Dark Days

22 May

May 22

I had no idea of the event that would be transpire after my dismissal from the healer’s care. Fnar was taking me to his farm, so I could recover from my injuries in peace and quiet,which I so desperately needed ,and not getting in camp. We had landed in Halfwill ,and was just heading over when I heard my father’s voice calling out to me, surprise clear as he asked me what I was doing in Halfhill.  I could see on his face that he was curious about Fnar,and looked at me with a look of fatherly concern,waiting for me to explain to him.  There was a look of fury on his face when he saw my somewhat tattered appearance,and I could feel the anger simmering from where he stood. Fnar, quickly seeing the situation, stepped forward,and introduced himself, easing the tension slightly. 

Recalling my manners belatedly, I  introduced my father to Fnar,and suggested we go inside to talk further. I could feel the tension in the air, as the two men in my life, sized each other up,like two dogs meeting each other for the first time.As  I started to make my way into the building,a wave of dizziness came over me , causing me to weave slightly on my feet. Quickly  Fnar  slid his arm around my waist to support me, and guide me into the house, My father  followed inside, and watched us like a hawk,his face set in disapproval. To say the awkwardness was apparent was an understatement. Without preamble my father demanded to know why I was covered in bumps and bruises ,which I responded ,trying to keep the mood light,and praying neither of them came to blows . Fnar explained it a little better, which had my father fuming ,but I noticed that he looked a little worried when he saw the bruising on my face, Fnar had mentioned, that I had looked a lot worse when I was brought in.. I don’t quite remember  what happened either. After he explained the events  that had transpired , regarding my altercation with the Mogu,and the reasoning behind my being sent there to patrol, ,my father looked positively murderous.

 That’s when things really starting getting bizarre.. for some odd reason known only to men,they decided to join forces, once they discovered they had a common enemy,and a common goal; keeping me protected. It was also then that my father explained the real reason why he was here..he was part of the Rebellion that was rising up to overthrow Garrosh. I only heard hints and rumours but passed it off as speculation until my father revealed to us that it was indeed true. Another reason for me to worry, especially after I explained to him about my commanding officer investigating him for some odd reason. That was when Fnar stepped in ,and revealed that he,and Commander Morningstar were also involved in the Rebellion as well.Now I didn’t just have my father to worry about , but my lover as well… both of them were up to their eyeballs in this ,and considering both of them were pretty tall men,, that’s pretty deep.While they were discussing the situation, I sat there trying to absorb it all.  As if things couldn’t get anymore weirder.. there was a knock on the door,and Commander Morningstar’s voice reaching us as he requested a word with Fnar.Clearly my lover wasn’t expecting his partner, and he jumped ,before inviting Commander Morningstar in. Seeing that we were both here, he broke the news to us, after we introduced him to my father.

It seemed like Lt Commander Lightshadow took the easy way out,and hung himself to avoid prosecution. He had been scheduled to face a closed tribunal in regards to the accusations brought against him.I can’t say I wasn’t happy to hear this news, however it  did surprise the hell out of me. When the commander found out my father was also involved in the Rebellion,and that he had been under illegal investigation, they seemed to have clicked .From the letters that were confiscated, apparently the late Lt.Commander was very busy trying to gather evidence on other people as well, and had a list of people he had planned to blackmail ,my father’s name being on top of the list. I was horrified.. even more so , that even by association, that I could be accused of treason …well in for a penny, in for a pound. Even if I wasn’t actively involved., it wouldn’t matter to those who wouldn’t hesitate to call me traitor if it suited their purposes;however things being what they are..they are going to be alot worse if Garrosh continues as Warchief. I don’t know what I would do if I lost Fnar, or my father.. the thought left me cold.

Right now my main priority is to heal up and get it was ..the cards were laid on the table,and an unlikely alliance formed between the four of us. My father seemed ok with the knowledge that Fnar and I were lovers; hard to miss..there was enough hints to told him how much we cared for each other… of course this was after they had their time spraying the room with testosterone. Men..who can understand them.. however I ‘m glad they are getting along..despite the bizarre ness. Guess we will have to see what happens in the future.


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2 responses to “Dark Days

  1. wowstorylines

    May 22, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    Talk about weird!! Poor Romy surrounded by all of these males trying to get it over to each other that they were the men that were going to protect her, whether she liked it or not. She definitely found out a lot of info last night in regard to Commander Morningstar and her lover partner not related to the Rangers.

    Great RP by the way, hopefully it wasn’t too confusing there. 😀

  2. dnooskey

    May 22, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    Oh,she’s still reeling.. as well as trying to absorb it all. It is a great deal of information to take in at once. She also realizes she needs to watch herself more closely, and make certain she doesn’t let anything slip, especially with things being so dire now ..its not just her neck on the block,but several other people as well. That was awesome rp,we will have to do that again.


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