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** some profanity .. if you don’t like it , don’t read ** 


Oct 26

Punched a snarky little bitch in the mouth ; I don’t care what she says about me, but attack my loved ones, and face the consequences.  I don’t put up with crap like that..or people sticking their nose into my business. 

 She had the audacity to tell me because Fnar and I weren’t married , that our baby is going to be a bastard. Who the hell gives her the right to pass judgement on me ,or my loved ones.?!! I didn’t give her much chance to spew more of her judgemental crap and drove my fist in her mouth.. The bitch is such a lightweight, she dropped like a stone.. it was hardly satisfying to shut her up,because when she came to , she started blubbering and carrying on like someone tried to murder her.  I nearly died laughing when one of the Pandaren women, dumped a bucket of water on the  bitch.. it must have really cold because she started sputtering and gasping before running off in tears.

 When I looked around, I noticed that alot of people had their mouths hanging open..I guess they never saw a pregnant woman deck another woman before; they better get used to it.. no one insults my loved ones with impunity. If that sanctimous self righteous bitch thinks that because  Fnar and I aren’t married , that is going to do detrimental harm to our baby.. fuck her! She’s a good reason for retro active abortion, and her attitude is one that is shared by many, which I won’t be part of . The more people try to force marriage on Fnar and I , the more we are going to run in the other direction. What we have , works for us; we’re happy,and that’s all that matters to us. Our baby to be is loved,and will be loved once he/she has arrived.

I have to soak my hand.. cut my knuckles on her buck teeth..last thing I need is to catch whatever disease she might be carrying.Wont’ be good for the baby.


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Oct 6

Can’t believe it’s October already.. where has the time gone? I never would have noticed except for the small calender, I keep to mark off the days for our little one’s imminent arrival.  The morning sickness seems to have passed , thankfully.. I don’t know how much longer I would have been able to take it..managed to find a Sin’dorei healer, who has had experience delivering babies.. met her in the market oddly enough. She offered to be my midwife since I hadn’t quite found one yet that I was comfortable with. Most of the healers I ran into, and frankly I doubt my darling would be happy having another male attend me during my delivery. Fnar likes to place his hand on my belly to make certain that my pregnancy wasn’t a dream, though I think he’s hoping to feel the baby move,which I’m told won’t be for a little while yet.We are both getting excited yet a little worried about this person that will coming into our lives. I know he worries about me, but I feel fine, and oddly enough, other than the morning sickness.. I haven’t  felt this good in years. I’m told that I have birthing hips.. wide and strong enough to carry and birth easily. What I’m told, that is a good thing.. especially considering the other women of our race are all quite slim built and fragile looking.

Oh I heard the stories from some women about my love being a womanizer but that is behind us .He loves me, and I love him .. I trust him to be true to me, as I am to him. He could have been catting around with other women but he hasn’t. I think the stories were just that.. stories. Women  can be nasty bitches when they see someone who has achieved something they haven’t, and will out of their way attempting to ruin things for the other person. However they don’t know Fnar and I talk all the time,about alot of things ; we have been frank and honest with each other. I knew about his past conquests but that’s all they are.. past conquests.  What happens in the past ,remains there. I will protect my man if these crazy wenches try to do anything to  hurt him… I may seem tame right now… but mess with  my family, and the Alpha bitch will come out snarling.

Nurturing Instincts


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( OOC) Gaming Outside of WOW

Last night, I made 50 on my second Star Trek character, which gives me two Admirals. Admittedly when the game first came out , I was skeptical..I had my share of free to play games and alot of them fell upon the wayside, failing to keep my attention for more than a week. WOW was still my addiction of choice, so when my hubby told about me Star Trek Online, I didn’t really pay too much attention at first. For one , it was another pay to play, and at the time , I couldn’t see myself paying for another game, especially since I had WOW, but that changed when they offered the option of free to play, which made it a little more enticing. So I tried it out, made a Starfleet character,; an Engineer to be exact but still it didn’t quite grab my attention. It wasn’t until the Romulans came out in May, that I took further notice ,and rolled up a Romulan character.Barely a month later I had my first Admiral,a Romulan Science Officer. So I tried my Engineer again,but compared to the Romulan, the storyline was blah. again ,she was put back on the shelf, while I toyed around with an Orion on the Klingon Side. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to my Engineer again,and for the next two weeks, I played her almost exclusively until finally I got her to max level last night.It was a long journey for the both of us, but was it worth it?!  It was definitely worth it.

Star Trek Online 

Needless to say , Star Trek is not the only game that I have strayed to when I got bored with WOW.Neverwinter, also made by the same company as Star Trek Online, is another fantasy game, set in the Forgotten Realms universe.  Blizzard definitely needs to take note on Neverwinter’s Minimalist UI, and spells. Neverwinter’s spells are lesser in number than WOW’s insane amount, yet do exact same thing without all the peripherals. It has room for five spells but for what you are doing , that’s all you really need.


The Secret World was a complete  surprise to me; I was never much on the horror genre, but the Secret World takes all the known myths and legends ,spins them on their collective heads  before presenting them in a fresh new way.It  involves three main factions ; the Templar, the Illuminati, and the Dragon. These three juggernauts, pretty much run things in the Secret world, and as a player, you can choose one of the three factions. Each faction has it’s own agenda, and methods that completely different from each other. The game is level less and develop your character through the accumalation of  Action Points ( AP) and Skill points ( SP)  The action points are what you use to gain skills in a certain skill subset which is in turn gained by Skill points. Skills are based on Melee, Magic and Ranged, each having three skill choices to choose from. These skills also have a subset of skills that you choose to further refine your character.This gives you complete freedom , on how you develop your character. For the fashionista, don’t worry.. there are places where you can buy clothing, to outfit your characters as well.. There are locations in the game where you can purchase clothing, as well an ingame store you can buy  specialty clothing for points that you can get from their store. Its well worth getting into.. it’s not just a regular hack and slash, there are some quests, you need to do research on, puzzles to solve,and clues to gather. The Secret World puts a fresh spin on the Horror genre ,and makes it more appealing along with the price point. You buy the game but there no subscription necessary unless you want it. However if you don’t wish to pay a subscription fee, that’s ok , because you can play for free for as long or as little as you wish.

The Secret World

There are other games out there, some good ,others not so good . It all depends on what a person wants to play. Free to play games , now have come along way since they first come out. Some have breathtaking graphics., a far cry from what they looked like before.So its always fun, to see what’s out there, and stumble upon a hidden treasure ever so often.

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