Into Hell: part two

09 May

One day before Launch

For some reason ,the upcoming trip made her uneasy.. something niggling in the back of her mind that told her to hold off  but she brushed it off due to the lack of sleep, or her low threshold of energy. Mirren was having one of her rare meltdowns,and it took both Romy and Birsa to calm the little girl down,and get her settled. Like Romy, Mirren missed Fnar; she was very close to her father ,and for awhile when he was gone, she would sit on the front porch at their little farm waiting for him to come home. It broke Romy’s  heart to see her little girl look so  unhappy  until finally Mirren simply stopped asking where her father was ,and when he was coming home. The letters that came from him, were much anticipated by them both, and Romy would read them over and over, to Mirren ,so that their little golden haired daughter would always know how much her father loved her,and how much he missed  her as  she missed him. This seemed to mollify the two year old to some extent.The walls of the farmhouse, were decorated in the childish drawings of their little family and their pets. Munin,had pretty much decided he was Mirren’s guardian,and followed her everywhere. He kept the active little girl busy and out of trouble;they had been the best of friends since she was a baby. Though Romy had found him haunting one of the farms in Gilneas ,she adopted him into her family ,and gave him a loving home.It was clear from his loving nature, that he was a much beloved pet ,and a family dog . He regarded both Fnar and Romy as his Alphas , and took his responsibilities as a guard dog very seriously.He was one of the rare few animals that were allowed inside. Dawn , Fnar’s lovely cat, was another that had the rare privilege of being allowed inside but she preferred to be outside with her master, or off hunting.

Looking about the large room,Romy made certain she had everything packed.. she wanted to make sure that they didn’t leave anything behind , as they had an early start tomorrow ,and needed to be at Brill to catch the Zeppelin for Orgrimmar , then it was onto Northrend.  Normally she would have waited until baby Romar was older, but Foxtail sent word that Elder Greengrove, wasn’t doing well, which prompted the travel. Elder Greengrove ,was Birsa’s father.. pretty much father to the tribe.. he had guided and raised a motley group of younglings after they had been separated from their families after the Scourge had swept through their homeland. Some were orphaned that day, and some were brought to Outland, to be cared for , until the time came for them to return. Unfortunately , Kael’thas had other plans, and sought to turn them into his own private army..until with the help of Aethas Sunreaver,  Elder Greengrove, along with several of the elders,  smuggled the children away ,right under Kael’thas’ nose  into Northrend. There they had shed their previous trappings of civilization,and became the close knit tribe.Romy owed her life to the Elder ,many times over, and she knew she needed to go back , if only to say good bye to the ancient elf. Like her grandmother, Elder Greengrove came from another time ,he was a part of the history of Quel’thelas..he was the Lorekeeper of  their tribe. However time, was catching up to him, and the rest of the elders, and Romy knew if she didn’t take this chance now.. she would never have it again.

She could hear the door opening ,and called out  ” Birsa, is that you ?”  but it wasn’t the young lass but a much older woman. Leaning heavily on her cane, the Matriarch paused as she took sight of the tall ,rangy huntress; who despite giving birth to two children, was lean and fit as ever . She smiled  pensively ” I can’t get over how much you remind me of your mother.. she was very much in love with your father.. as he was with her. They grew up together ,along with my children. The De Keres, the Winterbournes and the Nighthearts.. we weren’t just close allies.. but family. I knew your father and uncle , since they were just babies ..your father was always the quiet studious type.. your uncle ,was quite the scoundrel, who reminds me of your young man in alot of ways.” she spoke as she moved over to the crib where Romar was sleeping . Romy pulled out a chair for the aged Matriarch ,helping the elder sit ,before taking a seat herself ,” I think in some ways, that’s what attracted me to him; he had that same wildness of spirit like Uncle Xyrkun ,had in his youth. I know Dad, became quite the wild one , from what aunt Desiree says.”  Romy chuckled softly ,and her grandmother nodded with a soft chuckle ” Ah yes..your aunt Desiree was quite the wild one herself.. I remember when she married not just my son Corwin,but your uncle Xyrkun as well… it was quite the scandal but we weathered through it because they clearly loved her, and she, loved them. It was very hard on your cousin when she not only lost her parents,but her younger siblings as well..we didn’t realize just how much it affected her, until her collapse .” the matriarch continued , though the topic clearly pained  her, Romy reached out a hand and encased the fragile withered hand in her own weathered one .” How is she doing now? ” she asks gently .

The elderly elven woman, merely pats her hand ” She’s recovering..her mother is with her, and that seems to be helping.  Seeing her daughter suffering from addiction, has rallied her mother to her side,and made her forget that she is a deathknight. I’m glad to see that , the Lich king, did not take away the love , Desiree had for her daughter.; seeing her daughter suffering, brought back the loving nature she had thought was lost.” Romy smiled in perfect understanding ” I still have dreams of my mother.. sometimes when I wake  up, I swear I can smell her perfume in the air. She always smelled of Lavender,and vanilla  ; they were always her favourite scents.” she mused pensively remembering the beautiful woman with the dark red hair and deep green eyes. The older woman, merely raised a hand, and brush a strand of hair out of her grand daughter’s eyes ” She would have been proud of the woman you have become; and would have enjoyed her grandchildren. Your daughter is very much like you at that age; and I daresay she’s going to be breaking hearts when she’s older.She’s a good blend of you and her father; though I hope she doesn’t have the same wildness of spirit as your aunt, uncle and father did .. but as they say, only time will tell . Your son, is a darling lad, I can see already, he’s going to be quite a handful when he’s older. He’s already learned how to flirt ,at his age.. ” she shakes her head in amusement. Romy chuckled ruefully and replies ” Well  given his pedigree .. I can’t see how its possible for him not to be..he comes by it honestly ” she looks over to see the dark red hair peeping over the coverlet  as he slept on blissfully, with a tummyful of milk.

Easing herself up to her feet, the Matriarch sighed ” I will let you get back to your packing, I know you are worried about your other family in northrend; do give them my regards.. all though we have not met, I am grateful for them for saving you, and raising you properly when your own parents could not. They did a fine job,and they are as much your family as we are.” she leans in and gives Romy a kiss on the cheek ,before she turns and makes her way slowly to the door, which flies open and a little girl with bright gold curls ,bounces in . Seeing the Matriarch  she squeals ” grammie! ” Running over to give the elderly woman a big hug, and a kiss . The matriarch carefully bends down,and gives the little girl a kiss on the head ,after recieving a big sloppy kiss from her great grandchild. ” Hello, poppet, you be a good girl for your mother , and help her when she needs it , alright?”  she gently taps the little girl on the nose, playfully. Mirren nods eagerly ” yes, grammie.. I help ”  She looks up to the elder  with big eyes. ” That’s a good girl.. why don’t you come down later, and you can have tea with me . I think you will love the scones with the clotted cream .. I know I do ‘ she invites the toddler, whose eyes become wide and looks to her mother ” Can I ?”  Romy nods, with a smile “yes you may..”  Turning to Romy ,the elder gives her a warm smile ” I expect you, Birsa  and the children down in the sunroom around four “before she turns and makes her way out before Romy could speak.

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  1. wowstorylines

    May 10, 2017 at 12:07 am

    I am one that definitely enjoys the little glimpses into Romy’s family life. Very well written and it is truly pulling me deeper into the story.


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