Quiet musing

15 Apr

 April  15 

 After talking with some of the married ladies at the market about arranging a wedding .. I had no idea what I was getting into ..yes , I want to marry Fnar.. very much so.. but  once  I realized the cost,of a wedding. . . my heart sank..the sheer amount of cash going into it,and all the details..made my head spin.,and my stomach lurch . not to mention the stress of trying to arrange it..  When I think of the costs going to it.. all I can think of  ..that money could  be used for more practical things ..I would rather it be put on the farm than used to try and impress people!

   I have a feeling that Fnar is feeling the same thing, and I think we need to decide on whether or not we really want a wedding  , or run off and find a priest to marry us,then have a family gathering to celebrate it after  .. I don’t want the headache that planning a wedding would surely bring . I simply don’t have the time nor the patience for it. I have a family to look after.I think I will have a talk with Fnar about ditching the whole wedding idea ,and  just have a quiet ceremony with the three of us. I just don’t feel comfortable with the whole wedding nonsense.. I am marrying my love, because I love him,and our daughter.. I don’t want wagging tongues sniping at her when she’s older,or obsessive women constantly trying their best to steal him away from Mirren and I , simply because they think they can. Never going to happen! 

Fnar had a chance to spend an hour watching over Mirren ,while I was at the market ,and when I returned ,  gave me the biggest hug,and kiss ,before admitting he didn’t know how I managed to keep up with our little girl; and all her antics.  Just  the one hour with her, exhausted him. I  just smiled and told him, that one gets used to it,and sleeps when the baby does . Thankfully Mirren doesn’t put a fuss when I put her down for her nap; as long as she has her doll ,she’s happy,and tends to fall asleep, right after  her feeding.  I have to say ,she can sleep through anything ,and gets  up bright eyed and ready to get into more mischief. She doesn’t  do it with any ill intent in mind..there is just so much to do ,and so much to see that she tries to do it all. I still laugh when I think of her with the boot black.. Fnar told me about it ,when I got  home ..Oh , I can tell him tales about the things she’s done while he was out in the fields; she certainly has no fear which worries me alot . Its that total lack of fear that I pray she outgrows. To be fearless is a good trait but you need to temper it with common sense,.. at Mirren’s age.. common sense  hasn’t quite kicked in yet. Which is why I have to watch her like a  hawk.. Munin, has been wonderful with her, and has been making sure she doesn’t get into trouble. There are times he’s  had to grab the back of her diaper,and pull her away from things that could hurt her . He’s particularly vigilant about her being near the stove, or the door. he’s become a good guard dog as well..he knows when Fnar is returning home,and greets him at the door. I had been concerned that he and Dawn would be jealous of each other but oddly enough they get along well  . .which shocked the hell out of Fnar and I  .. both of them take their guard duties very seriously..and take turns watching over Mirren .   I found Munin wandering the moors of Gilneas..he had been thin,and lost.. his ribs were showing through his skin,and the way he kept haunting one of the farmhouses, told me that his owners were dead,and he  had been trying to survive on his own .  He already had the name,   it had been engraved on a tag on his collar..I didn’t see any point in changing it. I took him home,and took care of him, making sure he was fed,and given plenty of love. He turned out to be a fine hunter,and one incredible guard dog .. to him , we are his pack  ,and he looks after us. 

  Well I think its time I started dinner, Fnar will be home soon,and Munin is by Mirren’s crib, while she naps … giving me some quiet time to focus on preparations .

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One response to “Quiet musing

  1. wowstorylines

    April 15, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    Fnar was very happy to see Romy return home after leaving him alone with their daughter. He’s never had to watch a little one solo, so, it was a learning experience for both he and Mirren.

    As for the wedding, I know that Fnar would be just as happy to contact a magistrate, sign the papers in Silvermoon and call it good because all of this fuss is scary. 😀


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