Lovers Retreat

03 Jun

Waking to the sound of thunder, Romy found herself sprawled upon Fnar as they slept, both wrapped in a cocoon of warmth,generated by their bodies .It was like being a warm cozy nest, the blankets trapping the heat, and keeping them warm against the chill of the rain soaked air.Carefully sliding her arms onto either side of his body, she gazed at the man whom she so willingly shared her body with along with her thoughts and dreams. Dark green eyes perused his features,taking in the features that made up his face, the golden blond hair,and that little goatee that charmed her so.. This was no boy, but a man in every sense of the word..and when he made love to  her. he made her thankful that she was a woman everytime. Fnar knew how to awaken her desires ,and have her craviing him like a drug;the feel of his body locked intimately with hers in that primal dance,was more intoxicating than any wine .Resting her head back onto his chest, she let the memories of the night past play through her mind.

They had ran into each other at the market in Halfhill. he just got back from base camp,and she was prowling around , checking out the fresh ingredients,and talking with the merchants on the day’s special.When she saw him, a big smile crossed her face,and it wasn’t long before they were heading home, their thoughts on one thing. She had gotten the go head ahead from the healer,and couldn’t wait to give the news to her patient lover.They barely got into the house ,and shutting the door behind them before clothes started flying.The first bout was more to take the edge off of their passion, before it slowed to a more langourous tender exchange of soft languid touches, heated gazes,and lingering kisses. It wasn’t long before there wasn’t an inch of their bodies, they didn’t explore,caress or nibble on. At one time Romy had  fought the idea of giving herself to one person ;she had seen what  happened to others ,and feared that closeness..yet with Fnar.. she wasn’t afraid anymore.He was the only one who has made her feel hopeful,adored and loved in the only way a man could make a woman.Neither of them spoke of love, it didn’t seem real to either of them,and what they felt seemed deeper than what the popular myth seemed to suggest. There was  bond growing between them,nurtured by the friendship they forged and the affection they both shared with each other. .. it didn’t hurt that they were both madly in lust with each other..neither able to keep their hands off of each other, even in public their affections were mildly restrained ,but not by was nothing for them to hold hands, or exchange a few kisses spontaniously . Romy loved to see the fires light up in Fnar’s eyes when she made a few suggestive remarks , that was guaranteed to get their libido going. She often thought if words can get him excited, what would happen if she really went all out to entice him.?!  Giving a low chuckle ,she knew that she was not going to be walking too gracefully after that.. as it was ,since she and Fnar had become lovers, there was a definite swing to her hip when she walked.

Snuggling against his hard chest,she wrapped herself about him , draped upon his body like a drowsy kitten, lips gently nuzzling his collarbone, smiling as he emitted a sleepy murmur ,before rolling them both over, so that he was the one draped upon her instead. Giving a soft chuckle she tenderly ran her free hand through the long silken strands of gold,before kissing his forehead and drifting off to sleep , lulled by his warmth,and the soft drumming sound of the rain on the roof.



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2 responses to “Lovers Retreat

  1. wowstorylines

    June 3, 2013 at 11:54 pm

    Fnar was definitely happy to see Romy out and about as well as the news from the healer – life does go on and it’s been a while since they have been together in the truest sense of the word. Yes, I expect they will have many more adventures in the future.

    ((It always seems to rain when we’re in Halfhill, no matter the time of day or night. Hehe, yep, there was great RP to be had between these two and they did talk quite a bit.))

  2. dnooskey

    June 4, 2013 at 1:53 am

    Oh absolutely, she was totally thrilled to be able to get back to their fun times, and not be confined to having to rest all the time. She’s looking forward to spending more time with him,and having more adventures with him.
    (( It seems like everytime they are in Halfhill,it is raining ,I have a feeling that the Rp between them is only going to get better, especially since they have already got the communication part down .))


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