Yuletide Ponderings

24 Dec

Dec 24

Its Christmas eve here in Halfhill, and we had wanted to make Mirren’s first Christmas special.. well its special alright. war reared its ugly head once again..and my darling was called away to fight in yet another battle. It was heartbreaking because he wanted to be here to celebrate with us. Already Mirren is missing her father and has been crying herself to sleep for the last few week after he left; to be honest.. I was right there with her. I knew once the letter came for Fnar and I to return to duty, I told the courier, he could shove the notice up the Regent’s backside because I wasn’t leaving my daugther to go and fight in someone else’s bloody war. He protested adamantly but I told him he had a choice, he could return on his own two feet, or he could be carried back, his choice.. I think the look on my face convinced him to leave while he had the capability to do so.

I wish I could spare my love , the anguish of leaving his family.. I forced myself not to cry but I sure felt like it, I had to be brave because I knew that he needed me to be strong. The only thing I regret that we put off getting married so long; well I’m changing that once he gets a chance to come. I already talked to Mooma about watching Mirren ,for a couple of days while Fnar and I are on our honeymoon. Mirren loves Mooma;lately she’s been calling the old dear  Gram.. not sure where she picked that up but it tickles the old dear to be called Gram by a tiny blood elf child.I never had much experience around Tauren but the Cloudhoof clan are wonderful,and I simply adore them.

Dad is also on his way to Draenor to fight,, but he dropped off gifts for Mirren and us..not only do I have my mate to worry about , but my father as well. I already lost so many years being separated from my family, I don’t want Mirren to go through that as well..especially since I discovered I am pregnant again.. found out a couple of days after Fnar left.  It makes me a little worried..because when I was pregnant with Mirren..Fnar was with me throughout my pregnancy, but this time he will be gone,and doesn’t know he will be a father yet again.  I sent a letter with Dad,to give to Fnar  if he sees him..I told him of the pregnancy ,just so he knew that Mirren and I would be fine back in Halfhill.  I also informed the recruiting office of the pregnancy, which should hopefully curb their enthusiasm for trying to enlist me back into service.

Eilwyn informs me the second pregnancy should be easier than the first, since my body wouldn’t have enough to forget what to do . I know its a little close after Mirren’s birth but I think its better this way, so they can grow up together. Well I need to wrap this up , Mirren is trying to climb the tree to get at one of the candy canes. Dad brought some candy canes from the Winterveil vendors back in Orgrimmar. Before Fnar was sent out , we took Mirren to see Greatfather Winter ; she wasn’t really sure what to make of him but it wasn’t long before she was babbling away to him.. no fear in that one. It was one of the few  joys we had after receiving that letter. One that we will both hold onto.



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2 responses to “Yuletide Ponderings

  1. wowstorylines

    December 25, 2014 at 2:19 am

    Fnar definitely didn’t want to go, however, he wasn’t given much choice. It almost broke his heart to think that he would be gone for this special Winter Veil and once he finds out that Romy is pregnant again, I know he will be over the moon with happiness and even more anxious to get things wrapped up and back home with his loved ones.

    Great read and I am sure that this is going to get interesting. 😀

  2. dnooskey

    December 25, 2014 at 6:27 am

    Oh definitely! Romy is hoping this war is over fast, because she wants her man back at home with her ,and Mirren. Oh things are definitely going to be interesting in the future ! Thanks for commenting , it s means alot 🙂


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