Shadow of the Moon

21 Jun

In the shadow of the moon,
She danced in the starlight
Whispering a haunting tune
To the night…

Velvet skirts spun ’round and ’round
Fire in her stare
In the woods without a sound
No one cared…

Through the darkened fields entranced,
Music made her poor heart dance,
Thinking of a lost romance…
Long ago…

Feeling lonely, feeling sad,
She cried in the moonlight.
Driven by a world gone mad
She took flight…

“Feel no sorrow, feel no pain,
Feel no hurt, there’s nothing gained…
Only love will then remain,”
She would say.

Shadow of the Moon… Shadow of the Moon…

Somewhere just beyond the mist
Spirits were seen flying
As the lightning led her way
Through the dark…

Shadow of the Moon..

Dark as the night, with flowers in her hair,the maiden danced among the bonfires that signified the beginning of summer.Dark eyes flashed,amid the flower of her face,and a joyeous smile crossed her lips as she moved to the music with a graceful bound like a doe in the meadow. The young men,seeing her ,pursued her like a ghost in the mist but she laughingly danced away,leaving them to flounder and flail helplessly as they were left behind the young maiden,with the laughing gypsy dark eyes.
Laughing she took refuge behind the stern giant who kept her admirers at bay, with a baleful glare in their direction, his fierce countenance an effective deterrent against their amorous pursuit putting their ambitions at capturing the maiden to a screeching halt. Like whipped dogs they slunk away with their tails tucked between their legs.There would be no fooling around with this words were spoken, none were needed. they knew the danger if they were caught tampering with her . She belonged to the House Goldmoon,and to trifle with her ,would mean their doom.The men of that house ,were fierce protectors of the women in their care,and especially of the young unmarried females who would have been preyed upon by the predators of the two legged variety.

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