No more stinky cats !

21 Oct

Oct 20

I can’t believe its October already!! It would have passed me by without knowing if Dad hadn’t mentioned it when he visited . He brought Mirren the cutest little bear costume to dress up in..She loved it!  Though she is far too young to really understand it, and I didn’t want to inundate her with too much. The Darkmoon Faire has become something we look forward to ,and has become our special outing with Mirren, but eventually we would love to expose her to other events .. its so hard to believe that she is not even a year old yet but she is already crawling about and getting into things . Our pets keep a close eye on her, when she’s toddling about , and Munin does his best to keep her out of trouble ,however he is only one dog,and she has developed quite an imagination for getting into  mischief.

Though yesterday was quite interesting.. not sure how Rakhasa found a skunk in Pandaria but he came home from his hunt, reeking to high heaven, wanted to cuddle. He couldn’t understand why Dawn wanted nothing to do with him, and kept trying to woo her however she was having none of it.. which had Fnar laughing hysterically UNTIL he got a whiff of Rakhasa’s new cologne and nearly started retching. Seeing that a bath was going to be order , I went in and warmed some water ,and dragged out the tub into the front yard. The house was too small to bathe a full grown Steppe Hunter. Its funny how a big strong cat can be reduced to a mewling kitten, Rakhasa saw the tub and the water, and made ready to bolt but I anticipated that,

With a stern voice that broked no arguement, I ordered him into the tub.. I never heard a cat yowl so much in protest.. you think you got bad, you aren’t the one having to smell the stench cat! I think all of  Halfhill came to see what the commotion was about. There I was ,soaked from head to toe,,a clothespin on my nose, trying to bathe a full grown Steppe hunter , and rid him of the skunk smell. If nothing else, it certainly give them something to gossip about.I know Fnar would have helped if he was able to , but he had his hands full with our little girl who squirming , wanting to get down. However I didn’t want her near when I was bathing Rakhasa because I didn’t want to  risk her getting hurt, if he decided to jump out and make a run for it. Though he was tamed, I was still not ready to have him around Mirren just yet. He still needed alot of work.. however I also knew that if I couldn’t get him trained soon, I would have to release him back into the wild. With Mirren crawling , it wouldn’t be long before she starts toddling about,and with Rakhasa still wild in some cases.. I just can’t risk it..I can’t take that chance..I suppose in a way this only brought home  the fact that some animals cannot truly be tamed. While I may love the big brute..I know that he belongs in the wild, and not with me.

Giving Rakhasa a loving scratch around the ears, to show him that I was not mad at him, I spent a little extra time, to get him cleaned off from the stench. I know I’m going to miss him ,but I also know he is better off with his own kind.. being wild, and free. Perhaps finding a mate of his own,and siring cubs of his  to carry on his line. When he finally had enough, I let him go  as he hurtled out of the tub ,and gave himself a good shake getting water everywhere ; before stalking off haughtily as if trying to maintain what little dignity he had left.

After watching him leave, his tail swishing back and forth to signal his indignation, I got up, and dumping out the water, took the tub back to the house, after giving it a good rinse to get all the cat hair out. I looked like a drowned rat,and I knew it. but honestly there is not neat way to bathe a cat without getting half the water dumped on you as well.While I was wrestling with a two hundred pound cat, Fnar had the easy task of wrestling with a ten pound Mirren, who finally wore herself out ,and was sound asleep in her crib. After I changed clothes, Fnar had me sit, and brought me some tea to warm myself up with after my unexpected bath, It was so nice to sit there together and cuddle while Mirren was sleeping, and just relax for a little while before dinner.Who knows,perhaps our little girl will end up being a big sister in the near future .



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2 responses to “No more stinky cats !

  1. wowstorylines

    October 21, 2014 at 3:19 am

    Bathing a half-tamed cat is hard work especially when his dignity is up in arms. It sounds like you had fun with that. I know that Fnar’s Dawn likes the water as much as her owner, so, he’s never had to deal with the issue.

    Great read as always – thanks for sharing.

  2. dnooskey

    October 21, 2014 at 6:22 am

    haha, well Romy wasn’t exactly too thrilled about the idea either but it was either that or deal with the stench,lol> It was fun writing that little post, and getting back into their story. Thanks for reading, its much appreciated


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