Catching up

02 Jul

July 2

WOW.. where did the time go.?! I can’t believe I had been so busy that I haven’t had to time to write but I was .. but the date of my last entry certainly proves it.

Where to start.. well, my relationship with my father is definitely improving by leaps and bounds ,and I find having a brother can be a hidden blessing.I can’t believe the change that has come over the past few monthes. When our brothers were alive, he was constantly overshadowed,and forgotten because he was different than they were,and often they threw that in his face.Now that its just the two of us, he’s taken up paladin training..paladin, my brother..who would have thought?! Strangely enough , the change has been good for him.. he seemed to have blossomed before our eyes, and we couldn’t be more prouder. Where once he used to be a slim lightly built young man, shy and introspective.. the training has added muscle and filled out that that thin reedy frame. He walks with his head held high,and with much more confidence but his gentle heart, and kind soul have not changed.Unlike the rest of our race , he doesn’t display the same degree of arrogance,or air of self importance, instead he is quiet, humble with a disarming genuine smile that can be quite infectious… and he is a good eight inches taller than me .

I had to laugh though the boy is hopelessly besotted with some young miss he met awhile ago in Dalaran; turns out the young lady happened to be Sivad’s young daughter Sheenagh. Go figure! Apparently he had a set of twins he didn’t really know about ,and only found out when he found his missing daughter Andromedda.She had found the twins abandoned in the city ,and took them with her,raising them herself.Considering she’s not that much older than I am.. that is a pretty heavy responsibility for a young girl.Though from what Sivad says , she had some help..she wasn’t alone ,which is a good thing.Nevertheless , that is a pretty impressive feat.

 As for  me.. I got accepted into the Silvermoon Academy in the performing arts program.Apparently my tutor told the dean my abilities and recommended me as a student, to learn more about musical theory ,along with a host of other things..The audition made me nervous as hell,but it was dispelled when i started playing.My time with my tutor, had prepared me for this moment,all those hours of honing,and refining my talent, had paid off.To say I’m excited was an understatement.

Unfortunately this all put a damper on my personal life.. Ha! who am I kidding.. what personal life ?!The spark I thought between Sivad and I , was nothing more than a young woman’s infatuation for her guardian , her saviour.. there wasn’t really anything between us.. besides .it would have been too awkward as hell.Proabably just as well.. especially since he ran into a ghost from his past; a woman who had bore the spitting image to his long dead wife… his sister in law..who had been believed to have been lost in the horror of the Scourge invasion.Like Sivad, she returned as a deathknight, her fiery red hair still brilliant,despite being undead.To say he was stunned was putting it lightly..however seeing her brought back a flood of memories for him, reminding him all that he had lost,and what he gained.Though from what I heard,he lost more than he gained .However finding his children alive still, has probably done more for him than anything else.. his house has a chance to rise from the ashes,and rebuild.

Well time for me to sign off ,and get studying ..I have a alot of papers to get started on,and books to read .


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2 responses to “Catching up

  1. wowstorylines

    July 2, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    Oh this does sound like it is going to get very interesting in the very near future and a bit complex. I’m actually looking forward to hearing more too. 😀

  2. dnooskey

    July 2, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    ROTFL! Complex is my middle name..sometimes I have to keep scorecards to keep with things myself. Should be amusing as it plays out 🙂


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