A baby called Miracle

19 Jan


Jan 18

It had been a harrowing day for Fnar and I but in the end was well worth it as this was the day our little girl made her appearance. We haven’t come up with a name for our little angel yet but in the meantime, her name will be Miracle, until we can come up with one more suitable. She was supposed to arrive for another two monthes but it seems that fate had other ideas, and blessed us ,with a child that survived the odds stacked against seemed I was pregnant during the time I was injured.. I just didn’t know it. Neither did the healer at the camp that attended me.. we both thought my constant vomitting was due to the concussion I suffered,  who knew?!

I woke this morning to such cramping in my stomach ,and what felt like the worst charley horse in my lower back. As I tried to roll over to ease it, I could feel a gush, as I tried to rise, and at the moment I knew.. our baby was coming. Thankfully we had arrived home the other night,both of us wanting to be in Panderia when our child was born, and to, I think to get away from the spiteful redhead that seems to think that she has a claim on my beloved Fnar..sorry honey, you missed that boat awhile back.  I don’t trust her..even though she is Fnor’s younger sister, she has not earned my respect ,as he has.

Waking Fnar up,I let him know that the baby was coming ; I never saw him move so fast, I had to remind him to put his clothes on before he ran to fetch Eilwen..not that I didn’t mind the view..however with baby kicking from the inside,and the contractions I didn’t really have time to enjoy the view. I don’t even remember when they got back, as I was trying not panic.. no one told me contractions were so bloody painful.. no wonder they called it labour! They told that I would be experiencing some pain but not to this extent..compared to this.,getting hit by the Mogu was nothing. oh sure it hurt ,, but not like this.

With Fnar beside me, every step of the way. sponging my forehead,and rubbing my back as the contractions took hold, Eilwen calmly got things prepared , checking my progress every hour to see if I was ready. I had to say .. I was impressed by her calm demeanor,and soothing voice, that seemed to calm me during all this.. Fnar held me  close as he whispered encouraging words in my ear, holding my hand as contractions came over me, and left me shaking in their wake.He urged me to try and rest between them ,and to conserve my energy..he certainly has been listening to the talks when Eilwen explained to us ,about we should expect when I did go into labour. I’m glad he did.. it was certainly easing my mind, I know most men would shy away from the scene;  I’m glad he stayed.

It was about late afternoon or early evening that I felt the urge to push,and with Eilwen’s help, I let instinct take over, and pushed as hard as I could however it took a few tries but I could feel a tremendoes burning sensation,and something pushing through ,until the head came through, followed by tiny shoulders, and with one final push, our little one was born. Eilwen cut the cord, and raised the baby up so we could see, announcing ” Its a little girl.” I  think Fnar heaved a huge sigh of relief when he found out his first born was a daughter; he was really dreading having a son ,that would take after him..oh thorim’s balls.. if it had been a son ,instead of daughter.. the poor boy would have gotten a double dose of it ,considering  his sire’s, and grandsire’s history’s as rakehells..just as well we had a daughter first.

When Eilwen brought our little girl to us, she looked at us with a wry smile ” This is no pre mature birth; she is full term. Given what you told me of your injuries a few monthes back.. I’m just  astounded as you ,that she could have survived that battering you took, not to mention the medications you were on… we will have to keep a close eye on her to  make sure  the drugs haven’t had an adverse effect on her.. she is definitely a little miracle “

Looking down upon that little face, it was love at first sight.. she was pink, and bright eyed,with the sweetest little face . She had her father’s golden hair,and plenty of it, there was no mistaking she was his child..Fnar was absolutely enthralled by her , reaching out a finger to touch her cheek,and received the biggest smile ever.I think he just melted right there, watching as I put her to the breast, and helped her latch on to nurse. She took it instantly , her tiny little hand waving  as I held her close, while we watched her nurse. I  was still pretty sore after birthing her,and Eilwen said it would about four to six weeks before I was healed up completely enough to resume intimate relations again. Compared to nine monthes.. six weeks was nothing anymore..right now.. we are just going to enjoy our new little darling.



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3 responses to “A baby called Miracle

  1. wowstorylines

    February 2, 2014 at 7:33 am

    ROTFL, don’t know how I missed this one but I did – sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been watching for your posts, however, I don’t know how or where this one ended up, I just happened to put my mouse over your name in the comments on my latest post and there it was.

    Oh, I can bet that Fnar is just ecstatic with the birth of his little girl and to hear that Mother and child are doing well so far…is totally awesome. Fnar wanted a little girl and to see that she is undeniably his is even more of a blessing in disguise.

    • dnooskey

      February 2, 2014 at 5:41 pm

      haahah. I was wondering if it went through at all my comp has been doing silly things, so I wasn’t sure if it went through or not.Oh Romy is just ecstatic that the baby has arrived,though she is worried about whether the drugs had harmed the baby,given that she had been pregnant when she was injured. That little girl is going to be so spoiled by the males in her family,;her father, grandfather,and Uncle ,lol.

      • wowstorylines

        February 2, 2014 at 6:40 pm

        The baby already has her Father wrapped around her little finger, however, I’m sure that Romy doesn’t mind. ROTFL Fnar is over the moon with happiness since the baby has arrived, a little minature Romy that kind of looks like him a bit.


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