14 Sep

Sept 13

Saw Dad today.. ran into him in Halfhill while I was in the market.Fnar and I had returned to Pandaria after our trip to Northrend to visit my family. I had no idea that they were verbose but I suppose living with it for many years , I never really noticed until I was away from it for a few months..but as much as I loved seeing them again.. I was even more so relieved to return the little farm we shared , and relax. I was probably more exhausted than I realized, the travelling ,and visiting , was hard enough on a normal person let alone some one who was pregnant . I think I scared Fnar a couple of times when I had to lie down a few times after we got home.  I had no idea that carrying a little one would drain me so much, and I was a little concerned myself.  I talked to Nana Mudclaw,and she assured me that being tired was normal in pregnancy, and that  I should rest often when my body demanded me too. Can’t argue with that logic.. course it  is a good excuse to drag Fnar in with me ,and cuddle while I’m resting. HA! who am I kidding?!! We do everything but rest when we’re together..not that I’m complaining ..I’m just so amazed and happy that he loves me as he does.. He’s my world, and I would be a lesser person if I didn’t say I haven’t changed for the better with him. He brings out the best in me ,and we complement each other.

I’m not so naiive to believe that he was a monk  before we met; a man with his experience obviously had plenty of practice with the ladies.. I may not have been his first, but I can say without a doubt, I am the  lucky one who gets to wake up beside him each morning. It amuses me about how much he and my dad are like; both are loyal ,and loving ..very accomplished with the ladies.. my father was quite the rakehell when he was a young man, before he married my mother.However he settled down ,and was quite happy to be the loving husband and father.

I finally got the nerve to tell my father he was going to be grandfather soon.. I don’t know why I was so nervous  but I needn’t to have worried .. he was thrilled at the news. He told me how he felt when mother was expecting me,and how much of a handful I was ,when I started walking. It was so lovely that he was able to remember back to when I was a baby;  he;s looking quite forward to being a grandparent. I told him if it was a little girl, that I would like to name her after my mother; Illyria..I think talking about her ,and baby Trevyan is thereuputic for us remembering them, they will always be in our hearts and our thoughts.

That reminds me.. I need to remind Fnar to check his mail,and let him know that he is free. just needs to report through Morningstar Industries. Not sure how his partner did it, but he managed to convince the war office  to lay off.. Thank Thorim for that!  From what Fnor told me, they had to work from Silvermoon until they get the business set up in Shattrath. I’m not a big fan of Draenor but if we need to  move there to avoid all the bloody politics,  I can adapt. I hear Nagrand was beautiful.. I wouldn’t know first hand.. never been there. I was of course in the armpit of the planet, where I had been trained, then smuggled out to Northrend by Magister Aethas Sunreaver. It would be something to check out sometime. In the meantime , I have a dinner to prepare, so I must be off .

Taking it Easy


Posted by on September 14, 2013 in Ramblings


2 responses to “Taking it Easy

  1. wowstorylines

    September 15, 2013 at 5:39 am

    Oh, I can assure you that Fnar is totally ecstatic about being back in Pandaria and about being a Father. Let’s not even talk about how thrilled he was that his business partner pulled the necessary strings to get him out of having to continue on with the new regime for war. He just wants to be with Romy and their baby right now.

  2. dnooskey

    September 15, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    Romy is relieved that Fnor was able to get Fnar out , she was getting worried that the war office would say no to him. It certainly made her feel better knowing that she wasn’t going to lose Fnar in battle anytime soon.


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