08 Feb

Feb 8

For the first time since Mirri was born, I actually feel energized but I know better than to overdo which is a dreadful habit of mine.However ,watching Fnar with Mirri brings a smile to my face; he is so good with her, and I have never seen such a prouder father to his little girl. Oh watching them at bathtime is such a pleasure, our little girl definitely loves the water like her father,and seeing her splash about like a little otter makes me laugh. Of course Fnar was panicked when she tried to suck on the soapy sponge, and I hear the occasional yelp when she pulls on his chest hair when he forgets to put a shirt while holding her , which often sends me in paroxms of giggles which I often try to muffle with the pillow.

She has a good appetite, and often drains me when she feeds, which is often a relief, as my breasts tend to be rather tender when they are full but Mirri being the good baby she is, takes care of that.Dad thinks she is simply beautiful,and I couldn’t agree more; she is our little Miracle. The little doll she recieved from Moomah, the Cloudhoof Matriarch ,is her absolute favourite toy, and she won’t go to sleep without it, putting up a fuss when she can’t find it. So we have learned to make sure her doll is with her when she settles in to sleep. The tiny quilt ,also a gift from the Matriarch ,is so beautifully done, it will be a perfect keepsake , to pass on to her children when she is old enough to be a wife and mother.However I am getting ahead of myself here; I just want to enjoy my life with my love,and our little angel.

I know  Fnar recieved a letter from Silvermoon that set  him on edge, and the only thing that sets him off like that , is that redheaded chit who thinks she can lure him away from Mirri and I .It’s also making me reconsider my stand on marriage; if it means protecting my family from troublemakers like that, then I would do it in a heartbeart . Fnar ,and I had already  more than affirmed our love to each other. While we were adamant at first about not getting married to suit society; now that we have Mirri, we have to think of her future ,and protect her from those who would seek to cause her harm. Our little girl is our most precious treasure, and I will be damned if some little troublemaking shrew tries to hurt her, by trying to take her daddy away. I wonder if Fnar is having the same conflict within his own mind about this; if he  asked I would accept in a heartbeat , leaving no doubt in everyone’s mind that we are a family. I will not have Mirri having fears about some woman trying to take her daddy away,and I will fight for him against anyone who would dare.

I know Fnar is eager to show Fnor his daughter, being the proud father he is; I know he is looking forward to when Mirri is old enough , so he can take her around and show the wonders of Pandaria. We want her to have a stable happy childhood, not one fraught with fear and hardship like we had growing up. If we happen to be blessed with more children; hopefully that won’t be for a while.. I know she will be a good big sister to them, especially if she has a happy stable childhood filled with love and laughter.

I am looking forward to my intimate times with my love, and during my recovery, I found I missed it greatly ,once I am fully recovered, I am making damn sure my love will have no reason to want another . I already talked to Eilwen about birth control, and taking the special tea she recommended; sometimes a woman needs to take the perogetive in these matters. My poor darling has enough weighing down on his mind, so I think its time for a chat between us on what has been bothering him .

LIfe, Babies, and all in between


Posted by on February 8, 2014 in Ramblings


2 responses to “LIfe, Babies, and all in between

  1. wowstorylines

    February 8, 2014 at 4:54 pm

    Wow!! They are one happy family and seem to be having an awesome time. You can bet that Fnar is proud of his little girl because she’s perfect in his eyes. Oh yes, Fnar and Romy need to sit down and have one of those talks that they both keep avoiding – better plan a wedding in the near future,yes?

  2. dnooskey

    February 8, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    Oh definitely! While Romy doesn’t think highly of marriage, especially seeing so many failed ones ,but in this case, she sees it as a means of protecting her family,and sending a message to the other women particularly one to back off . She will do what she must to make certain her mate,and her child are protected; she won’t have either of them hurt .


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