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The Urge its my time to fly

It’s my time to fly
Proving ground tonight
Try to be the best that I can
I’ve grown to be a man
Only human can understand
I fill my lungs with fear and I exhale

It’s my time to fly
Father, be with me tonight
I’m right on target
Keep the dream alive
It’s my turn to fly
Gotta prove this tonight

Deep in 3043
The refugees survive
The whole of humanity lies in my hand
Give me the chance tonight
To prove to you what’s in my eye
Bring us to victory
Dreams become reality

It’s my time to fly
Father, be with me tonight
I’m right on target
Keep the dream alive
It’s my time to fly
Gotta prove this tonight

It’s my time to fly
Father, be with me tonight
I’m right on target

It’s my time to fly
Father, be with me tonight
I’m right on target
Keep the dream alive
It’s my time to fly
Gotta prove this tonight

Lets do it tonight

It’s my time to fly
Father, be with me tonight
I’m right on target
Keep the dream alive
It’s my time to fly
Gotta prove this tonight

Dream alive

Lets do it
Lets do it do it do it

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Life with Girls .

June 28
Sometimes being surrounded by women has it’s benefits and other times it has me ready to pull my hair out. Dont’ get me wrong, I do have some male role models to look up to but there are just some times, there are things you can’t talk to guys about ,and get a straight answer..I think I got more insight on relationships talking to a woman than I did from a guy. That’s not to say ,we don’t have our share of experience but if I need more in depth perspective I just go ask a woman.
However I can understand why a lot of relationships break down.. while a couple may speak a common language, vocally.. the meaning, the context,and the body language are worlds apart.Sometimes a problem that may not seem like a big deal to a man, takes on an urgency to a woman because she doesn’t just see one side but sees it from all angles and sees things that men don’t.At least some do.. unfortunately alot of the young ladies I met in Dalaran , have fluff for brains; their only concerns consisting of whether they can grab the latest frock in style that season before her competition , or who to flirt with …no substance whatso ever.I think the ladies of my tribe spoiled me for other women.. once you have been around strong women of substance.. the little social butterflies seem rather..shallow. My tribeswomen were not rich by any means materially but they were rich in brains, integrity, and strength.. to me ,that is worth more to me than gold.
Saw Dad a few days ago, and he seemed rather concerned about us..more so about my sisters. It seems my big sister, found someone to her liking ,and has no intention of getting married what so ever ,despite our dad dropping huge hints. In a way I can see both their sides.. Dad came from a time ,where marriage meant something , unfortunately that time is gone..and we are left with a generation where marriage vows are worse less than the paper they were written on. While the current population is sexually spades… there haven’t been too many babies born.. those that are, are shuffled off to private school ,raised by nannies, tutors ,and what not. Their parents, not having their children around , act even more irresponsibly, making one wonder ,who is the adult ,and who is the child.Sadly that is the generation that My sister is more familiar with, and that is what turned her off of marriage. I have a feeling she and Dad are going to be locking horns alot on that issue. Sheenagh on the other hand, seems quite enamoured with her beau,and Dad actually approves of her choice. Apparently the young man, is a member of our house’s stauncest ally,; House Goldmoon. Pretty crazy huh?! I know I nearly fell over when I heard that. I mean, what are the chances of that happening. Anyway.. Dad is going to talk to the Matriarch about setting up a union between Sheenagh,and Shiav..unite the two houses. I think that would do wonders in bringing up everyone’s spirits.
Now he’s gotten me curious about this man,who has captured Romy’s heart. I know its a man,because she’s not the type to be attracted to the callow youths that are so prevalent these days. He must be one heck of a guy to win her over,because she is as strong willed as they come ..and that red hair, is definitely natural.No , I’m not going to say how I know.. that’s none of your damn business. you pervert.Well I guess I will have to wait until I meet him.whenever that is. Right now, I have rounds to turn to pull guard duty.


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So this is love.

June 26
Been walking around with a silly grin on my face for the last day,which got me a gentle ribbing from Gina,when I talked to her yesterday.I”m still in a state of shock but in a good way..the fact remains though.. I love Fnar Dawnglory, and he loves me.We are both leaving the Rangers simply because we are tired of taking orders from a madman in Orgrimmar,and we hate what he is doing to this land.
Now we are enroute to Northrend with a couple of stops along the way,before we can spend some time to ourselves .I think it will be a much needed trip for the both of us ; just long enough to get away from the war in Pandaria for a little while.. well at least until we find out whether or not our resignations go through. We will continue to do our duty to the Regent -Lord but as far as Garrosh is concerned we are done!
I think that night when we came home, we were still riding on that emotional high that comes during those moments when you find out all your dreams and hopes become reality.Both of us were so nervous and scared ;so afraid of getting our hearts broken if the other didn’t share the same feeling.. thankfully we both shared the same feelings for each other,and to hear him say ” I love you ,” was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.We spent that night reaffirming our committment to each other ,and spent a blissful night in each other’s arms, finding it easier to say those three words that had us so unsure before. If a child did not result from our unabashed and abandoned lovemaking , I would be shocked ….and a little concerned. It had been a couple of weeks since we got the go ahead from the healer,and neither of us were being careful about prevention.. I have a feeling deep down inside we were both wanting to start a family of our own..marriage was still taboo to just wasn’t happening.However children are definitely wanted.. I lost my baby brother during the Scourge attack ,and Fnar has a younger sister in Silvermoon, yet both of us had been orphaned at a time when we needed our family most.
Thankfully the fates decided to be kind, and gave us different families..Fnar with the Morningstars,and me with my tribe..however as much as we cared and loved our new families.. there was always that yearning to belong .. to have a family of our own that was ours.I just hope that the fates did not take my love away soon after bringing him to me.. that would be heartbreaking. I don’t know if I could bear it if I lost Fnar so soon…perhaps it was just as well that we were leaving the Rangers,and settling down. I still have to laugh at the irony of it all…both he and I are the most unlikeliest pair to ever want to settle down and raise a family; we were so used to being independant .. so used to doing things our own way.. it was going to take a lot of adjustment for the both of us to make this work.
Its going to be interesting ,and probably a little awkward with us meeting each other’s family…at least Fnar got a chance to meet Dad before hand.. it may be a while before the two of them really get to an understanding between them .I love them both dearly and want them to get along. Admittedly , I’m a little nervous about meeting his sister..she has been the center of his world ,and had much of his love.. I wonder how she would react to me. Fnar mentioned that the marriage was arranged simply because he wanted what was best for his sister.. I can totally understand that … especially since the snobbery among the upper classes was notorious.I just hope she can learn to love her new husband. One hand , I can see the necessity .. he wants to make certain she is cared for ,and protected in case something happens to him. On the other hand , I guess given the recent developements , it felt completely mercenary,and barbaric. It seemed like we were setting a bad example with our own arrangement , a case of ” Do as we say, don’t do as we do.”
I know my sister has already met someone, who oddly enough happens to be the member of the Winterbourne family; our family’s staunchest allies . A union between the two , would do much to unite the two houses ,and families for real. As of yet, there hadn’t been a marriage between the two houses but now there can be.. the fact the young couple are very much in love with each other helps matters. I don’t know if Dad talked to Gran yet about Sheenagh and Tywin yet but hopefully soon.. it wouldn’t do to drop a surprise of that magnitude on her. Though she is not my grandmother by blood..she is in spirit and she has been a constant presence in my childhood. She insisted I call her Gran, which I did she is the only remnant of that past life I once lived.. the last reminder of a lost generation.. a formidable matriarch that has withstood the currents and eddies of time and chaos.No figurehead was she, but ruled her House with a strong but gentle hand. From what Dad said…everyone loved in all three families loved her in some way or another.
I’m a little sore right now but it’s a good kind of sore that comes from being thoroughly loved for several times last night ..I may not be moving too gracefully or much today but it was soo worth it.I just need to remind myself not to push him too hard.. I don’t want to break him.Poor dear is going to be as sore as I am.. I think I’m going to have to give him a nice massage to ease his sore stiff muscles ,and resist the urge to ride him once again. There is merit to that saying ” Too much of a good thing can be bad for you..” never really understood it until now .
Well I suppose I should get a move on.. don’t want to delay our trip longer, since we have both have been waiting for this time together since I got here..and sure my stint here was short ..but honestly, I don’t care.. I didn’t come here for the war.. I came ,because my love was here, and I am home where he is.


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Confessions and Admissions

Waking in the middle of the night, Andromedda lifts her head from the pillow to gaze with loving eyes upon the man asleep beside her , scarcely able to believe how lucky she was to have found him,and to become his completely.She was his woman , his other half, just as he was hers. They had , to their complete surprise , had fallen in love with each other, so scared they were to admit their feelings ,fearing the other would leave, only to learn that that was not the case. It was a revelation that shocked and relieved them once it was out in the open,and they could discuss it. Having that admission did much to make them both feel better.and they were able to talk about what they wanted in their future.

It wasn’t long before the subject of children came up,and it was definitely something they both agreed on, though the concern of marriage ,and whether or not her family would insist on it, did cause them some concern.Neither of them were willing to be apart for any length of time; if her family thought about putting them in separate rooms while they were in Silvermoon. She was going to make certain that didn’t happen, even if she had to sneak into his room to be with him. Her father wanted her to have strong babies to carry on their line ,well  he was going to get them ,but not from some weak spined fop  who would only sire weak babies ,if any at all.She didn’t care if Fnar’ bloodline wasn’t as distinguished as many of the other houses.. by her thinking..the great houses started with less ,and most needed new blood to revive their lines. Her own house was all but would take an infusion of strong blood to make it great again. There was never a more opportune time  to help her beloved create his own dynasty.A new start for them all.

It was a surprise when he told her about the commander and his wife, and how they were attacked by Orc deserters. He spoke of the commander resigning his post, and that he was going to do the same.. he didn’t want to be a commander under Hellscream,and she didn’t blame him one bit..she knew he wasn’t happy with what had been going on, and what they had been forced to do..She wasn’t going to stay with the rangers , her love needed her more .. and she would be damned if she was going to help that hellspawn any longer.The thought of being able to do what they wanted instead of being at the mercy of schedules  appealed to her, and so did the idea of creating and raising a family. It was past time that their people focused more on having babies than fighting someone else’s battles.. let the orcs send their own people overseas to fight.. they certainly could afford to send enough of their own , to throw at the cannons. Fnar’s loyalties laid with the Regent -Lord , not Hellscream.. as did her father’s,and Commander Morningstar..her father would be happy that she was leaving the rangers, and focusing more on building the family again. She knew he wasn’t happy with her being on the battlefield, this would take a huge load of worry off his mind.

 She chuckled as she thought of her fathers imminent reaction when he found out that her and Fnar..more likely their re inforced committment to each other, Whether or not her father liked it, she and Fnar together, and will be for a very long time. She knew he would huff and puff like an old dragon, at the news, but she hoped that she was with child by the time before she broke the news to him. She giggled to herself  ..judging from this evening’s bout, and perhaps the future ones .it wouldn’t be long before she found herself with child. Recalling the look on Fnar’s face, when she revealed that her brother was very much like their sire, still brought a smile to her lips as well as his hopes that any children they had were all daughters ;  he didn’t know if he could bear to have a son ,like himself . That little concern made her laugh gently when she explained ruefully that their daughters would have to be locked up if they were anything like her mothers family before going on to explain what she meant.

It wasn’t long before they returned home,and he asked her when they should leave for Northrend, Since he had already finished packing , he wasn’t sure if she packed already, which she had . They barely got through the door ,and got it closed behind them before they began removing each other’s clothes with a desperation and hunger, that had them both weak with longing.

Reaching out, she brushed a stray lock from his face,and smiled to herself.. things were definitely looking up for them..With a soft whisper she spoke ” I love you , Fnar Dawnglory”  before she let sleep claim her, drifting off with  smile on her face.






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Memories of the North

June 22

Hmmm.. what do I call you ? I don’t think men really call a book a diary…that sounds too effeminate..and I am definitely not that.I suppose I can call you a journal.. that seems a little more fitting..I remember seeing Romy writing in one when I was younger. Putting her thoughts down.. at first I thought she was crazy for doing so  but now I see the reason for it..sometimes there are thougths that you have to put down because you can’t really say them to anyone else,and to keep them in your head is enough to  give one a me.. I learned this first hand.

Enough of that.. I suppose I should say a little about myself.. though I don’t really see the point.I don’t really consider myself vain in any manner, though I have been told I am handsome enough. Unlike my tribesmen, I am broader,and a little heavier in muscle compared to their lithe frames.. unlike my brethren.. I have human blood mixed with Sin’dorei blood running through my veins.. my mother was human..saved by my father, when he found her chained to a wall, abandoned by her abusive late husband. They became lovers, concieving my twin sister and I ,in that one night..before he was sent to Northrend. My mother raised us the best she could ,alone.. and we did have a happy childhood until the plague came,and we were sent away lest we came down with it as well. Our guardians, had promised to  protect us. but no sooner,they had gotten word our mother died from the plague.. they abandoned us. Left us alone in Dalaran,with no place to go ,no food to eat…it was only luck that our older sister found us in Dalaran as she was passing through..our mother had told us who our sire was,so it was a surprise to the three of us that we shared a father.

She took us with her to her camp, where others of our kind resided,and raised us there. It was a hard life but we had food,warm clothes, as well as a roof over our heads..but more importantly .. we had love .Our sister Romy, raised us as if we were own children,and I think she did a good job; it couldn’t have been easy trying to raise two small children ,who were also your siblings in a harsh environment but she did..Oh she could have left our care to the elders but she didn’t .I think she would make a great mother herself..she certainly had the  right instinct for it.

 I think it was a huge shock to us all ,when we found our father in Northrend.. apparently Romy was the spitting image of her mother,who died when she was  twelve..our father recognized her immediately..he was just as surprised to discover that he also had a son and daughter from his one night with our mother.It was a very emotional reunion…while Romy looked like his late wife, Sheenagh,and l, were definitely his… there was no mistaking it that we were of his blood. Sheenagh ,from he says is NIghtheart ,through and through.She definitely takes after his grandmother Alspeth,whereas I looked like him in his youth.Which in some cases could be a double  edged sword.

Sivad Nightheart.. was the name of our sire; he didn’t have to accept us as his but he did..He was pretty adamant about bringing us from Northrend to Silvermoon, but Romy reminded him that not many people will accept us, because of our half breed status..she was concerned that someone would accuse us of being spies for the alliance, because of our human blood .In a way , I can understand that.. we were at war with the Alliance..pftt.. when weren’t we? Oh yeah.. during the time when we were working with the Alliance to fight against the Lich king. Those were dangerous times, Romy was pretty rabid about us staying close to camp.and not to wander off; there was just too many things that could happen to us.Even though we had worgs with us all the time.. she was adamant about us staying close.. especially after the split between our late leader and his might think she was being overprotective but given all that we endured and what she had to do to protect us.. it was understandable that she would be concerned.

From what father says, he’s hoping to take us back to his home in Silvermoon,just so he can get a chance to get to know us properly..right now..its a bad time.. the current war is making travel treacherous.In a way I’m disappointed but relieved in another..Northrend was all I knew up until now.. I would miss it in some ways . We had only moved to a new camp..the old one was getting too treacherous,and the bitter cold was wearing on everyone  especially the newborns.Foxtail has been made chieftain in Romy’s absence.. I think he’s doing a great job.. at least he’s smart enough to realize he can’t go at this alone and confers with our elders about important decisions..that alone has gained him everyone’s respect.

As for me..I haven’t really decided what I want to do with my life..I’m a decent enough fighter I suppose..however I will never make it as a hunter ..I don’t have the aptitude nor the skill. I tend to bash things ,and I enjoy doing it…I guess I  must have been a barbarian in another life. Oh well..I guess we’ll see how things turn out in the future…

Tywin Nightheart II 




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Shadow of the Moon

In the shadow of the moon,
She danced in the starlight
Whispering a haunting tune
To the night…

Velvet skirts spun ’round and ’round
Fire in her stare
In the woods without a sound
No one cared…

Through the darkened fields entranced,
Music made her poor heart dance,
Thinking of a lost romance…
Long ago…

Feeling lonely, feeling sad,
She cried in the moonlight.
Driven by a world gone mad
She took flight…

“Feel no sorrow, feel no pain,
Feel no hurt, there’s nothing gained…
Only love will then remain,”
She would say.

Shadow of the Moon… Shadow of the Moon…

Somewhere just beyond the mist
Spirits were seen flying
As the lightning led her way
Through the dark…

Shadow of the Moon..

Dark as the night, with flowers in her hair,the maiden danced among the bonfires that signified the beginning of summer.Dark eyes flashed,amid the flower of her face,and a joyeous smile crossed her lips as she moved to the music with a graceful bound like a doe in the meadow. The young men,seeing her ,pursued her like a ghost in the mist but she laughingly danced away,leaving them to flounder and flail helplessly as they were left behind the young maiden,with the laughing gypsy dark eyes.
Laughing she took refuge behind the stern giant who kept her admirers at bay, with a baleful glare in their direction, his fierce countenance an effective deterrent against their amorous pursuit putting their ambitions at capturing the maiden to a screeching halt. Like whipped dogs they slunk away with their tails tucked between their legs.There would be no fooling around with this words were spoken, none were needed. they knew the danger if they were caught tampering with her . She belonged to the House Goldmoon,and to trifle with her ,would mean their doom.The men of that house ,were fierce protectors of the women in their care,and especially of the young unmarried females who would have been preyed upon by the predators of the two legged variety.

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She woke up with the impending sense of dread hanging over her.. Something had happened or was about to happen.. she didn’t know.The oppressive feeling pressed down on her chest,making it hard to breath..At first she thought the sense of impending loss involved her new love  but when she looked into his sleeping face, she didn’t get that feeling , which made her more confused.

 Try as she might, she could not figure out why she  had this dream..but it meant something. As she tried to go back to sleep ,she began having nightmares. It started off so gradually but as they progressed they got more and more terrifying .. but this time they involved her tribe. In her mind ,she could see  her people going about their day, fishing, cooking, caring for their young. They had just moved to a new encampment, and  was settling into a routine.. she could see Elder Larkspur with her ever present needle,and thread, working on new clothing for the younglings. The elder elf, had always enjoyed the task of clothing her tribe, and had a keen eye of what looked good on particular members. Then there was Elder Larkspur and Elder Greengrove’s children , Silvermoss,Dawnsong,and Foxtail.  Foxtail had been one of her closest friends,and they had been through alot. She had put him in charge while she was gone.. he was the best choice. The two brothers Greyfox and Blackfoot were two of the tribes best fishers,and often supplemented their diet with fresh fish.Their mates  Moonberry,and Starfall were accomplished huntresses in their own right,and good mothers.Between the two of them, they had birthed at least half of the younglings in the tribe,with three cubs each. The rest belonged to Shebat,and Vash.

Whimpering in her sleep ,she tried to disengage herself from the dream .. but something held her captive .. unwilling to release her until she saw the entirety of the dream. She watched in horror as a dark shadow filled the sky with darkness..filling it with stars. and the gentle laughter of her people ,as they prepared to turn in. She could see the raiding party approaching .and she tried to cry out warn them..but no sound came out. Sobbing in horror and despair, she tried to scream at them to tell them of the impending danger but they couldn ‘t hear her. The first strike happened so fast ,and before the alarm was raised ,half the camp was decimated.. her tribesmen cut down while trying to get their weapons .The worgs that they had protecting their camp, were slaughtered as they fought to protect their masters,and their precious charges.A child wandering  out , complaining about a nightmare.. was cut down before her horrified eyes..his little body impaled upon a his murderer laughed cruelly ,tossing the child’s limp body into the camp fire. Her choked sobs, made their way to the real world as she tried to escape the nightmare, as she whimpered and thrashed in her sleep.

 The nightmare ,having forced her to see the annihilation of her tribe, gave her a brief glimpse of the raiders,and a low animalistic growl resounded in her throat.. deep and menacing enough to cause her hackles to rise and waking her finally from the grip of her dream.Waking up with a start, she found herself sitting upright, her breathing ragged and harsh.She rubbed her eyes,and found them wet with her tears, seeing Fnar beside her, she woke him with desperate kisses and the urgent need to forget the horrors of her nightmare, needing to feel his arms around her.She needed to feel that she was alive; not a dream herself .. her passionate need to escape the horrors in her mind , conveyed a sense of desperation to him . She was like a feral beast ,driven by instinct to mate.. to answer the primal drive that was hardwired into her,urging him on to greater heights ,pushing them both to the point of near unconsiousness,before peaking, and slowly letting their breathing come to normal.Seeing the angry reddened bite marks where she had bit him, she tenderly kissed each mark,holding him ,unwilling to let him part from her.She needed to know  what happened , she needed to know that it was all a dream, that they would be still alive when she and Fnar arrived…she couldn’t live through another version of the Scourge invasion.. she couldn’t live through another huge loss of family again.. she simply couldn’t ..


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