25 Aug

Aug 24

I reread the letter that came from the Regent-Lord in regards to calling me back into service..however I’m not returning ..especially not while I’m pregnant. The Regent- Lord is going to have to find someone else to take my place because I’m putting my foot down on this. The child I now carry takes priority over this war,and that overgrown cockroach that calls himself Warchief. Our race is dying day by day, because of that madman. and this baby will not become another casualty.. the rebirth of two houses, depends on this baby being born.Hopefully it will be the first of many ,and the start of a new line for my darling Fnar. Both he and Fnor have recieved letters as well, however his best friend managed to evade the bullet by convincing them that he was more useful as a business owner than a soldier. I know my love, is not too happy about being called into service again.. I know I would be sick with worry ..I’m praying that he can find someway out of  it..I certainly don’t want our baby not knowing it’s father when it’s born; I don’t want this little one to suffer what we did when we were children.. if I can spare it that ..I will.

From what he had told me ,that he and his sister were orphans, dumped off at the orphanage when his sister was just a baby. His sister Felessa will be married the end of this summer, and I’m a bit nervous about meeting her, let alone informing her that she is going to be an aunt..but I will let Fnar give her the news..  it would be a little awkward to meet her than blurt out that we’re expecting.

When Fnar asked me about returning to Pandaria before going to Silvermoon, I think I nearly jumped down his throat with my enthusiastic yes! I had to admit, while the vacation was wonderful , I missed the quiet peaceful life we had at Half hill. Though Fnar teased me more about missing the bed more;.. what can I say?! that is one comfortable bed.. I love just curling up with him ,in the cool rainy mornings,  in that huge bed, just cuddling and talking..of course that leads to many a playful tussle among more pleasurable pursuits. I never thought I ever become the domestic homebody but there is something fulfilling about making a house a home. Fnar has been a bachelor for so long , I know its going to take him some time to get used to sharing space with someone else,but I think he’s settling in nicely. I discovered I enjoy cooking ; there is something relaxing about putting things together in a pot and having it come out smelling amazing and tasting even more so. The nice thing, is that the food in Pandaria is filling but it doesn’t feel heavy ; we both discovered that rich food doesn’t really agree with us, we both developed a fondness for  the swirling mist soup. I still have problems with chicken and’s great food but I had so much of it during my recovery that I can’t even smell it without shuddering.

I think I stunned Fnar when I told him I was pregnant.. though considering the way we had been going at it.. I don’t see how he could be surprised !  It was only a matter of time but still I was nervous telling him that he was going to be a father. Though we had talked about it.. it was still nervewracking because I didn’t know how he was going to react when confronted with the news that a baby was on the way. Its one thing to talk about it, but faced with the reality of it is rather daunting. Though I was nervous about telling Fnar, I am downright freaking about the idea of telling my dad that he’s going to be a grandfather.. I honestly don’t think he’s really accepted the fact that I’m an adult .. he still considers me his little girl.Though he says he’s accepted  that I’m a grown woman.. I think deep down, he will always remember the child I once was…and grieve for the years that were stolen from us. I hope this will not be too much of a shock to his system.

In a way I think this baby will be a blessing.. but I am not going to shuffle it off to nannies; this child will be raised by it’s parents.. what kind of parents will we be, I can’t say for sure but hopefully better than those in Silvermoon.



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2 responses to “Planning

  1. wowstorylines

    August 28, 2013 at 6:22 am

    Ho-ho – Fnar was more than stunned but inside he was unbelievably happy that he is going to be a Father. Don’t worry, he is going to use the same thing that Fnor did getting out of his obligations to the war effort by going back into the service. I think the poor fellow would be absent without leave if he was pressed into service at this point. He doesn’t want to leave Romy and their baby alone – won’t happen. 😀

    Great read as usual and makes me want to hurry up and get back to the game even if it is just to RP these days 😀

  2. dnooskey

    August 28, 2013 at 7:11 am

    Hehehe, she was a nervous wreck about telling him but decided that it was better that he knew right away. It would give them all the more reason to get out while they still can. I totally hear you about the rp. I think its the one thing that makes playing WOW worthwhile. Thanks for reading . it’s always appreciated.


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