Listen to the Loa

01 Jun

 Balaar had enough!  When her mother died,leaving her father to care for a small child,and his aged mother; Balaar was the dutiful daughter, at six years of age.She helped her father when it came to cleaning his kills, that he brought home from hunting.; and helped her grandmother, by picking herbs; trained under the patient tutelage of the withered troll woman.

When the Cataclysm came,she helped evacuate people  to higher ground when the waters came,and watched as her own home was swept away by the angry churning floodwaters,that carried everything that her family possessed . Her Grandmother had already gone to the ancestors ,leaving behind Balaar and her father to go on.Still she remained,ever the dutiful daughter.

When her father was called on to fight,in a land far away, she remained.. trying to keep the small house  they had rebuilt , guarded against looters,All her life she had been the dutiful daughter, never disobeying .She would have taken  on a mate, that her father had chosen for her, .. that is if her father were still alive to arrange a suitable match for her. Instead,of retiring from active duty, he was forced by Hellscream to fight in Hellscream’s war in Pandaria; her father was a loyal son of Darkspear,and a staunch supporter of the Horde…but for all his loyal service..he was rewarded with a knife in the back,and his name blackened,simply because he was Darkspear.. Hellscream dishonored her family,and he dishonored her father.This time she would not stand by ,and watch him destroy her people. She was Darkspear,and she would fight!

Her druidic abilities came as a suprise to all;as the power of the elements ran strong in her family.For seven generations, her family birthed powerful shamans,and the occasional witchdocter..when she had shown no signs of shamanism, it was believed that she would become a witchdocter like her grandfather.However the loa had different plans for her.It wasnt’ until the druids reappeared among their people… watching ..waiting for their time to come.. They took her in ,when it became apparent that she was like them..strong in her connection to the animal spirits . Still in training when news came to them that Vol’jin had been assassinated by Hellscream’s assassins, and the Kor’;kron appearing almost immediately at their island home.

Like animals, all her people were rounded up and put in pens, as Garrosh’s elite force, laughed and taunted them. They were told, their home was under martial law,and all traitors to the Horde will die. Hellscream had declared war on the Darkspear.. but now .. things are happening…the Darkspear are rising up against Garrosh..her brothers and sisters,like herself.. fighting against  Garrosh’s tyranny. She was no longer the dutiful daughter.. that life is gone.. now she is Fierce;putting aside her name to become one with her spirit beast.The pride of the Darkspear reasserting itself, reminding her of her roots.


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2 responses to “Listen to the Loa

  1. wowstorylines

    June 1, 2013 at 10:57 am

    Oh, this character sounds like they are going to be quite interesting – it’s always nice to see something new going on and this one is going to be intriguing with the newest edition of the situation with the Darkspear – a view from the other side so to speak. Good choice and great read.

  2. dnooskey

    June 1, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    Oh she is starting to develope on her own,and already seeing signs of the racial prejudice against her people from the orcs.I was curious to how things unravelled through the eyes of a troll as compared to everyone else. Thanks for reading and commenting., it means alot


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