14 Jul

July 13

Well…. when Dad,and Gran said they were going to find me a suitable young lady to marry… I thought they were just pulling my leg.. me ? get married?! I think Dad was worried I was becoming more like him , in regards to sowing my wild oats..especially given my big sister had taken after him in that regard..course ..given our sire’s propensity for the’s just hereditary I suppose. A little fact that was confirmed by not just Gran but by his former sister in law; according to them, he was a real wild one in his youth..its funny how he’s become so dignified after he married and had kids. He still looks damn good for some one who has lived hard, died ,and come back again even more of a badass than he already was.

Anyway I’m getting off topic..apparently Gran ,found a young lady ,and arranged for us to meet..under strict supervision of course..she’s a young priestess, orphaned when the Scourge took her parents. She had been raised by her aunt, and trained to become a healer by the priesthood, and probably thinks I’m total retard..

I swear.. I don’t know what happened but the moment we met.  I couldn’t think nor speak coherently. she must have thought I was totally off my rocker because I swear everytime I opened my mouth some incoherent gibberish seemed to come out… I felt like an utter fool. What kind of impression did that leave her with.. and to think we are engaged to be married and I can’t even talk to her with out coming off looking like an utter moron.

Her name is Laurelyn Whitedawn..and she looked like an angel with her  pale silver blonde hair, those misty green eyes that remind me of the mists falling upon the trees of Grizzly HIlls. A soft sweet voice ,and a gentle manner about her. To say I was smitten  was an understatement ..I fell hard …and what made it sweeter is that this angel was going to be my intended.. I have to hand it to Gran , she knows how to pick them. I will have to thank her..she is certainly one canny old bird.. it’s going to be interesting to see her reaction when she meets Romy’s beau.. I would give anything to be a fly on the wall during that particular meeting.To be honest, I haven’t met him either but from what I’ve heard from Dad, is that he’s a Ranger,and that Romy loves him..actually I haven’t really heard anything bad about him..Dad actually seems to approved of him, though he does grumble about Romy’s decision about not getting married. Sorry Dad, can’t help you there! The fact that someone actually won over my big sis, is a big deal since she’s so particular .What was so surprising is that Dad actually thinks this Ranger is a good match for  Romy..go figure!.

Anyway I need to see my angel again.. I just hope she doesn’t find my attempts at coherent speech too trying..

Engagements, Introductions,and all that Jazz.


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2 responses to “Engagements, Introductions,and all that Jazz.

  1. wowstorylines

    July 15, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    Sounds like he is quite the lucky fellow in falling in love with the woman that he is going to marry – regardless of the fact that it is an arranged marriage. Great read and I’m looking forward to hearing more.

  2. dnooskey

    July 15, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    The boy fell and fell hard.!Normally he’ s not so flustered around the ladies but around Laurelyn, he’s hopeless,and can;’t seem to form a coherent thought in his head when he’s with her.If there was ever a time when he needed his big sister’s advice, now is the time,lol.


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