08 Apr

April 7

WOW..where did the time go ?!! It seemed like only yesterday that Mirren was born  ,and now she’s crawling around like it’s no one’s business  , much to her father and  my dismay . Its amazing how fast a little one can get into things ,and how fast they can move. I swear I get Mirren out of one mess ,and she is headlong into another…she is definitely my and Fnar ‘s daughter; hard to mistake that mop of golden curls that she inherited from her father, and the dark green eyes that she got from me . Though she definitely has my stockier build, someone would say she was a chunky baby but she is solid.. there is not an ounce of fat on her ..given all the crawling she does, I don’t know how she can gain any fat on her. Though she definitely has her father’s devilish side,and Thorim help us all when she gets older..she’s going to be leading those young men a merry chase . Course they would have to deal with us first, then her grandfather, who simply dotes on her .. I think  becoming a grandparent made him miss my mother more however  Reaylm seems to have been filling that void in his life,and heart that he had thought would remain empty .

Both my brother and sister are married, now. .Tywin, to his priestess Laurelin,and Sheenagh to Reaylm’s son Shiav.. Gran, has given the estate over to Shiav, and has moved onto Shattrath. Apparently, she is tired of all the political wrangling one of the very few elves that can remember Lor’themar Theron as a child trying to wheedle sugarplums ; she finally accepted that her Silvermoon  was gone..the Silvermoon that exists now.. is a tattered remnant of her former grand self.. like the veritable grand dame .. her grandeur will remain in the past to remembered with fondness and bittersweet longing.  Once the veritable dragonlady and grand dame of House Goldmoon, she has retired to the luxurious townhouses in  the Scryers Terrace.. and I think I need to visit her more, now that Mirren is strong enough to travel . I also think Fnar,and I need to sit down and figure what sort of wedding we want.. I don’t want anything big,or fancy.. something small and simple is fine for me . I think Fnar needs to check with Fnor about being his best man , I still need to find a  bridesmaid ,and a dress .. though I think Mirren would be a perfect flower girl .. just need to make sure she doesn’t try to eat the  flowers ….or strip off  in the middle of the ceremony..I’m sure that would go over real well .

Fnar and Mirri ,are   having a nap after their bath..its their special bonding time,and it gives me sometime to relax and have a cup of tea .  Though listening to their conversation often has  me choking on my tea in silent laughter..   though she can’t talk yet, she certainly can give her father whatfor ,and Fnar goes along with it, as if he can understand her baby babble.. I suppose we can in someway..Dad said I chattered quite alot when I was Mirren’s age  ,it was when I got quiet that he and my mother got suspicous .. a little thing that I’m learning with Mirren. I found out that most babies Mirri’s  age aren’t as  mobile  as she is, which makes her rather advanced for her age.  I’m still amazed at how well she is doing,and how fast she is growing. . especially considering what a little miracle she is.. It still blows my mind that she  had survived the beating I took , quite early in my pregnancy  .. I can’t  believe she came out so well.

Well time to wrap this up, I can hear Mirri babbling quietly and a restrained yelp from Fnar.. judging by the tone, it sounds like Mirri got ahold of his chest hair again. I should go  and soothe his ruffled ego..before Mirri  yanks out another handful .

Bringing up baby and life in general


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2 responses to “Bringing up baby and life in general

  1. wowstorylines

    April 8, 2014 at 5:07 pm

    Hehe, and baby makes three. I think that Romy and Fnar are great parents and they both dote on the baby – we’ll have to see what kind of wedding plans they come up with. Now that Mirrin is old enough to travel – life should start to get really interesting.

  2. dnooskey

    April 8, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    Oh and then some.. I think Mirrin thinks its great fun to hear her dad yelp when she pulls on his chest hair.. babies get interesting ideas in their heads at times, and you can see by the looks of concentration on their little faces that they are thinking constantly,and learning about the world about them . . should be fun when she starts toddling.. 🙂


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