Vicious Games

19 May

May 18th

  I should have known something was going down, when the Lt. Commander came to the tent and began grilling me with odd questions, which had no relevance to what was going on currently.. The healers were indignant ,especially since I wasn’t fully recovered from the incident.The ribs weren’t hurting as badly, and I was finally able to see out of the one eye,after the swelling went down.

What I couldn’t understand was why was he asking me about my father,and what his political leanings were… it was none of  his business what my father did, and I told him so. It  made no sense to me , whatsoever.  When he realized he wasn’t going to get answers out of me, he left in a huff..that is when I called one of the healers and asked her to contact Commander Morningstar,and  Lt.Commander Dawnglory right away.. something was happening, I didn’t know what..but I didn’t like the way the Lt.Commander, looked at me..he reminded me of a serpent in some ways. That’s when I began to look back on things that had happened since I arrived.. he didn’t seem too happy to have a veteran in his group..from what I gathered he liked having power of the green recruits, however for someone who has experience fighting in this land, he doesn’t seem to know too much about tactics.However he hasn’t been able to find too much to fault with my fighting,and survival skills.Though I have much to learn about this land, I have learned that I have a lot more experience fighting than most of these new recruits. Those that survived the landing, seemed to be made of sterner stuff than their fallen companions.

I have talked to the three recruits that have helped me back, two of them suffered minor injuries,but they fared better than me that way. I think they were surprised when I thanked them for their timely arrival,; I don’t think they were expecting a thank you . After this incident.. we all agreed to look out for each other..especially after since we all realized we could have died there instead of coming back with broken bones. Just because the warchief considered us expendable, does not mean those of our own race should.. least of all our commanding officers. I know Fnar,and Commander Morningstar don’t hold that opinion.. Thorim bless them..I hope they find out the true reason why we were sent out with very little support..and soon..I’m really getting tired of being stuck in this tent .



Posted by on May 19, 2013 in Andromedda


2 responses to “Vicious Games

  1. wowstorylines

    May 19, 2013 at 4:57 am

    Sounds like some intrigue might be building there. Poor Romy. I’m sure that Dawnglory won’t let anything else happen to her if he can help it – when he finds out and I know that Commander Morningstar is investigating the situation – heads will roll, however, Romy’s won’t be added to the pile. Great read as always.

  2. dnooskey

    May 19, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    With the growing discord between the races in the Horde, and growing discontent towards the Warchief, Romy is understandabley concerned about her father.Especially since he is fighting on the frontlines against the Thunder,now with the Lt Commander asking all sorts of odd questions, she’s wondering if he’s trying to find a way to shift the blame off himself onto her family instead.If her father had concerns about Garrosh, he certainly hadn’t voiced them to her,,instead focusing on relearning and reestablishing his relationship with his long lost daughter. It’s certainly going to be interesting going,and she knows Fnar is going to be furious .Thanks for reading,and commenting .


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