06 Oct

Oct 6

Can’t believe it’s October already.. where has the time gone? I never would have noticed except for the small calender, I keep to mark off the days for our little one’s imminent arrival.  The morning sickness seems to have passed , thankfully.. I don’t know how much longer I would have been able to take it..managed to find a Sin’dorei healer, who has had experience delivering babies.. met her in the market oddly enough. She offered to be my midwife since I hadn’t quite found one yet that I was comfortable with. Most of the healers I ran into, and frankly I doubt my darling would be happy having another male attend me during my delivery. Fnar likes to place his hand on my belly to make certain that my pregnancy wasn’t a dream, though I think he’s hoping to feel the baby move,which I’m told won’t be for a little while yet.We are both getting excited yet a little worried about this person that will coming into our lives. I know he worries about me, but I feel fine, and oddly enough, other than the morning sickness.. I haven’t  felt this good in years. I’m told that I have birthing hips.. wide and strong enough to carry and birth easily. What I’m told, that is a good thing.. especially considering the other women of our race are all quite slim built and fragile looking.

Oh I heard the stories from some women about my love being a womanizer but that is behind us .He loves me, and I love him .. I trust him to be true to me, as I am to him. He could have been catting around with other women but he hasn’t. I think the stories were just that.. stories. Women  can be nasty bitches when they see someone who has achieved something they haven’t, and will out of their way attempting to ruin things for the other person. However they don’t know Fnar and I talk all the time,about alot of things ; we have been frank and honest with each other. I knew about his past conquests but that’s all they are.. past conquests.  What happens in the past ,remains there. I will protect my man if these crazy wenches try to do anything to  hurt him… I may seem tame right now… but mess with  my family, and the Alpha bitch will come out snarling.

Nurturing Instincts


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2 responses to “Nurturing Instincts

  1. wowstorylines

    October 7, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    Oh, he’s had some close brushes with matrimony in the past even if it wasn’t his idea. He’s definitely looking forward to the baby although he is apprehensive as to what that will mean to the freedom that he and Romy enjoy now without the burden of responsibility in raising a child – all kinds of thoughts run through a fellow’s mind sometimes.

    Great read as always. 😀

    • dnooskey

      October 7, 2013 at 3:01 pm

      Though she’s never raised a child from birth, she’s learned to adjust when she raised her brother and sister.She knows there are times when its ok to ask for help, but on whole she’s done the best she could with them. Sure they may not be do things at the spur of the moment once the baby arrives but she doesn’t believe it has to curtail their activities,and freedom is only a state of mind. It will be a true test once the baby arrives. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


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