Peaceful Reflections

24 May

She awoke to the smell of rain in the air, the sound of thunder of rolling overhead ,and coolness of the stormfilled air touching her skin. Opening her eyes she looked around, and frowned ,not recognizing the place for a moment before the memory of the past night came to her. The blankets were warm but not as warm as the man who slept quietly beside her, his arm carefully draped about her,holding her against him. Gingerly she moved until she was lying on her uninjured side, the pain from her ribs not so noticable this cool rainy morning.

 Looking back, she smiled softly as she remembered being carried over the threshhold,and into the large Pandaren bed that took one wall. It was a small house,but for a bachelor like Fnar, it was all he really needed. She was reluctant to take the medicine.. not wanting to become too dependant on it but in the end she took it, when the pain became enough that she was almost in tears. Fighting the lethargy that immediately followed the medication, she asked Fnar to hold her,despite his worry that he would hurt her. It wasn’t fair that he should be forced to sleep elsewhere, this was his house, and she was the guest ,not the other way around. She wanted to feel his body next to hers, to luxuriate in the heat that he threw off,and feel his arms around her, holding her protectively .

LIke a drowsy kitten, she snuggled closely , fitting her curves to his hard planes, seeking the warmth , and protection his body seemed to offer , her long red hair fanned over the pillow ,like a blood red curtain. She had worried about how her father would react to her, taking a was a tense moment..but after the two talked at length…her father seemed ok with Fnar,though he did warn Fnar that dire things would happen if anything happened to her, or if Fnar didn’t make her happy. She wondered who was going to make sure she made Fnar happy? Everyone was so concerned about her happiness.. what about his? Didn’t he deserve to be happy as well?!  Being as wild and single as he was ,she knew that he probably had his share of women over the years; it would foolish to presume otherwise. Same with their relationship; they made no vows ,.. they didn’t need to ..they knew what they wanted : the comfort of a companion without the entanglements that marriage would bring. When they made love, it was to each other..not for the purpose of creating life,but just being connected in the most natural way possible. At one time,she was sure she wanted to have a baby …but now with the war getting uglier.. was fair or right to bring a child into the world.?! Especially when it’s parents could be branded as traitors . If it happened it happened.. she was not about to end a life of an unborn child for convenience.. their people were being thrown to the wolves by  Garrosh.. too many were dying, and not enough children were being  born. As it were, there were too many that were not past childhood,being left in was an ugly situation. Fnar was an orphan, and even he had no idea what his real surname was,  but that didn’t matter to her.. she wanted the man ,not an empty title. Did she love him? She honestly didn’t know but she knew she couldn’t imagine her life without him in it anymore. If by chance she did become pregnant, she knew she wanted him to be there ,but only if he wanted to as well. If he didn’t feel he was ready. she wasn’t going to hold it against him..raising children was a huge responsibility. However if he expressed the desire to be a father, she would do her best to help him fulfill that wish.

 Resting her head against his chest, she let the rhythmic pounding of his heart lull her to sleep , the coolness in the air, and the warmth of the bed, did much to soothe her, and she drifted off, in a natural sleep.


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2 responses to “Peaceful Reflections

  1. wowstorylines

    May 24, 2013 at 11:50 am

    Hmm, this is the first time that Fnar has ever met a girl’s Father, he’s usually too fast on his feet for that to happen. I’m sure that he will be watching his step with Romy, however, with their relationship being the type that it is, I’m sure that it will survive any parental scrutiny. He’s just happy that she is going to be okay and will be staying with him at the farm in Halfhill. Great read as always and I’m sure that we will be hearing more from these two.

  2. dnooskey

    May 24, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    LOl, I think her father took them both by surprise;she never expected to see him in Halfhill of all places.As it were,their relationship is still very new to them both, and she knows that her father being old fashioned, would insist on her marrying to continue on their line . However she’s realistic enough to know that as a female, if she marries, she loses more than her independence.She loses her identity, and chance of her continuing her line will be lost because she would be expected to bear children to continue her husband’s line and not her own..Being the last legal surviving Nightheart , she’s not taking the chance of seeing her family line lost,which is why she is so adamant about not getting married.
    She doesn’t understand why only women are allowed to be happy .. no one has ever asked the man if he’s happy with his choice or the one made for him.To her ,its just ridiculous..She enjoys her time with Fnar,and knows that he enjoys being with her,but she also knows that trying to keep him tied down ,is like trying to milk a bull.. it just isn’t happening..So she’s going to enjoy the time ,they have together,and let things happen naturally.Thanks for reading, its’ always fun to write about these two,, they are fun together.


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