09 May

May 5

I miss Northrend..I miss the Storm peaks.. and the little camp that was my home since I was quite sister is happy here but I am experiencing a very acute case of homesickness..if I didn’t have my family.. I suspect I would be haunting the wilds of Grizzly hills, hunting elk, and bear. Just being in the crisp fresh air ,and away from the nattering peacocks that populate Silvermoon…. eugh… how can one think with all that noise?!! Thankfully Nightheart Hall is far enough from Silvermoon City that I don’t have to listen to the caterwauling of whores disguised as nobility day in and day out, as we did,when we were staying in one of the apartments in the city.. I don’t think I bathed as much as I did then… still the thought makes me shudder.

Still no word about Romy and the kids ..I should be patient..I should be out there looking for them  too.. not stuck here behind a desk directing things but with Dad away fighting and Romy missing. I need to be here to assure people. Nightheart Hall has been empty for far too long.. while Romy may be the matriarch of the family.. Dad has entrusted me with the running of the place;and Romy managed to convince him, that I was in a far better position to be head of the house while they were both gone.; it wasn’t something Dad had counted on.. he was hoping that Romy would take on the responsibility, but she has enough on her plate right now. I miss her.. I miss her counsel ,and her way of stripping away pretense and presenting the bare boned facts. She’s always been blunt and direct.. it didn’t sit well with alot of people especially with those , who liked to disguise their motives behind flowery speeches.. I suppose I have picked up that little particular trait as well. I have very little patience for people ,who think because I was raised in Northrend, that I must be some kind of backwoods barbarian..and try to rob me blind.. certainly shocked the stuffing out of them when I showed them that I actually had a brain in my head, and was far more educated then they gave me credit for. I can now understand why Birsa chooses not to learn Common, but would rather speak in Vrykul instead; however that doesn’t mean she can’t understand it.. she’s very well versed in Common  .. she just chooses not to speak it . I’ve known Birsa since my sister and I were small. She is the youngest of Elder Greengrove’s children ,and she’s been best friends with  both Sheenagh and I , since we first arrived to the tribe. She  made us feel welcome,and we got into many adventures together. She’s like another sister to me… I couldn’t even think about her in a romantic sense.. it just felt…wrong.  When Romy was expecting Romar,and needed a hand with Mirren.. Birsa stepped in to help. I hope they are all ok..

I have been praying nightly to our gods in Northrend.. to Odyn..the Allfather… to Freya, to Thorim.. to look after my sister, and my family. I have no faith in this Light that the bloodknights beliefs lie with the ancient deities of the far north; as does my tribe. I suppose I should sit down ,and write down the history of my tribe .. so that my children and others may know our ways. It will preserve  their legacy..and give me something to do, to take my mind off of how much I miss my big sister.

Tywin Nightheart


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2 responses to “Homesick

  1. wowstorylines

    May 9, 2017 at 1:42 am

    That was indeed a very good read and almost brought tears to my eyes. You can almost feel the loneliness and the homesickness as he writes it down. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Northrend – could be part of my reasoning behind running up some DKs so they can get there fast and help with the nostalgia of the place. 😀

  2. dnooskey

    May 9, 2017 at 3:36 am

    Northrend will always have a special place in my heart. Especially Stormpeaks.. everytime I go there; it just hits me in the heart. I love that they incorporated the Nordic pantheon into that place; I ‘ve always had a love for the norse mythology. Thanks for reading !I”m glad you enjoyed it.


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