Sore and Cranky

16 May

May 15

While everyone is out doing their thing in the camp, I’m still stuck in the medical tent, as the healers wanted to keep me in longer for observation. My ribs were bound ,and it took a little practice to adjust my breathing so  I wouldn’t put too much strain on my broken ribs.However it wasn’t the ribs that  had them concerned but the head injury I sustained.Until I was deemed well enough to leave by the healer, I wasn’t allowed to leave the tent.. seriously?!  Commander Morningstar was furious when he found out ,and has had all our leaves cancelled until they got to the bottom of this fiasco. I tried explaining to them what I could remember but I don’t think  my drugged up rambling made any sense to them,… to be honest.. I don’t even remember them being there.. Healer says I look like I got dragged across Pandaria on my face.. oh thanks alot! Like I really needed to hear that…I thought she was just kidding me, until she gave me a mirror,and I saw for myself. Needless to say I was a little stunned ; one side of my face was black and blue, like someone took a board and smacked me repeatedly across the face with it.  Thankfully the lump went down after awhile but my forehead was still tender to  the touch, however my balance was seriously off, and its taking a little while for my eyes readjust,without everything spinning.

Needless to say I’m stuck in basecamp until my head clears up ,and the commander finds out why we were sent out without a senior ranger ,and the rest of our team, to a place teeming with hostiles. Until I fought the Mogu , I never realized how vicious they were…thinking on it, I realized we all got off lucky.. we could have all ended up dead.  According to Commander Morningstar, we weren’t even supposed to be there, so why did the Lt.Commander send us there?! We could have been killed .. though I had experience as a ranger, it was in Northrend.. I was just as much a greenhorn here as the rest of the recruits but at least I had some experience in the wilds. I think I need to start studying this land as much as I can …the races, the animals, the land time like the present, since I won’t be leaving the base camp until answers have been found about this debacle.

Unfortunately this puts a kabosh on my time with Fnar..which is definitely not going to make him happy at all..I’m having a hard time trying to conceal my disappointment; been looking forward to my time with him. It wasn’t just the sex, though I have to admit when we did have it, it was absolutely glorius; but it’s the cuddling and talking afterwards that seems to make it so special . I know my father was not happy when I told him I didn’t want to get married.. he still thinks me as a little girl,not a woman grown. I’m not that naive.. I know how to prevent a pregnancy,and I also know the way society works when it comes to succession. If anything, if I do marry ..I won’t be furthering the Nightheart line but someone else’s.. they would be most insistent upon it.. the Nightheart line would die out completely. Although I do have a half brother and sister, they are half elves, their mother was a human.. sired by my father some time after my own mother had passed on. In his own way, he did love her but I think my mother still haunted him.. he’s never really gotten over losing her, and had been trying to fill that void in his life but never seeming to find that one woman who could fill that void in his heart. I don’t know if  I could ever love someone that deeply be destroyed emotionally when they are lost. Do I love Fnar?  I don’t know but he makes me feel something  when we are together. I would rather be friends and lovers than just least as friends we can talk of other things. If something grows from that , we will have to see.



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2 responses to “Sore and Cranky

  1. wowstorylines

    May 16, 2013 at 4:12 am

    Awww, sounds like she learned a valuable lesson on her scouting trip and is still paying for the consequences. I’m sure that her commander is trying to cover his own behind at this point with the hounds being set on him to find out what was “really” going on with his sending out a light patrol like that.

    I’m sure that Dawngory will be disappointed with the leaves being cancelled once he gets over being worried about his lady. Great read as always, thanks for sharing.

  2. dnooskey

    May 16, 2013 at 6:25 am

    She has no idea what she did to incur the Lt.commander’s ire,but she finds it unforgivable that he would send out green recruits into an area that is filled with hostiles,without back up.One thing is certain is , she’s going to do her best to make sure that the recruits under his command, survive .. she’s discovered that danger can lurk where one leasts expects it.
    She will be pleased that Dawnglory will concerned about her but she will also be concerned about their relationship becoming food for the gossips,and hurting his credibility as an impartial officer.Thanks for reading.. I think its going to get more interesting later on.


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