24 Sep

Sept 24

Nooodles!! I swear since we arrived back home  I have had this incessant craving for seems to enjoy them.. which is why I have been eating so much..Heck after the all the rich food we have been consuming  in Northrend,the noodles are a  nice light change .Now that I look back, I’m surprised I wasn’t as big as a house,but I was always active so that probably helped keep the weight off. However now that I’m expecting,  I need to really be careful about not gaining too much weight on top of what I’m supposed to gain with the baby.

 Until recently  the actuality of a baby never really sank in.. sure we knew about it but it didn’t really make itself apparent until after we came back home.Now I’m finding it difficult to fit into my armour, so I basically gave up trying to get into it. Now I’m starting to show a bit, which is now making the upcoming arrival more evident..and me a little more anxious.. I want to do everything I can to make certain this little one gets a good start. I’ve cut out drinking alchohol. probably for the best, so now I have been drinking alot of water,and fruit juices. Both Fnar and I are looking forward to meeting this little person we both created; would it be a boy or a girl? We don’t know but I think it will be part of the surprise. Fnar has let me have full rein with the farmhouse., in decorating.. but frankly  I think it’s fine the way it is.. I have no head for decorating .. it simply wasn’t important to me.  However we may need to expand the house some , in the future event of more children  joining us.. as it is . the house is simply not big enough for a large family.

I think we were both so happy to be home again, happy to be able to let our guards down and relax. I think once our travelling is done,.I just want to stay here and prepare for our  l little one’s arrival.I know Fnar was concerned about my constant vomitting in the mornings, but I was told it would pass in time, however my libido certainly wasn’t sleeping .. I think my baser appetites had increased considerably, poor Fnar was getting the brunt of it.. not that he was complaining too much.. I just need to take it easy on him.. don’t want to break the poor dear. Though I have to say, this pregnancy is doing wonders …I’m actually developing curves in all the right places,and my bust has certainly gotten more opulent; which Fnar has discovered and is enjoying with complete abandonment.

I think we will do ok as parents…we are both determined to see that this little one has both parents. while growing up..and not suffer what we did as children. I think that’s a good start.However I do get tired alot more lately but that’s just because it takes  energy to grow a baby,so I have been resting when I get tired. I know Dad is quite thrilled that he is going to be a grandfather.. I think it finally sank in that I ‘m not a little girl anymore,but a woman grown.. a pregnant one at that. I know he was concerned about me being here with the war going on but in a way  it’s probably better that I was here, less chance of the ministry trying to recruit me fight again., if I were in Silvermoon,No chance of that ever happening.. I ‘m not risking this baby for anything.. least of all this stupid war  .. Garrosh can’t die soon enough.

Met one of Commander Morningstar’s employees yesterday.. a lovely Tauren huntress named Mahamura… never got her name while we talked but I asked Fnar about her,and he told me that she ,along with her family worked for the company. She seems like a lovely person to me. I haven’t really met too many Tauren..Taunka yes, Tauren not so much.. I’m always in awe regarding their size.. The males are simply massive,and makes me feel like a child in their presence.. I’m not a short person by any means.. standing at six feet, yet they make me feel half that size .

Well I should get some rest.. still too early to feel the baby move,but it makes it’s presence known regardless.. night night little angel..mama will be following you into sleep soon enough.


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2 responses to “Cravings

  1. wowstorylines

    September 24, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    Fnar couldn’t be happier to be very honest. He’s looking forward to seeing the baby in the flesh but he’s content with the way that things are at the moment. I don’t think that he has ever been happier in his life and is always afraid that something will snatch it all away. Great read as always.

    • dnooskey

      September 25, 2013 at 5:45 am

      Romy is absolutely thrilled about becoming a mother..she doesn’t want anything to ruin it: Fnar and their little arrival are her world,and she’s determined to savour every minute of it!. Thanks for reading!


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