Sisters of Defiance (( Rift story )

18 Jun

The sun was radiating warm heat down upon the pair sitting upon the bluff overlooking the small encampment of soldiers. Heavy vibrations rumbled in the ground underneath them before a sliver of brilliant white light appeared, soon followed by a billowing plume of turbulent clouds swirling overhead. In following moments , the tear opened up revealing a rift in time and space, spilling forth it’s contents onto the land below her.
With a practiced eye the woman regarded the tear before petting her companion,and rose to her feet..” Time to go Bahomet..we got work to do ” she bounded gracefully in a series of quick hops down the incline of the bluff, followed by her pet, a large armoured boar, with a ferocious set of tusks protuding from it’s porcine face. Sprinting to the encampment, she made her way to the rift , her pet at her heels. As they approached the tear, she could see others have also made their way to the tear in space, ready to do battle with the forces that threatened to destroy their homes. Pulling back on the string of her bow, she let loose a volley of arrows, sending her pet into a furious charge at their target. A water rift.. she had seen plenty of these particular elemental tears of late. It seemed like the plane of water was pouring itself onto Telara to drown out the defenders of this beleagured world. She fought ,because she knew if she didn’t this present would become like the future she had come from ..lost , doomed.. failed.
The battle went quickly,and she had lost count of how many arrows she loosed, or how many Defiants she had aided against the seemingly overwhelming odds of their opponents. All too soon the battle ended, leaving her panting in it’s wake.Normally she was a little more controlled during battle, but this one was different.. she didn’t have time to spare for the longer more devastating attacks , only sending her arrows in short quick bursts that merely deterred her enemies not slay them outright as her more devastating attacks were prone to do. She left the brunt of devastation to the heavily armoured figures that surged against the mobs like a tide of steel ,and iron; her job was crowd control. She had to make certain that stragglers were taken care of, and dispatched while her brothers and sister Defiants dealed death upon their more contentious foes.
As everyone parted ways, some continuing on to other rifts , she remained behind , returning to the encampment to sell off items she couldn’t use, when a feminine voice called out to her.
” Bahari? What a pleasant surprise.. I didn’t expect to see you here ”
The woman known as Bahari looked around and her eyes lit upon a redhaired Eth woman perched upon a dark chocolate brown mare, her red hair pulled back from her face,and a sparkle in her green eyes. Bahari recognized the Eth woman,and grinned with genuine happiness ..Balaar. She had known the Eth woman since she first arrived in this time line.. and knew that within Balaar’s petite frame, a ferocious warrior resided. Trained as a cleric, Balaar was unlike any cleric that Bahari had come across; where as most were trained in healing and supporting their troops, their spells working to provide aid to their brothers and sisters in battle, Balaar was right up there in the front lines, raining devastation upon the heads of their enemies..her power coming from the very elements she fought.Wind ,water and earth were her weapons,and she used them with deadly intent.She was referred to as a Thunderer,a select sect of clerics that fought in the front lines raining down death and destruction upon the armies of Regulos.
” Balaar.. I should have known that you would be right up there in the thick of things…you have nine lives like a cat ,my friend.” Bahari greeted the redhead affectionately. The cleric laughed infectiously ” Of course, where else would I be ?! Oh I tried being the pious devout little supportive cleric but you can see how long that lasted. I belong up front with our brothers and sisters, not pushed to the very back where my abilities are no use at all.” Bahari laughed in turn,her husky voice complementing Balaar’s musical lilt.
” When I met you , I never thought you would be as blood thirsty as a berserker in full rage.I feel rather sedate next to you ” Bahari teased gently.
Looking upon her friend with obvious affection,Balaar chuckled knowingly ” Oh Bahari, you are anything but sedate. I have seen you fight on numerous occasions, and you are as bloodthirsty as I .” She regarded the taller woman with a keen eye ,and smirked .Bahari, was a Bahmi.. member of a race whose ancestors were exiles from the Plane of air, arriving in Telara through a rift during the Blood Storm wars. Wise and hospitable , the Bahmi were a welcome addition to their alliance. Though they got along well with Balaar’s people , the Eth.. they did not look favourably upon the Kelari; the elven branch of their in alliance. They regarded the elves as being untrustworthy,and little better than thieves. The Kelari had the same views towards the Bahmi.. it was only the Eth that kept the peace between the two ,only because the two ,regarded the Eth with a great deal of respect and honor.
Calling the huge armoured boar to her, Bahari slung her bow onto her back ,as she retrieved her arrows. After gathering her ammunition ,she turned to the cleric Balaar and asked ” I didn’t know you were into Rift chasing, I thought you had other pursuits in mind” Her friend merely shrugged,before replying ” I leave the healing ,and the praying to those who are more suited for it..being stuck behind city walls is not my idea of fun. Our brothers and sisters in battle need as much support in the front lines as they do in the back.Though I am not as heavily armoured as they, I can still take the punishment off them for a short time, while they catch their breath.”
Nodding in agreement , the Bahmi huntress,leans against the stone wall ” That is true.. I think I”m a little more content about providing back up fire power when it’s needed ” which gained a grin from her friend .” Well , you have a damn good eye,I have seen you pick off attackers ,with surgical precision that I never expected from an archer..that takes skill. Despite some would say, a good archer is worth several clerics. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”
Laughing softly, the tall Bahmi replied ” When have I ever let anyone tell me yea,or nay?! I don’t tell them how to do their job, and I sure in hell , won’t let them tell me how to do mine” She frowns slightly when she feels the distant rumbling under her feet once again ” Here comes another,,” she looks off in the distance to see a familiar plume rise in the air, followed by dark evil looking tendrils reaching from the cloud to the ground ” Race you there!” Before taking off in a sprint to the newly formed rift. Balaar kicked her heels into her mare’s flanks before shouting ” You’re on !” as they both raced to join other Defiants in battle.

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