in panic ” They are everywhere?! how can he expect us to get off in the middle of nowhere ?”  The troll looked at the panicked man ” bettah then bein’ cooked alive .. at least the cap’n is thinkin’ of us ”

The airship, slowly limped to the edge of the mountains but due to the extensive damage it was flying too low . ” We coming in too low!  pull up ! PULL UP!” the captain screamed ,and the whole ship shook as the engines began to change from a hum to a loud roar as they tried to engage at the helmsman’s urging but the extensive damage was putting strain on the battered ship.  The passengers could hear the change in the engines , before they looked to each other in fear . The ship was going down.. it was now or never ,;just moments before the captain’s voice came over the speaker ” Ladies and gentlemen, if you could quickly move to the exit in an orderly fashion. An attendant will show you where the pull cords are on your parachute; those who are familiar with parachutes, please show others how to deploy them., before jumping off . Once you have landed, find shelter, and stick together, to increase your chances of rescue. The crew and I will try ,and draw our attackers away from your landing .. Good luck to you all!  

The passengers looked to each other in fear, and quickly made their way to the exit, where a little goblin awaited them, Quickly they were shown the right cords to pull , and seeing that Mirren was far too young to remember, she was quickly strapped to Birsa’s back, and ordered to hold on tight. The little girl whitefaced and grim, nodded, wrapping her little arms around her guardian’s neck ,held on for dear life, as  Birsa stepped off, followed by Romy, who had little Romar strapped to her. Thankfully for them both, Romy had experience with chutes, having used one many times, during her deployment in Pandaria.  They had just made the landing with a few scrapes ,when they heard a loud boom,as the balloon of the zeppelin was  blown apart, causing the airship to descend faster into the side of the mountain. Two passengers other than Romy , Birsa and the children , survived , the rest  going down with the ship, or falling to their deaths when their chutes caught on fire , They could hear the roar as the ship went down, and the explosion as the fuel tanks and munions went up in a fiery ball that could be seen for miles. The survivors looked on grimly as they had no idea ,and no means to communicate their whereabouts.  They were without food and water..their only weapons were the bows that Romy and Birsa carried on them, and a little hunting knife , Romy carried at her waist. The troll woman stared grimly in the direction of the crash, her bright red hair like a flame , standing like a chieftain’s war bonnet on her head; she turned her head and saw the children, and her face softened at the sight of the two little ones.” We need tah find sheltah… as well as food and watah ..” she looked to the two women, who nodded in agreement. ” Name is Fierced o’ the Darkspear ” she pointed to herself ” Romy smiled ” Andromedda Nightheart.. this is Birsa ..these are my children, Mirren, and Romar ”  Fierced nods at the introduction ” Good to tah meet ya ! Come.. we can’t stay around here too long, or them blighters that shot us down.will come lookin to examine their handiwork” she changes into a rather odd looking cat ,with red fur, large tusks,and a mohawk where a lion’s mane would be.  Mirren was entranced ” Kitty!”   she exclaimed and  struggled to get down ;which got a throaty chuckle from Fierced . A rather quiet Forsaken woman followed them ; she seemed rather shell shocked, and looking at her, Romy could see that she was newly turned.She hadn’t quite grasped the signicance of her existence . Placing a gentle hand on the other woman’s shoulder ” It will be ok.. we will survive this!” getting a grateful nod from the forsaken , who looked about ready to cry.

It was getting close to nightfall, when they found an empty cave that appeared to have been uninhabited for some time.  Romy and Birsa, began clearing out debris,and used their cloaks to make a bed for the children. It was a cold lumpy bed, but for the time being it was something.. until they could get their bearings ,and figure out where they were .  Fierced went out  hunting, her druidic skills coming in handy, as she scavenged for edible herbs, and killed some small game to roast. Madra Gwynn , as the Forsaken came to be known, did her part, by casting a small fire, to keep the children warm. Romy found out that the Forsaken woman had been married with two little ones of her own, when their farm was attacked by worgen . Her husband and children were killed, while she was forced to watch before she was killed  herself. She was raised only hours after ,her trauma and it was only recently that she was forced to accept that she was made into what she had feared.. Forsaken.Seeing Romy’s two children only reminded her of her loss but it made her determined to ensure they survived their ordeal. They took turns taking watch,and guarding the children; as well worked together to keep themselves and the children fed. Romy missed Fnar more than ever, knowing he would be worried sick about them. Neither she ,nor the other women knew where they were; but they decided it was best,to keep some distance from the wreck but remain close enough to salvage what they could from the remains of the twisted wreckage. They noticed that the remains of the captain and crew were gone.. and the foot prints of those who had come searching for them. However they weren’t sure if the seekers were friendly or not, and so they kept themselves hidden not wanting to reveal themselves just yet until they knew for sure.

To keep Mirren occupied and out of mischief, Birsa continued to teach the child , the songs and culture of their tribe; which kept the little girl, as well as Fierced and Madra entertained.It wasn’t long before she began teaching the language to the troll and Forsaken women as well; until all five were conversing in Vrykul . They gradually made the cave a little home, as they did not know where they were. Romy took time to survey the area, trying to find something familiar about the area .During one of her scouting missions, she climbed a tree and tried to get an aerial view of the landscape and recognized the location.Quickly she scanned around, picking out the familiar landmarks ,and their directions before she made her way back. She knew where they were… just need to make preparations for the journey home..


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  1. wowstorylines

    May 30, 2017 at 11:09 pm

    Awesome and very exciting to read. Can hardly wait to read more of their adventures too. Thank you for sharing.


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