27 Apr

April 27th

Sitting here at my desk , within the newly restored Nightheart estate…it doesn’t quite feel like home; not when my family is scattered to the four winds.. Dad is back and forth but he currently stuck in the Broken Isles fighting the Legion. His heart is not in it though; it’s like he is on auto pilot.. his movements mechanical and empty. Though he fights like a man possessed, when he is in battle, but the whereabouts of my sister and her children are ever present on his mind. We have been searching for her and the children, since their zeppelin went missing. They were supposed to arrive in Northrend to visit family… they never made it. The controller , got one panicked communication from the zeppelin before the channel was lost..during the time when the Legion made its appearance once again , their vast ships darkening the sky over Durotar. With the Horde’s forces defending the cities in full force, with surprising aide of the Alliance ,who came to lend a hand in fighting off the swarms of demons that sought to level our cities and decimate our people. There was no one to spare , to look for survivors . With the constant alerts, from nearly every corner of Azeroth.. it was months before we got a breather, and during that time, the opportunity to pick up the trail had long passed. I know my sister.. she’s a survivor.. but how long can she survive with two little ones to care for and protect.. at least she was wise and took Birsa with her .. I can only pray that they are all safe and merely taking shelter from the mayhem.

Two weeks ago.. we found the wreckage of the zeppelin.. well.. we got word from the expedition in Mount Hyjal, that they had found a mile long trail of debris that lead them to the blackened husk of the Zeppelin.. along with the remains of the crew .It gives me hope that they are still alive ..just lost. We have sent a caravan to pick up the remains of the crew ,to bring them back to their families for proper burial ..however they did bring back one item…that made my heart sink when I saw it… a tiny leather bootie.. one that I had made for baby Romar, as a baby gift when he was born .. all the proof that said that Romy and the kids were on the zeppelin however it didn’t tell us anything  about their condition nor their whereabouts… I have been sending communications to Morningstar Industries ,as I remembered that Romy’s mate was part of that company.. the poor man is utterly distraught over the disappearance of Romy and the kids.

Please.. Thorim… Odyn..Freya.. watch over my family.. let your guiding hands, lead them home to their loved ones… or give us a sign .

Signing out

Tywin Nightheart

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One response to “Missing

  1. wowstorylines

    April 27, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    It has been a while since you last posted and you haven’t lost your touch either. Very good read and leaves a lot of breathing room to expand on too. Thanks for sharing. 😀


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