and then there were three

03 Feb

Feb 3

Time seemed to have passed so fast, since the birth of our little girl, still haven’t come up with a name,but Mirrah , or Mirri seems to fit ,given that she is our own little miracle child. She is strong, healthy little girl with strong lungs, which we learned right off, when she demanding her breakfeast one morning but was all smiles and giggles after she had been fed and changed. Fnar absolutely adores his little girl,and the feeling is definitely mutual; its always so sweet to see him making funny faces to make her smile and laugh. If anything the birth of Mirrah, has brought us closer together, and often during those cool rainy mornings, Fnar would bring Mirrah into bed with us, keeping her between us, as he held us both. Its those moments that so precious ,and so memorable. My darling has taken to Fatherhood, with a great deal of enthusiasm, caring for Mirrah while I rested. Though I am recovering from the birth,  I still get tired after waking up several times a night , to feed and change Mirrah,but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m learning to adjust my habits ,and rest when she does.. I’m doing light exercises to tone myself up,and help me regain my figure after the birth. I want to be in fighting form, when that vixen ,that is Fnor’s sister, decides to make her move on my man.

 Oh yes, Fnar has sat down ,and told me everything about her; while he cares for her like he would his own sister, she hasn’t gotten the point,and has this bee in her bonnet about making him her own. Sorry girl ,but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.. I may not be the jealous type, but I am certainly not going to stand by ,and watch as you try and tear my family part .. I will fight for my man, and protect our baby..mess with either ,and you will be making a big mistake. 

I sent word to Dad about the birth of his grand daughter, and you would think she hung the moon, when I saw his face. He said she looked like me in miniature, except for the gold hair, and the mouth,which she had inherited from her father.Dad had us in stitches, as he recalled us with tales of my childhood,and all the antics I pulled when I first started walking ,and the mischief I would get into . I don’t think I laughed so hard in ages,and I know Fnar, was having wipe tears from his eyes, from laughing so much. I was surprised that Mirrah managed to sleep through it all but Dad told me  one trick about babies; babies will sleep through anything.. just continue with your normal tasks,and she will adjust, but if we try to keep it too quiet, she will be startled by every noise,and won’t sleep. It was food for thought; at first I was concerned about our pets ,not accepting Mirrah, but they seemed to accept her, as part of our pack .Dawn, seems to be particularly fond of Mirrah, and has been taking to getting Fnar, or myself when Mirrah starts crying. My pets, while accepting Mirrah, haven’t really shown much nurturing ,well maybe Shivaya, but she is so big, I don’t let her in the house, because of her size, I love her dearly but she tends to be somewhat clumsy in the tight corners of our house, so I often bring Mirrah outside with me, while I am hanging clothes, or tending the garden, keeping her beside me at all times, or carrying her in a makeshift sling ,so she is in close contact with me. My pets will often make a protective perimeter around me , keeping the Vermin away from the garden, and the house, which makes it nice. The people at the market will often laugh when they see me, carrying Mirrah, with  one of my pets acting as our body guard. They have gotten to  know Mirrah, and know that she is Fnar’s daughter; kind of hard to mistake her for anyone else’s .. she is so definitely her father’s daughter. Fnar,and I have become such a familiar sight at the market,  that all the merchants know us by name, and what our likes are. We have been given so much advice on childcare ,that left our heads both spinning but I think Nana Mudclaw gave us the best; she told us to follow our instincts ,and the rest will fall in place. That seems to be working best for us.. it will be a learning experience for both Fnar and I ,but I think we are up to the task.


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2 responses to “and then there were three

  1. wowstorylines

    February 3, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    Oh yes, Fnar is quite the doting parent and thinks that anything his little girl does is totally a miracle. Fnar is still madly in love with Romy and the addition of this little girl has really filled his life with so much hope and joy that he’s almost beside himself.

  2. dnooskey

    February 3, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    Romy is totally head over heels in love with Fnar, and will fight to the death if she has to , protect her loved ones .She doesn’t care about the social obligations that she is expected to know, and will flat out tell people to mind their own business.Though she was ferocious before,she has alot more to lose now,and she won’t stand for someone trying to hurt her family to suit their own ends.,


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