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OOC: Bored or Burning out ?

The last few days, I ‘ve been finding less reason to log onto WOW. Not sure what it is ..could be the heat, the constant feeling of bleh everytime I log on.. sure we all would love tons of gold for our toons but the constant drag of dailies has gotten me down, and in a way , the dread of the upcoming patch.

Made the mistake of reading the forums ,and from what I read about the upcoming patch.. I’m probably better off just cancelling my subs ,and take a sabbatical from WOW until things settle down or the developers sober up:whichever comes first. I swear some of these changes make no sense whatso ever,and the story lately reads like something written by a team of drunken monkeys.

While  my time on WOW looks like it may come to a halt in the near future, it doesn’t mean my writing will come to a halt..I have plenty of stories kicking around, they just need a swift kick to get them running again. Been playing The Secret World alot more lately,and having fun with that; I’m finding it a nice change from WOW,same with Star Trek Online..sometimes you need to get away from the Fantasy genre for awhile , before you can recharge your batteries. I don’t think I really took a break from WOW; and after eight years, I’m finding it a challenge to even log on nowadays. Guess we will see what happens in the next patch.


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July 13

Well…. when Dad,and Gran said they were going to find me a suitable young lady to marry… I thought they were just pulling my leg.. me ? get married?! I think Dad was worried I was becoming more like him , in regards to sowing my wild oats..especially given my big sister had taken after him in that regard..course ..given our sire’s propensity for the’s just hereditary I suppose. A little fact that was confirmed by not just Gran but by his former sister in law; according to them, he was a real wild one in his youth..its funny how he’s become so dignified after he married and had kids. He still looks damn good for some one who has lived hard, died ,and come back again even more of a badass than he already was.

Anyway I’m getting off topic..apparently Gran ,found a young lady ,and arranged for us to meet..under strict supervision of course..she’s a young priestess, orphaned when the Scourge took her parents. She had been raised by her aunt, and trained to become a healer by the priesthood, and probably thinks I’m total retard..

I swear.. I don’t know what happened but the moment we met.  I couldn’t think nor speak coherently. she must have thought I was totally off my rocker because I swear everytime I opened my mouth some incoherent gibberish seemed to come out… I felt like an utter fool. What kind of impression did that leave her with.. and to think we are engaged to be married and I can’t even talk to her with out coming off looking like an utter moron.

Her name is Laurelyn Whitedawn..and she looked like an angel with her  pale silver blonde hair, those misty green eyes that remind me of the mists falling upon the trees of Grizzly HIlls. A soft sweet voice ,and a gentle manner about her. To say I was smitten  was an understatement ..I fell hard …and what made it sweeter is that this angel was going to be my intended.. I have to hand it to Gran , she knows how to pick them. I will have to thank her..she is certainly one canny old bird.. it’s going to be interesting to see her reaction when she meets Romy’s beau.. I would give anything to be a fly on the wall during that particular meeting.To be honest, I haven’t met him either but from what I’ve heard from Dad, is that he’s a Ranger,and that Romy loves him..actually I haven’t really heard anything bad about him..Dad actually seems to approved of him, though he does grumble about Romy’s decision about not getting married. Sorry Dad, can’t help you there! The fact that someone actually won over my big sis, is a big deal since she’s so particular .What was so surprising is that Dad actually thinks this Ranger is a good match for  Romy..go figure!.

Anyway I need to see my angel again.. I just hope she doesn’t find my attempts at coherent speech too trying..

Engagements, Introductions,and all that Jazz.


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An Fhideag Airgid (The Silver Whistle)

( Inspired by song An Fhideag Airgid (The Silver Whistle) by the Moors 

July 9

It had been so long since I brought out my whistle.. and even longer since I had played it. It had been a gift from Emaine ; a gift during happier times.. I think that was one of the reasons why I had stopped playing… it reminded me too much of the ones we lost when the split tore our tribe apart.. I lost both my big sister,and lover both but in a sense.. I found myself ,and my heart from that loss…If I hadn’t lost both Emaine and Crowe.. I don’t think I would have been the same woman then as I am today.. and I definitely wouldn’t have met my dearest Fnar in the process.

Fnar,, even the whisper of his name makes me giddy, and I know I would wake up each night, wondering I became so lucky to  find this wonderful loving man ,who has become my best friend, my partner,and my dearest love.  We had been both burned by relationships that went wrong..and it made us both cautious and fearful about the other leaving if we revealed our true feelings..yet in the end.. we both discovered we could have saved each other the misery if we talked sooner.

Putting the pipe to my lips ,I blew a few notes, dismayed at the rusty sour notes that emerged instead of the silvery tones that usually came from it .. that was a matter that needed to be resolved. This instrument was a physical mememto of happier times.. and it will be again. I remember the last time I played it , it was before the final fight between the siblings ,and Emaine’s departure from the tribe, along with her followers. The twins were just children then , fresh arrived after I had rescued them from Dalaran where they had been abandoned,and we used to sit by the huge bonfire listening to the tales and the songs sung to us by the elders,  We were a  mix of both young rangers,and older experienced veterans ,brought together by circumstance.The younger were smuggled to Northrend, and the elders ,came along to get away from the prince’s madness, tired of war, tired of fighting against their own people. We forged the tribe ,and become a family of sorts. Though life was rough in Northrend, it wasn’t so bad, since we had a large group to make things easier..we  had our designated hunters,and gatherers, our craftsmen, and women,as well as our protectors. Life was good; we had everything we needed to survive and thrive in the harsh climate.

The evenings when the sun set, we would gather around the bonfire in the middle of camp,and celebrate each day’s triumphs, and honor those who deserved it,and remember those who fell in battle.. recounting tales of honor and glory. Those who had talent of sorts were encouraged to pursue it..and music was the thread that held us together; it permeated our new life ,formed our culture, reminding us of what we had and lost.

When our tribe split ,the loss was so profound, we lost alot of good people and the remainder of us became grim and somber, putting aside the ways that had bound us together as a family..we had been shattered as a people..once again we had to rebuild and begin anew .. sadly much of our ways were gone..the caretakers of our sagas and our culture lost when they left with Emaine before becoming  lost to madness and death. Our biggest regret is that we did not have the means to recover that which was lost..I pray that some of the younger ones remember the Litany; the recounting of our laws. It was time to bring our culture back ; time to bring back our stories and our history back..With Greengrove ,and Larkspur becoming more frail with age..I think it was due time , that we made a concerted effort to bring back what we  had forsaken in our was time to teach our young , our songs , our history, our stories…this pipe took part in the early celebrations of our tribe, but it was time to teach another the songs.. time to pass the mantle of leadership on. The tribe needs a full time leader, not one who has to split her time between several places, with responsibilities elsewhere as well. My  people need a Lorekeeper; someone to keep the tales and songs, going pass onto the next generation. Greengrove has been our spiritual leader for all these many years..his teachings at one time involved the Light but as the Light failed us as a people.. he began following the ways of nature, teaching us about the animal spirits,and our connection with was he who first took on the name Greengrove ,a step that signified new beginnings ,and shedding of our old ways.He encouraged us to find our tribal names in nature.. to find our true selves in the land that we called home. We were no longer the lost ones. we were never lost.. but found new purpose in a land that time had forgotten.

Holding the pipe in my hands ,I let a smile cross my would be good to play my pipe pass on my culture to any children ,that Fnar,and I may be blessed with . My love, has been so worried that his background would be a deterrent , that I would be so shallow to think him less than worthy of me. However I think his background is a blessing.. he has no outside influences that would hinder his choices in how he wants to do things, no one to tell him how he should live his life, who to marry, how to raise his children. Being self sufficient has made him strong,and independant, with a no nonsense manner that I find refreshing..with him , at least , with him , one knows where they stand in his eyes. Everyone seems to forget that all Great houses have to start small, and a new dynasty takes time to build; they don’t just spring up out of no where. We will create our own dynasty, and build our own house;at one time the thought of being Matron to House Nightheart would be my sole destiny, a burden I would have to carry alone..but with Tywin and Sheenagh..perhaps that won’t have to be one I must bear alone..perhaps if I talk to Gran, perhaps we can talk  my father, in getting the twins legitimized so that they can carry on the line ,as legitimate heirs.There is no doubting by looking at him, and them together that they are related, whereas I look like the oddball out of the bunch.but I’m ok with that. It would be nice to step away from all the rigamole that comes with being  heiress  Andromedda Nightheart to being just plain Romy.


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A Chance Encounter

After their close escape from the orcs. Makumba was starting to question the wisdom of taking off in the middle of the night with Fierced, with no water,no rations,and  no clue as where they were going.The wily druid seemed to have some idea of where their destination was.. unfortunately she didn’t seem too willing to share the information with Makumba. Several times they dodged the patrols of orcs that seemed to be spread out all over the Northern barrens,and watched as wagons of oil, wood and meat, heading for Orgrimmar were attacked by revolutionaries,and oddly enough some of them were Alliance.

” We could use some of that meat, they are carrying, we just need to wait for the right time to strike. ” Fierced pondered , her face stern and set as they watched from an overlooking bluff down upon the caravan making its way over the dusty plains.

” and dem orcs, ain’t gonna like it..jest how we gunna pull dat off,heh?” Makumba groused irritably, as he rubbed his chin.Fierced pointed her finger at a small group of raiders forming in the brush ahead, on either sides of the road. 

“There! while they are keeping the guards occupied, we need to sneak in , take what we need and disappear amidst the confusion.It will give us enough food to keep  us going for a few days at least.” Makumba listened and had to give a grudging nod.. with all the renewed activity in the Barrens . it was getting harder to go hunting,without getting caught by patrols,or competing predators such as the lions and hyenas ;the game was getting scarce day by day..and this plan sounded good theory but he still had his doubts.

Slowly they made their way down to the brush behind where the caravan would be when the raiders attacked . Fierced had the advantage,using her catform, she inched her way down, in stealth.her coat blending in with the terrain.Makumba did his best to keep up but he was no match for the stealthy druidess. They waited patiently,and watched for their moment to strike. They could feel the vibration of hooves,and wheels under their bodies ,and heard the rough language of the orcs. anytime now.. wait for it…  then as if on cue, the raiding parties sprang out of their hiding places, and attacked the caravan.While  the orcs ran out to meet them, Fierced crept to the back of the wagon, letting the scent of the meat fill her nostrils. She didn’t expect an orc inside of the wagon guarding, and barely dodged the axe that was aimed for her head. However she did not escape unscathed., the momentum of the axe carried through cutting into her shoulder, through flesh and bone. She let out a roar of pain, and lashed out with her claws to tear out the throat of the guard. Changing back to her troll form, she tried to heal the wound the best she could ,with her limited healing.Though she could not heal it completely, she managed to stop the bleeding,and healed the bone enough so that it wouldn’t grow back crooked.However that action had cost her valuable time, and she was only able to grab a couple of small pieces of meat.before rifling through the dead orc, retrieving some small amount of coin, though not much , was more than she had seen in her lifetime.

Makumba hearing her pained cry, rushed in ,to find the druidess injured ,her blood staining the slain’s orc’s axe.and knew he had to get her out of there.He could see shock starting to set in, he grabbed a couple of bedrolls, and some meat,before  he helped her out,of the wagon,and got her out of the chaos. Her colour was off but she didn’t look like she lost too much blood, he supposed that was due to her limited healing.. she had only recieved it just before she left Sen’jin..perhaps..once they got to a village of their kind, they would have to seek further training in the healing arts for her.. Makumba had a sinking feeling in his gut that this was going to be only the first injury . They made it back to their makeshift camp,and Makumba quickly wrapped the blanket from one of the bedrolls around her,before he got out the bandages from his pack.Taking a small vial of precious red liquid, he put several drops onto the bandage,and quickly wrapped on the wound,making certain that the liquid found it’s way into the open wound. The cut was deep but not as bad as it was originally.. judging from the angle,and the amount healed.. if she didn’t have her healing, she could have easily lost her arm. as it was.. that arm was going to be crippled if they didn’t find a healer soon.

Though he didn’t show it.. Makumba was scared.. he came very close to losing her..and could still lose her if they didn’t find a healer.. though bloodloss was no longer an issue.. the fact of the matter, she was seriously injured..she couldn’t do much without the use of her arm.He was afraid to leave her alone by herself,but at least they had some blankets,and a little food. Much to his surprise, she showed him what she had taken from the dead orc.. it wasn’t much  a couple of gold, 27 silver and a few coppers, but for two trolls down on their luck.. it was a small fortune.. they needed to be careful. The gold they would put back for emergencies,and use the silver sparingly.If they could get out of the Northern Barrens,and into the South. their chances of survival would improve.

For the following couple of days, Makumba did everything he could to help make his companion comfortable but it was obvious that she was in alot of pain, and any movement she had in her arm was now lost due to the swelling .Desperate,for hope ,Makumba didn’t hear the hoofbeats approaching their encampment but Fierced did ,and she whispered ” We have a visitor ” her normally strong voice was weak.

 Makumba pulled out his bow,and whistling to Vasha, went out to greet the stranger. Hidden amongst the rock and trees, the little encampment was hidden from the road but that didn’t make vigilence less important. There were still many dangers that lurked ,and it was foolhardy to let one’s guard down. Looking down upon a black clad figure astride a massive black horse, Makumba let a cold smile cross his lips …human.. this will be fast. Drawing his bow, he began to notch an arrow but a rustle from the brush across them made him freeze..the sound catching the stranger’s attention. Sliding slowly off his mount, the dark clad stranger, pulled out two deadly looking scimitars that blazed and glowed in the light, like twin suns themselves.. Makumba fairly gawked at first, and his eyes fixed covetously on the twin blades; now  THAT was a prize! However that changed the dynamic of things.. if this human had the skill to wield those twin blades, Makumba would be in serious trouble,leaving Fierced alone, injured and unprotected; he couldn’t take that chance. Still he did have the drop on the human moreorless. 

” Drop dem pig stickers ,or ay’ll fill ya wit arrows ” the troll barked  forgetting that his target probably didn’t understand orcish. Much to his surprise a deep thundering voice came from the stranger , speaking in perfect trollish, his dialect that of the Darkspear trolls themselves ,Makumba was rocked back on his heels, at a loss at what to do next..his shock even more apparent when the stranger turned to look at him, piercing him with an azure blue gaze,as the stranger raised his hand slowly to show Makumba that he wasn’t going to attack but merely placed his blades at his hips to indicate that he meant no harm. Somewhat mollified, the rather embarrassed troll tried to regain his bravado., but it refused to come back , intimidated by the steady self assured gaze of the stranger .

” You are along way from home , brother troll…how are things in the Echo Isles ?” the stranger asked, shocking Makumba even more so ..and he got the uneasy feeling he met this stranger before.

” Bad,, real bad..dat tick has my people locked up like animals… dey kill dem day by day..sayin dey be traitors..but de only traitor is Hellscream! Den we hear dat tick had Vol’jin dere be no hope ” Makumba explained ,his shoulder slumping . The stranger looked up at the troll and pulling his mask from his face winked slyly  ” Oh..he tried.. but he failed …don’t give up have more allies than you think..there is always hope.” Makumba fairly gaped at the stranger ,recognition suddenly dawning on him.. he knew he saw this stranger before..during the liberation of his people after the Kor’Kron came to lock down their homes in the Echo Isles…Thrall, a stranger from Pandaria  and this one ,had helped overthrow the Kor’kron and freed the people.Lowering his bow , Makumba whispered ” Yer dat same elfie dat saved us from da Kor’kron..”  the stranger nodded grimly ” I came back to fulfill a promise made to a dying father,but when I returned to Sen’jin, I was told that his remaining family vanished in the night.. no one knows where she went.Probably just as well… things getting worse,” Makumba stiffened slightly..he knew who exactly the stranger was referring to.. ” We left  Sen’ da middle of da night..people were getting killed every day..we didn’t want to be next ” the stranger cocked his brow but nodded,before asking ” Where is she now?” 

Slinging his bow to his back, the troll jumped off the ledge, and lead the stranger to the little encampment ” She..was hurt a couple of days ago.. her arm.”  he explained gruffly as he opened the flap that served as a makeshift door, leading the stranger inside .Fierced seeing Makumba was about to speak ,then tried to rise in a hurry but the stranger kneeled down speaking lowly ” You are Balaar yes? Your father has spoken much about you.. he says you have a strong spirit . He wanted me to tell you he can’t make it home.. the spirits have called him home to be with your mother and great mother ”  the young druidess looked stunned at the news “How?..did you know my father ?! “

Sadly the stranger shook his head ” I served with him in Panderia, he was a strong warrior,and a good man.. you would have been proud of him ..” Fierced whispered hoarsely “How…did he die ?” 

There was a tic in the stranger’s smooth cheek as he bit out ” He was betrayed….by the same orcs that tried to assassinate Vol’jin. It was a set up by Garrosh.. he had Vol’jin meet him in a secluded place when we arrived ,he had hired assassins to kill us all. Your father was one of Vol’jin’s body guards,and he fought ferociously but one got past us and backstabbed him. We managed to kill the assassins as well as the orc who lead them..but we lost your father in the process.. I’m very sorry I couldn’t save him ” he explained mournfully his face somber.   She nodded grimly ” Then its up to me to avenge my father on that fat worm that calls himself warchief.. he will know pain ..and suffering ” her red gold eyes flashing, and wet with tears. He handed her a crudely made amulet ,decorated with feathers ,and silently she took it..her face crumpling in tears when it finally hit her that she was truly alone.

” Your friend here says you’ve been hurt .. what happened?” he askes gently not wanting to interfere with her grief but seeing how she couldn’t use her right arm. He unwrapped the wound,and saw the signs of infection,as she explained. He takes a packet of herbs ,and a bottle of whisky out of his pack before setting it aside. Pulling out a finely crafted stiletto he sets it aside, much to the consternation of the two trolls  ” Relax.. I’m not going to hurt her.. but that wound needs to be lanced, drained and cleaned ,or the infection is going to get into her bloodstream and poison her. ” he hands a bowl to Makumba  ” Here, I need you to get some clean fresh water.. there is a small spring nearby , not too far from this outcropping.” the troll nods and heads out.

Taking the blade , he pours a generous amount of the alcohol on it before taking her arm, and examining it critically , before warning her ” This may hurt a bit at first but thats only because of the infection building up pressure.. we need to relieve some of the pressure, and give the infection a chance to drain out. ” she nods grimly biting her lip as he made the first incision. Like a dam, a large amount of yellowish green fluid spurted out. Taking a clean cloth the stranger dabbeed the fluid away,and pressed the sides together to force out the rest of the infection from the arm., each time ,dabbing it with the cloth to clean it. Fierced remained mute through the whole thing, her only reaction was the stiffening of her body, as he drained the fluid from the wound.  Makumba returned with the clean water, which the stranger took with a smile of thanks  before adding some of the herbs  into it. Taking a  clean cloth from his pack, he soaked it in the water,and wrung it slightly before he began to clean the open wound which looked less raw. Shaking a bit of the herbs into wound ,he quickly rubs an ointment on the edges , letting it soften the skin enough and numbing before he stitches it with a needle and some silk thread , in what could be described as an emergency first aide kit. After the arm was stitched, he wraps her shoulder and arm soft clean bandages,and fashions a sling  to keep her arm elevated and reduce the strain on her shoulder. Makumba and Fierced were amazed and looked to him in question. He merely laughs and explains as he puts the kit away. ” When you have travelled as much as I have , you learn to pick up these things.It always pays to be prepared for these things, and it never hurts to learn the basics of first aide.. you never know, the next life you could be saving is your own.” Mixing some other herbs in a cup of water, he offers it to Fierced ” Here drink, this will help the healing process..and make you will make you a bit sleepy, so take this  time to rest.”  The young druid took the cup , grimacing at the taste but drank it down.She began to feel it take effect immediately ,and slowly drifted off. 

Makumba rubbed the back of his neck , unsure what to say next .Though he like travelling with Fierced.. there was no way he could protect her, and hunt at the same time .He needed help.. he was about to ask when the stranger stated ” Yes, I will help you ..just by seeing her condition its going to take more than a few days for to get use of that arm of hers again.She will need help ,and you can’t do it alone, while trying to get the both of you fed,and protected.”  He rises to his feet and goes over to Makumba ” Don’t worry , she is strong . she is her father’s daughter,s he will recover .. she’s lucky to have a friend like you ”  his words making the lanky troll blush to the roots. Awkwardly the troll introduces himself ” I.. be Makumba ”  the stranger grins , the whiteness of his smile splitting the darkness of his lean features ” I am Rajheev ibn Sulimari…I used to go by Slavya Felwhisper ,,but alas that name is not safe for me any longer.” the elf explained ruefully. Makumba nodded in understanding.. instinctively knowing that even being here was a risk for their new companion.

” We are going to have to get mounts for the both of you..for ease of travelling and for quick getaways but for now, we should find a more secure camp..this one is a little too close to the road . I have a feeling we will be here a few days while our friend is rebuilding her strength.. best not to take chances .You stay here , while I have a look around..don’t worry , she will sleep well onto morning which she needs most.. I trust she didn’t get much sleep with her arm the way it was ” Makumba nodded and muttered ” She dem near lost it ” before he went to sit next to the sleeping druidess. The tall elf nodded before he pulled the mask up to cover the lower part of his face,and went to seek a better location.

IN what seemed like hours to Makumba , their new companion returned,and informed him of the new camp not far from where they were currently located.  They gathered the few items, and fashioning a crude stretcher of sorts ,they placed the sleeping druidess on to it,and carried her to the new location.,where they set up camp. Set well away from the main highway , it set in  deep cave, with access to fresh water, and near hot water vents, so that to the casual eye any smoke could be mistaken for thermal vents.. the cave was warm , heated from the underground.. it was perfect. Setting up the bedrolls,they made the bed for the injured female as comfortable as possible ,to avoid causing further injury to her , before setting her on it, to sleep. The elven warrior quickly got a fire started ,and began preparing a meal for the two of them,making Makumba wonder what other tricks this warrior had up his sleeve. Vasha was curled up beside Fierced, her body taking in the heat from the stone , ever so often twitching in her sleep. The heat, the good food and the last few days caught up with the troll, and he found himself dozing off shortly after. Covering the other troll with a blanket, the blood elf known as Rajheeve sat in the entry of the cave,smoking a finely carved pipe of fragrant tobacco.. it was not something he did all the time but only when he needed to stay awake for extended periods of time .As the new guardian of these two hapless troll youths.. it seemed like the logical thing to do ..


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Catching up

July 2

WOW.. where did the time go.?! I can’t believe I had been so busy that I haven’t had to time to write but I was .. but the date of my last entry certainly proves it.

Where to start.. well, my relationship with my father is definitely improving by leaps and bounds ,and I find having a brother can be a hidden blessing.I can’t believe the change that has come over the past few monthes. When our brothers were alive, he was constantly overshadowed,and forgotten because he was different than they were,and often they threw that in his face.Now that its just the two of us, he’s taken up paladin training..paladin, my brother..who would have thought?! Strangely enough , the change has been good for him.. he seemed to have blossomed before our eyes, and we couldn’t be more prouder. Where once he used to be a slim lightly built young man, shy and introspective.. the training has added muscle and filled out that that thin reedy frame. He walks with his head held high,and with much more confidence but his gentle heart, and kind soul have not changed.Unlike the rest of our race , he doesn’t display the same degree of arrogance,or air of self importance, instead he is quiet, humble with a disarming genuine smile that can be quite infectious… and he is a good eight inches taller than me .

I had to laugh though the boy is hopelessly besotted with some young miss he met awhile ago in Dalaran; turns out the young lady happened to be Sivad’s young daughter Sheenagh. Go figure! Apparently he had a set of twins he didn’t really know about ,and only found out when he found his missing daughter Andromedda.She had found the twins abandoned in the city ,and took them with her,raising them herself.Considering she’s not that much older than I am.. that is a pretty heavy responsibility for a young girl.Though from what Sivad says , she had some help..she wasn’t alone ,which is a good thing.Nevertheless , that is a pretty impressive feat.

 As for  me.. I got accepted into the Silvermoon Academy in the performing arts program.Apparently my tutor told the dean my abilities and recommended me as a student, to learn more about musical theory ,along with a host of other things..The audition made me nervous as hell,but it was dispelled when i started playing.My time with my tutor, had prepared me for this moment,all those hours of honing,and refining my talent, had paid off.To say I’m excited was an understatement.

Unfortunately this all put a damper on my personal life.. Ha! who am I kidding.. what personal life ?!The spark I thought between Sivad and I , was nothing more than a young woman’s infatuation for her guardian , her saviour.. there wasn’t really anything between us.. besides .it would have been too awkward as hell.Proabably just as well.. especially since he ran into a ghost from his past; a woman who had bore the spitting image to his long dead wife… his sister in law..who had been believed to have been lost in the horror of the Scourge invasion.Like Sivad, she returned as a deathknight, her fiery red hair still brilliant,despite being undead.To say he was stunned was putting it lightly..however seeing her brought back a flood of memories for him, reminding him all that he had lost,and what he gained.Though from what I heard,he lost more than he gained .However finding his children alive still, has probably done more for him than anything else.. his house has a chance to rise from the ashes,and rebuild.

Well time for me to sign off ,and get studying ..I have a alot of papers to get started on,and books to read .


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