Memories of the North

23 Jun

June 22

Hmmm.. what do I call you ? I don’t think men really call a book a diary…that sounds too effeminate..and I am definitely not that.I suppose I can call you a journal.. that seems a little more fitting..I remember seeing Romy writing in one when I was younger. Putting her thoughts down.. at first I thought she was crazy for doing so  but now I see the reason for it..sometimes there are thougths that you have to put down because you can’t really say them to anyone else,and to keep them in your head is enough to  give one a me.. I learned this first hand.

Enough of that.. I suppose I should say a little about myself.. though I don’t really see the point.I don’t really consider myself vain in any manner, though I have been told I am handsome enough. Unlike my tribesmen, I am broader,and a little heavier in muscle compared to their lithe frames.. unlike my brethren.. I have human blood mixed with Sin’dorei blood running through my veins.. my mother was human..saved by my father, when he found her chained to a wall, abandoned by her abusive late husband. They became lovers, concieving my twin sister and I ,in that one night..before he was sent to Northrend. My mother raised us the best she could ,alone.. and we did have a happy childhood until the plague came,and we were sent away lest we came down with it as well. Our guardians, had promised to  protect us. but no sooner,they had gotten word our mother died from the plague.. they abandoned us. Left us alone in Dalaran,with no place to go ,no food to eat…it was only luck that our older sister found us in Dalaran as she was passing through..our mother had told us who our sire was,so it was a surprise to the three of us that we shared a father.

She took us with her to her camp, where others of our kind resided,and raised us there. It was a hard life but we had food,warm clothes, as well as a roof over our heads..but more importantly .. we had love .Our sister Romy, raised us as if we were own children,and I think she did a good job; it couldn’t have been easy trying to raise two small children ,who were also your siblings in a harsh environment but she did..Oh she could have left our care to the elders but she didn’t .I think she would make a great mother herself..she certainly had the  right instinct for it.

 I think it was a huge shock to us all ,when we found our father in Northrend.. apparently Romy was the spitting image of her mother,who died when she was  twelve..our father recognized her immediately..he was just as surprised to discover that he also had a son and daughter from his one night with our mother.It was a very emotional reunion…while Romy looked like his late wife, Sheenagh,and l, were definitely his… there was no mistaking it that we were of his blood. Sheenagh ,from he says is NIghtheart ,through and through.She definitely takes after his grandmother Alspeth,whereas I looked like him in his youth.Which in some cases could be a double  edged sword.

Sivad Nightheart.. was the name of our sire; he didn’t have to accept us as his but he did..He was pretty adamant about bringing us from Northrend to Silvermoon, but Romy reminded him that not many people will accept us, because of our half breed status..she was concerned that someone would accuse us of being spies for the alliance, because of our human blood .In a way , I can understand that.. we were at war with the Alliance..pftt.. when weren’t we? Oh yeah.. during the time when we were working with the Alliance to fight against the Lich king. Those were dangerous times, Romy was pretty rabid about us staying close to camp.and not to wander off; there was just too many things that could happen to us.Even though we had worgs with us all the time.. she was adamant about us staying close.. especially after the split between our late leader and his might think she was being overprotective but given all that we endured and what she had to do to protect us.. it was understandable that she would be concerned.

From what father says, he’s hoping to take us back to his home in Silvermoon,just so he can get a chance to get to know us properly..right now..its a bad time.. the current war is making travel treacherous.In a way I’m disappointed but relieved in another..Northrend was all I knew up until now.. I would miss it in some ways . We had only moved to a new camp..the old one was getting too treacherous,and the bitter cold was wearing on everyone  especially the newborns.Foxtail has been made chieftain in Romy’s absence.. I think he’s doing a great job.. at least he’s smart enough to realize he can’t go at this alone and confers with our elders about important decisions..that alone has gained him everyone’s respect.

As for me..I haven’t really decided what I want to do with my life..I’m a decent enough fighter I suppose..however I will never make it as a hunter ..I don’t have the aptitude nor the skill. I tend to bash things ,and I enjoy doing it…I guess I  must have been a barbarian in another life. Oh well..I guess we’ll see how things turn out in the future…

Tywin Nightheart II 




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2 responses to “Memories of the North

  1. wowstorylines

    June 23, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    Oh, this was a nice introduction to this young man. I will definitely be looking forward to seeing more about him in the future. Great read.

  2. dnooskey

    June 23, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    At first I was just going to keep him as an NPC but the pup was having nothing of it ,and decided he wanted to get in all the fun in driving his sire crazy.It should prove to be interesting ,now to decide what class to make him.


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