Confessions and Admissions

25 Jun

Waking in the middle of the night, Andromedda lifts her head from the pillow to gaze with loving eyes upon the man asleep beside her , scarcely able to believe how lucky she was to have found him,and to become his completely.She was his woman , his other half, just as he was hers. They had , to their complete surprise , had fallen in love with each other, so scared they were to admit their feelings ,fearing the other would leave, only to learn that that was not the case. It was a revelation that shocked and relieved them once it was out in the open,and they could discuss it. Having that admission did much to make them both feel better.and they were able to talk about what they wanted in their future.

It wasn’t long before the subject of children came up,and it was definitely something they both agreed on, though the concern of marriage ,and whether or not her family would insist on it, did cause them some concern.Neither of them were willing to be apart for any length of time; if her family thought about putting them in separate rooms while they were in Silvermoon. She was going to make certain that didn’t happen, even if she had to sneak into his room to be with him. Her father wanted her to have strong babies to carry on their line ,well  he was going to get them ,but not from some weak spined fop  who would only sire weak babies ,if any at all.She didn’t care if Fnar’ bloodline wasn’t as distinguished as many of the other houses.. by her thinking..the great houses started with less ,and most needed new blood to revive their lines. Her own house was all but would take an infusion of strong blood to make it great again. There was never a more opportune time  to help her beloved create his own dynasty.A new start for them all.

It was a surprise when he told her about the commander and his wife, and how they were attacked by Orc deserters. He spoke of the commander resigning his post, and that he was going to do the same.. he didn’t want to be a commander under Hellscream,and she didn’t blame him one bit..she knew he wasn’t happy with what had been going on, and what they had been forced to do..She wasn’t going to stay with the rangers , her love needed her more .. and she would be damned if she was going to help that hellspawn any longer.The thought of being able to do what they wanted instead of being at the mercy of schedules  appealed to her, and so did the idea of creating and raising a family. It was past time that their people focused more on having babies than fighting someone else’s battles.. let the orcs send their own people overseas to fight.. they certainly could afford to send enough of their own , to throw at the cannons. Fnar’s loyalties laid with the Regent -Lord , not Hellscream.. as did her father’s,and Commander Morningstar..her father would be happy that she was leaving the rangers, and focusing more on building the family again. She knew he wasn’t happy with her being on the battlefield, this would take a huge load of worry off his mind.

 She chuckled as she thought of her fathers imminent reaction when he found out that her and Fnar..more likely their re inforced committment to each other, Whether or not her father liked it, she and Fnar together, and will be for a very long time. She knew he would huff and puff like an old dragon, at the news, but she hoped that she was with child by the time before she broke the news to him. She giggled to herself  ..judging from this evening’s bout, and perhaps the future ones .it wouldn’t be long before she found herself with child. Recalling the look on Fnar’s face, when she revealed that her brother was very much like their sire, still brought a smile to her lips as well as his hopes that any children they had were all daughters ;  he didn’t know if he could bear to have a son ,like himself . That little concern made her laugh gently when she explained ruefully that their daughters would have to be locked up if they were anything like her mothers family before going on to explain what she meant.

It wasn’t long before they returned home,and he asked her when they should leave for Northrend, Since he had already finished packing , he wasn’t sure if she packed already, which she had . They barely got through the door ,and got it closed behind them before they began removing each other’s clothes with a desperation and hunger, that had them both weak with longing.

Reaching out, she brushed a stray lock from his face,and smiled to herself.. things were definitely looking up for them..With a soft whisper she spoke ” I love you , Fnar Dawnglory”  before she let sleep claim her, drifting off with  smile on her face.






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3 responses to “Confessions and Admissions

  1. wowstorylines

    June 25, 2013 at 3:20 pm

    Well, after they both got over the idea that one of them would leave if they let their feelings be known, it was a whole lot better. I think they had each other scared of talking about their feelings because of their past experiences – leaving the Rangers and starting a new life together is going to be an amazing good time. Thanks for the great RP and I am sure that there will be more to come.

    • dnooskey

      June 25, 2013 at 3:32 pm

      Oh definitely! Both were so nervous and apprehensive but I think once they figured out what was wrong,and learned that neither is going to leave once their true feelings were realized , they were able to relax and go from there.I think leaving the Rangers will be a good thing for the both of them, they can focus on their new life and figure out where they want to go now. It was awesome rp,and I totally enjoyed it! It was so sweet!

      • wowstorylines

        June 25, 2013 at 3:59 pm

        I’m surprised that they both just didn’t start babbling like idiots because they were both so nervous and afraid of saying the wrong thing. Yes, I have to agree that getting away from the war machine is probably the best thing for them to live a full and happy life.


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