Recovery and Mixed news.

29 May

Talked to the healer today,and told her of my concerns about the medication that I had been taking for my injuries. Thankfully she understood, and gave me a different medication, that I could take when needed.. especially since the ribs seem to be much better, though still tender, in places ,they don’t pain me as much as when I broke them. I find now , I can breath alot easier now without the sharp pains; the dizziness seems to have abated considerably,though I do get the occasional fogginess here and there..however she says it’s to be expected. Though the worst of it seems to have passed, I need to take it easy still, just so I don’t suffer a relapse.

  She did give me the go head to engage in some light activity as long as I don’t overdo it.. while the ribs are healing nicely ,they are not fully mended.. they will still be fragile to a point until they full heal. When I asked her about sex, she gave me a stern look, informing me, that as long as I didn’t engage in anything too rough, sex was fine…in fact , it was probably the safest activity I could do , as long as I didn’t overdo it.. I think I blushed fifty shades of red ,which was a first for me . I can’t remember when I blushed that badly.. however I nodded,and promised I wouldn’t get carried away.

There seems to be a heavier tension in the air.. I could feel it.. an almost oppressiveness, that seems to bear down upon everyone.From the merchants hawking their wares, to the farmers discussing the days crops ..and the soldiers that stop by to gather much needed supplies .The long simmering resentment towards the Warchief and the current war, had finally come to a head in the Darkspear Rebellion. The trolls simply had enough.. with the assassination of their leader Vol’jin..and martial law set down upon their homes.. the trolls finally took matters into their own hands,and staged a revolt to put an end to Garrosh’s tyranny; to the only way they would be satisfied was nothing less than the end of Garrosh Hellscream himself.

 Hnowever it was not only the Trolls that were out of blood but everyone else in the Horde who had been oppressed and persecuted by Garrosh and his Kor’Kron soldiers.Except for his loyal followers,,pretty much almost the entirety of the Horde, that was not Orc,was screaming for his if things couldn’t get more bizarre the Alliance had joined up with rebels as well.. What had me concerned, was my father was in the thick of things,along with Fnar,and Commander Morningstar. If it  became known that any of them were involved.. Garrosh would think nothing of having them and their families executed for treason.It is not something I wish to see happen… if anyone is going to be losing their heads.,, it will be Garrosh himself.

 It feels strange, waking up next to someone, in a new place..though we are not married , it doesn’t seem to bother either of us. Fnar and I enjoy each other’s company; even though sex had been out of the question while I was recovering, we would lie in that big comfortable Pandaren bed, that we both agreed, was one of the best pieces of furniture around,and just cuddle. Sometimes we would just lie there,and talk  about many things that had nothing to do with sex, or relationships whatsoever. He has a keen mind, sharp,and clever with his quips, with a devilish wit that often had me gasping for air, after he rendered me helpless with laughter.He wasn’t just a handsome face, he had a mind as well..which I found just as attractive; however his talent for making me weak in the knees ,and yearning for him, was just as intoxicating as the rest of him.I look forward to the time when we can have our playful romps in bed once that I have the go ahead from the healer.. I think my golden haired lover is going to be in for a VERY pleasant surprise .




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2 responses to “Recovery and Mixed news.

  1. wowstorylines

    May 29, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    ROTFL, I think that Fnar is going to be very pleasantly surprised although he has enjoyed the time they’ve spent just cuddling and talking. I think we’re in for some exciting times ahead with the rebellion seemingly heating up too. Nice read and enjoyable.

  2. dnooskey

    May 29, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    Oh she enjoyed the cuddling ,and talking with gave her a chance to get know him better, and for him to learn more about his feral lady.With the war heating up, its made her more concerned about losing him, to the madness.


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