The Crow and the Shadow

28 May

Driving through the green island, the misty hills lit by the twilight
Breathing the frozen air, reminding me that the dark season is near
The mystic landscape makes me stop, take a walk through shadow fields
Three crows pass me by and in awe I remember their names and I call out
To the queens of war:

Nemain, Morrigan, Babh Catha
Three crows fly
Like ghosts from another time
Above me in the sky

In the shape of the blackest birds, they once ruled the battlefields
Screaming for courage, screaming for vengeance, reaping the souls of the fallen
And all enemies would flee in fear at the sight of the grim war sisters
Oh mighty goddesses, I draw my sword, with you by my side I won’t fight my battles alone

Nemain, Morrigan, Babh Catha…

May 27
I need to stop taking this medication.. yes, they help the kill the pain but I hate how they knock me out..and when I dream..its disturbing ..and try as I might, I can’t escape because the drugs keep me unconsious.
Each time I fall asleep, I find myself back in Northrend..back to the time before I became chieftess…the time before the death of Crow..our leader..the first man to make me a woman in every sense of the word. It was a dark time, yet it was our moment of glory.. we were strong.. we were victorius.. we had proven we had what it took to survive in that harsh uninhabitable land.
At one time there were more of us , but a rift between Emaine,and Crow split the tribe in half; those who supported our battle sister, left with her.when she was chose exile .It was hard to see brother and sister ,who had been so close, come nearly to blows. She was like my sister; she watched over me, as we trained in the desolate wastelands of Netherstorm… it was hard to see to her go, but I knew what she proposed was a sure death for everyone. At the time ,we had a secure den, and some of our people took mates,and had young.. but the battle had done something to our sister.. she changed. The bloodthirst did not leave her.. she wanted more…more battle , more blood…and ultimately more power.
After she left with her followers, I remained.. my younger brother and sister needed me..I couldn’t leave them.. I suppose in a sense ..they saved me…the last we heard of that she,and her group came across a pocket of ancient magic…and it drove them mad. Crow became more grim , hard.. the fate of his sister haunting him..driving him to make that final journey to find the remains of her and her followers.Before he left, he handed over the leadership to me , until his return…but he never returned.. Like his sister..he was lost to the Peaks, his life claimed by an avalanche.
It was hard to describe Emaine.. she was a force of nature contained in a frame that seemed too frail to hold in the dynamic personality. Her hair had gone white quite early in life..but the fire in her eyes was magnetic…they drew you in despite your desire to resist. She was my sister in battle. and she reveled in the lives she took,and the blood she a shadow she crept, her presence barely noticable until it was too late. She was a Harbinger of death,. and perhaps it was a good thing she had died all those years ago.. Garrosh would have had a dangerous creature at his command ,if she still lived.
I think I must have startled Fnar when I woke up with a start, sitting straight up ,when Emaine’s face appeared in my dreams, her pale face streaked with blood, her eyes glittering with madness..and a chill ran down my spine… was it just a dream , or a premonition?! Whatever it was…it made me anxious to send word to find out if he had experienced the same dreams as I ..


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2 responses to “The Crow and the Shadow

  1. wowstorylines

    May 28, 2013 at 4:09 am

    Oh, that was indeed a spooky dream there and another interesting facet of Romy’s past. Very nicely done.

  2. dnooskey

    May 28, 2013 at 4:37 am

    Thank you .. I had the story sort of gelling in my brain all morning,and the song sort of brought it altogether.She has several blocks of time in her life that she can’t remember..some brought on by trauma, and others, her mind just can’t accept .and it blocks it from her. Emaine ,and she had been very close, which is why Emaine’s fate haunts her so much. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


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