Future Plans

08 Jun

June 8
Ran into Dad at the market,and stood there talking with him when it started raining; you can always count on the rain at Halfhill, almost like clockwork ,it seems to fall into scheduled showers.Not wanting to be soaked,we made our way to the little farmhouse that Fnar and I shared, and took refuge from the rain.
Once inside, I put some water on for tea; with the damp chill in the air, it would suffice in driving the chill from our bones..though in my father’ was a rather moot point. Looking at that lean wolfish face, I noted the strain,and the weariness, that seemed so out of place on those chiseled refined features.. He was tired.. this war..the current conflict was doing much to suck out his strength,and his will. It was taking all his will power to keep going, even when he wanted to stop fighting. I bade him to sit ,and relax for a bit,while I made the tea, which he did with much gratitude. As the water boiled ,we talked about family,and the war ; admittedly I was concerned of his involvement with the Rebellion but he assured me that while he was involved, he didn’t make it public.. he knew the risks.. there was too much at stake,and too many people lives depended on him remaining discrete about his involvement.
As we sat there and talked , Fnar arrived home, and the three of us ,spent that evening, in the coziness of the farmhouse, just talking about the war,and other matters.Though Alpha males in their own way, I was relieved they got along well..I had heard too many stories about fathers not accepting the man their daughters have chosen. In some cases, I could understand it,and others ,not so. Admittedly Fnar, in the past has been a wild one,but then so has my father..maybe that’s why they got along..they had more in common than just the desire to see me happy. I adored them both for it.It was a surprise to me,when they both stated a desire to remain in Panderia after the war ,my heart melting when Fnar looked at me ,stating if he had children he would want them raised here..I didn’t even have to think, but told him that it could be arranged. He had announced that we had our leave approved,and we had two weeks off, in which we could spend in Northrend. Dad did say, he would like to take me to see Nana Elphaba,once I was well,which my love agreed to . He did say, we needed to stop at Orgrimmar on the way to check on the business there,as well introduce me to his sister,who was scheduled to be married at the end of the summer. Though he mentioned it was an arranged marriage, I didn’t say anything about wasn’t my place to say anything about it.. I didn’t know the reasoning behind it,but it was clear that he loved his sister,and only wanted what was best for her. That was how I felt about my younger sister, though we did not share the same mother, we were fairly close once I learned we shared the same sire.
One of the tribal elders was watching over my younger siblings but I couldn’t expect him to watch them indefinitely .. he was getting on in years,and I knew in time we would be losing him due to old age. Living in Northrend was getting too hard on him ,even moving to the more temperate climes wasn’t helping. Once things settle,perhaps we can move the tribe down to Panderia..plenty of hunting,and fishing..hopefully Garrosh’s goons don’t destroy the place in the meantime. I have to say , my golden haired lover has the right idea.. this would be an ideal place to raise children..hopefully during our sojourn in Northrend will result in a baby.. a little golden haired version of my love in miniature. I have always put my own dreams and wishes aside when I lead my people; I couldn’t afford to have my attentions divided ..though Greengrove,and Larkspur assured me that wasn’t the case.. if I had wanted children, they would be have been well loved and cared for , despite my being the chieftain.
Anyway ,I’m getting distracted again, the fact that my father and my love were getting along made me happy. I had enough fighting in my life,I don’t need my loved ones squabbling either. Just recalling the conversation gave me pause.. were Fnar and I ready to settle down? I noticed the last few days when he came home after being at base camp all day,he seemed relieved to have someone to come home to ,and it showed when we made love..he was tender,and took time to please me .He seemed like a completely different man when we first met, but then again I also changed since coming here. I was not the same woman as I was when I first came to one time the thought of leaving Northrend would have been unthinkable but now that I have been in Pandaria for a while.. I began to see things a little more objectively. It made me look upon my past experiences with a little more scrutiny; at one time, I would have thought Northrend was the only place we could find a home but now that I have explored the world, I learned that was not true.. I can’t think of just myself but my people as well. While Northrend was beautiful, it was really no place to raise children.. the bands of Scourge, the worgen that prowled the forests of Grizzly hills, the Vrykul who would sooner kill us than look at was time we left our northern home ,and make a new home elsewhere.. the survival of our young depended upon it..
What surprised the heck out of me was my father didn’t seem too upset about the idea about Fnar and I openly talking about having children together.. to be honest,, I’m a little stunned myself but in a good way.. I don’t know what it is about him but he makes me happy.I thought my feelings for Crow were strong…but compared to my feelings for Fnar..they paled in comparison..I don’t know how to explain it..just thinking about him makes me giddy.I never saw myself becoming domestic but just the act of cooking ,and making a home for the two of us, just feels good in a strange way…even Fnar has admitted he’s enjoying it. Who would have thought that two souls so fiercely determined to maintain their independance,and not fall prey to the same fate as so many, look forward to creating a home for themselves,and their future was mind boggling.. Fnar ,is thinking after the war ends, he would like to expand the farm some , to make room for a growing family,should the time come.As it was , the little house,was just right for a couple,but not enough for a family.. but that will come in time..right now,I want to enjoy my time with my darling .There will be enough time to think about children, and if we do happen to create one; it just means our family would have started a little earlier than planned.


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2 responses to “Future Plans

  1. wowstorylines

    June 8, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    Hehe, poor Romy having to deal with two very strong characters with her Father and Fnor, can’t be an easy task. I actually see a lot of people actually choosing to stay on in Pandaria once they are released from their oaths to whatever faction they happen to belong too. Great read and I’m sure that there will be more to come.

  2. dnooskey

    June 8, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    LOl, oh she may look like butter won’t melt in her mouth now,but she has one hell of a temper,so far both guys are lucky not be on the recieving end on it. She gets her strength from her parents,and her upbringing definitely hasn’t left room for weakness, so Fnar will definitely have a strong woman at his back when he needs one 🙂


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