Maybe Marriage isn’t so bad after all

25 Feb

Feb 8

Fnar asked me to marry him ,and I said Yes!!

Ok, let me back up a bit here and clarify things.. yes I was adamant about not getting married before .. but that all changed after we ran into Fnor’s younger sister, who seemed to think she could waltz into everyone’s lives,and take up where she left off like nothing happened.. One of those things was obsessively hounding my darling Fnar into marrying her.. sorry little girl , you need to grow up first, before you can play with the big kids.

 After Mirrin was born, we had been so busy caring for her, and the farm ,we didn’t have much time for each other but that is changing.. because Faendra is trying to separate us, and I will not stand for it!!  I knew my love was distracted but I didn’t know what it was that bothered him so , until we were out in the fields ,after Mirrin, and I took him and Jogu some lunch. It was then he showed me the letters that he got from Zippie, and Faendra; one warning him about Fae’s behaviour and to watch his backside, the other was full of snide denigrating comments about myself and Mirrin, as well how she ” forgave ” him for betraying  ” their love ” . I must say I was starting to get furious.. she was damn lucky she was near, or I would have broken her jaw right there  regardless who she was related to. I think I may have alarmed Fnar,when I picked up Mirri, and told him that we would continue this further at home but I simply didn’t trust myself to speak after reading Fae’s letter.. Who the hell does she think she is? How dare she try and ruin what Fnar and I have?!!!  Once we got back to the house, I put Mirri down for her nap, and had Munin guard her while she slept. Out of all our pets combined, Munin was the one that Mirri bonded with almost instantly..Dawn had been her nursemaid for a little while but I think having a baby chew on one’s ears ,and tail, was a little much even for one as patient as Fnar’s lovely Dawn. I also think that Dawn sensed her master’s distracted mood,and concern that she has glued herself again to his side, and has not left it until he returns home to my arms. I believe in her own way, she is protecting him while they are out in the fields.

 Taking my bow from the rack by the door, I took my wrath out on the vermin who had the nerve to show themselves in our yard and sent the others packing before I was sufficiently calm enough to send for Eilwen. It had been enough time for me to have healed from the birth,and long past time ,I showed my love that he didn’t any other woman to fulfill his needs.

 After Eilwen left, Fnar returned looking worried ,about Mirrin and I ,but I smiled ,and gave him his dinner before I gave  him what we both craved; the physical intimacy that had been missing while I was heavily pregnant with Mirri. It was heavenly ,and it felt like coming home ,once we came together again. Just making love to my darling, was the most wonderful feeling in the world, and I could tell he missed it as well.  Though after the first bout, he dropped to one knee beside the bed, and proposed which i gave a resounding yes! I don’t think it was hours later that he slipped the ring on my finger; admitting that he had bought it shortly after Mirrin’s birth, intending to ask me but feared that I would take Mirrin and run back to Northrend. It was that moment I knew I was home, because the thought of leaving him,or this little house we made into a home.. fills me with dread..Northrend is no place for a baby,and I have matured much since I left that frozen land.. I was no longer the feral huntress , but a mother, and soon to be wife, to the man I love. This is my home , I belong here.

 We need to sit down,and plan the wedding,but honestly .. I don’t want a big wedding.. just our family .. I figure that was enough people; I think I will suggest to my love that he ask Fnor to be his best man.. they have been best friends for years, its only fitting .. well my darling is looking too delicious to resist.. 


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2 responses to “Maybe Marriage isn’t so bad after all

  1. wowstorylines

    February 25, 2014 at 7:39 am

    Hehe, Fnar is one happy man and we’ll see what all transpires in the future. He was truly afraid that Romy might leave him if he asked her to marry him, since she didn’t – he’s one happy contented man.

  2. dnooskey

    February 25, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    Lol, Romy doesn’t get mad without a good reason,it maybe a bit of a hurricane at first but then it blows over pretty fast.When it comes to protecting Fnar and Mirri, she doesn’t mess around, and her anger tends to be aimed more at the perpetrator than anything that Fnar did.She likes to think she knows him well enough to know when he’s bothered by something and she knows he will tell her in time,but she doesn’t understand why he puts himself through so much suffering before hand.


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