20 Jun

She woke up with the impending sense of dread hanging over her.. Something had happened or was about to happen.. she didn’t know.The oppressive feeling pressed down on her chest,making it hard to breath..At first she thought the sense of impending loss involved her new love  but when she looked into his sleeping face, she didn’t get that feeling , which made her more confused.

 Try as she might, she could not figure out why she  had this dream..but it meant something. As she tried to go back to sleep ,she began having nightmares. It started off so gradually but as they progressed they got more and more terrifying .. but this time they involved her tribe. In her mind ,she could see  her people going about their day, fishing, cooking, caring for their young. They had just moved to a new encampment, and  was settling into a routine.. she could see Elder Larkspur with her ever present needle,and thread, working on new clothing for the younglings. The elder elf, had always enjoyed the task of clothing her tribe, and had a keen eye of what looked good on particular members. Then there was Elder Larkspur and Elder Greengrove’s children , Silvermoss,Dawnsong,and Foxtail.  Foxtail had been one of her closest friends,and they had been through alot. She had put him in charge while she was gone.. he was the best choice. The two brothers Greyfox and Blackfoot were two of the tribes best fishers,and often supplemented their diet with fresh fish.Their mates  Moonberry,and Starfall were accomplished huntresses in their own right,and good mothers.Between the two of them, they had birthed at least half of the younglings in the tribe,with three cubs each. The rest belonged to Shebat,and Vash.

Whimpering in her sleep ,she tried to disengage herself from the dream .. but something held her captive .. unwilling to release her until she saw the entirety of the dream. She watched in horror as a dark shadow filled the sky with darkness..filling it with stars. and the gentle laughter of her people ,as they prepared to turn in. She could see the raiding party approaching .and she tried to cry out warn them..but no sound came out. Sobbing in horror and despair, she tried to scream at them to tell them of the impending danger but they couldn ‘t hear her. The first strike happened so fast ,and before the alarm was raised ,half the camp was decimated.. her tribesmen cut down while trying to get their weapons .The worgs that they had protecting their camp, were slaughtered as they fought to protect their masters,and their precious charges.A child wandering  out , complaining about a nightmare.. was cut down before her horrified eyes..his little body impaled upon a his murderer laughed cruelly ,tossing the child’s limp body into the camp fire. Her choked sobs, made their way to the real world as she tried to escape the nightmare, as she whimpered and thrashed in her sleep.

 The nightmare ,having forced her to see the annihilation of her tribe, gave her a brief glimpse of the raiders,and a low animalistic growl resounded in her throat.. deep and menacing enough to cause her hackles to rise and waking her finally from the grip of her dream.Waking up with a start, she found herself sitting upright, her breathing ragged and harsh.She rubbed her eyes,and found them wet with her tears, seeing Fnar beside her, she woke him with desperate kisses and the urgent need to forget the horrors of her nightmare, needing to feel his arms around her.She needed to feel that she was alive; not a dream herself .. her passionate need to escape the horrors in her mind , conveyed a sense of desperation to him . She was like a feral beast ,driven by instinct to mate.. to answer the primal drive that was hardwired into her,urging him on to greater heights ,pushing them both to the point of near unconsiousness,before peaking, and slowly letting their breathing come to normal.Seeing the angry reddened bite marks where she had bit him, she tenderly kissed each mark,holding him ,unwilling to let him part from her.She needed to know  what happened , she needed to know that it was all a dream, that they would be still alive when she and Fnar arrived…she couldn’t live through another version of the Scourge invasion.. she couldn’t live through another huge loss of family again.. she simply couldn’t ..


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2 responses to “Foreboding

  1. wowstorylines

    June 20, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    Oh my, this sounds like Romy and Fnar may be walking into something when they hit the shores of Northrend. Had me sitting on the edge of my seat there for a while. Great read and I’m definitely looking forward to more.

  2. dnooskey

    June 20, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    Yeah.. the dream has her freaking out,because it seemed so real,and coupled with the feeling she got , she’s feeling rather anxious about getting to Northrend because she doesn’t know if its real ,or a dream.


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