An Fhideag Airgid (The Silver Whistle)

09 Jul

( Inspired by song An Fhideag Airgid (The Silver Whistle) by the Moors 

July 9

It had been so long since I brought out my whistle.. and even longer since I had played it. It had been a gift from Emaine ; a gift during happier times.. I think that was one of the reasons why I had stopped playing… it reminded me too much of the ones we lost when the split tore our tribe apart.. I lost both my big sister,and lover both but in a sense.. I found myself ,and my heart from that loss…If I hadn’t lost both Emaine and Crowe.. I don’t think I would have been the same woman then as I am today.. and I definitely wouldn’t have met my dearest Fnar in the process.

Fnar,, even the whisper of his name makes me giddy, and I know I would wake up each night, wondering I became so lucky to  find this wonderful loving man ,who has become my best friend, my partner,and my dearest love.  We had been both burned by relationships that went wrong..and it made us both cautious and fearful about the other leaving if we revealed our true feelings..yet in the end.. we both discovered we could have saved each other the misery if we talked sooner.

Putting the pipe to my lips ,I blew a few notes, dismayed at the rusty sour notes that emerged instead of the silvery tones that usually came from it .. that was a matter that needed to be resolved. This instrument was a physical mememto of happier times.. and it will be again. I remember the last time I played it , it was before the final fight between the siblings ,and Emaine’s departure from the tribe, along with her followers. The twins were just children then , fresh arrived after I had rescued them from Dalaran where they had been abandoned,and we used to sit by the huge bonfire listening to the tales and the songs sung to us by the elders,  We were a  mix of both young rangers,and older experienced veterans ,brought together by circumstance.The younger were smuggled to Northrend, and the elders ,came along to get away from the prince’s madness, tired of war, tired of fighting against their own people. We forged the tribe ,and become a family of sorts. Though life was rough in Northrend, it wasn’t so bad, since we had a large group to make things easier..we  had our designated hunters,and gatherers, our craftsmen, and women,as well as our protectors. Life was good; we had everything we needed to survive and thrive in the harsh climate.

The evenings when the sun set, we would gather around the bonfire in the middle of camp,and celebrate each day’s triumphs, and honor those who deserved it,and remember those who fell in battle.. recounting tales of honor and glory. Those who had talent of sorts were encouraged to pursue it..and music was the thread that held us together; it permeated our new life ,formed our culture, reminding us of what we had and lost.

When our tribe split ,the loss was so profound, we lost alot of good people and the remainder of us became grim and somber, putting aside the ways that had bound us together as a family..we had been shattered as a people..once again we had to rebuild and begin anew .. sadly much of our ways were gone..the caretakers of our sagas and our culture lost when they left with Emaine before becoming  lost to madness and death. Our biggest regret is that we did not have the means to recover that which was lost..I pray that some of the younger ones remember the Litany; the recounting of our laws. It was time to bring our culture back ; time to bring back our stories and our history back..With Greengrove ,and Larkspur becoming more frail with age..I think it was due time , that we made a concerted effort to bring back what we  had forsaken in our was time to teach our young , our songs , our history, our stories…this pipe took part in the early celebrations of our tribe, but it was time to teach another the songs.. time to pass the mantle of leadership on. The tribe needs a full time leader, not one who has to split her time between several places, with responsibilities elsewhere as well. My  people need a Lorekeeper; someone to keep the tales and songs, going pass onto the next generation. Greengrove has been our spiritual leader for all these many years..his teachings at one time involved the Light but as the Light failed us as a people.. he began following the ways of nature, teaching us about the animal spirits,and our connection with was he who first took on the name Greengrove ,a step that signified new beginnings ,and shedding of our old ways.He encouraged us to find our tribal names in nature.. to find our true selves in the land that we called home. We were no longer the lost ones. we were never lost.. but found new purpose in a land that time had forgotten.

Holding the pipe in my hands ,I let a smile cross my would be good to play my pipe pass on my culture to any children ,that Fnar,and I may be blessed with . My love, has been so worried that his background would be a deterrent , that I would be so shallow to think him less than worthy of me. However I think his background is a blessing.. he has no outside influences that would hinder his choices in how he wants to do things, no one to tell him how he should live his life, who to marry, how to raise his children. Being self sufficient has made him strong,and independant, with a no nonsense manner that I find refreshing..with him , at least , with him , one knows where they stand in his eyes. Everyone seems to forget that all Great houses have to start small, and a new dynasty takes time to build; they don’t just spring up out of no where. We will create our own dynasty, and build our own house;at one time the thought of being Matron to House Nightheart would be my sole destiny, a burden I would have to carry alone..but with Tywin and Sheenagh..perhaps that won’t have to be one I must bear alone..perhaps if I talk to Gran, perhaps we can talk  my father, in getting the twins legitimized so that they can carry on the line ,as legitimate heirs.There is no doubting by looking at him, and them together that they are related, whereas I look like the oddball out of the bunch.but I’m ok with that. It would be nice to step away from all the rigamole that comes with being  heiress  Andromedda Nightheart to being just plain Romy.


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3 responses to “An Fhideag Airgid (The Silver Whistle)

  1. wowstorylines

    July 10, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    Very nice read and I definitely need to get myself in gear and back in-game providing our seasonal thunderstorms will allow that to happen. I’m sure that Fnar and Romy are enjoying their trip to Northrend and he’s probably enjoying meeting her people. Nice Read.

    • dnooskey

      July 10, 2013 at 4:44 pm

      Eee. I was wondering why I haven’t seen you in game but I can totally understand the Thunderstorm situation.. we have been having that ourselves here lately.I think Fnar and Romy are getting some quality alone time together ,and getting the chance to relax without duty and the war hanging over their heads.

      • wowstorylines

        July 11, 2013 at 6:53 am

        I’ll give it another shot tomorrow and see if I can get into the game for a while before the storms come rolling in – usually afternoons and evenings are our fun times for that – I really miss everyone and I need to get back into my writing too. *hugs* 😀


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