Hell in a Handbasket

13 May

** This post contains some bad language so if you are easily offended stop here **

BLOODY HELL!  Just what I fucking needed., one patrol gone to hell ,because someone couldn’t keep their fucking mouth shut..I’m surprised we didn’t lose anyone in the fight ..those Mogu hit like stampeding rhinos,and my head is still throbbing from where one of those fuckers hit me. Now I’m sporting a lump on my forehead the size of dragon egg, with bruise the size of Dalaran. I suppose it could have been worse, thankfully I wasn’t the only one who sustained injuries..two of the others recruits were injured trying to draw the Mogu’s attention off of me.. Thorim bless them.. I will have thank them when my head isn’t spinning around so much. Medics say I have a concussion, along with two broken ribs. The other two suffered various broken bones, the three of us are in the med tent, dosed up on pain medication that had all three of us flying higher than kites.

The day started innocently enough, we had our location in which we were to patrol that day,and made preparations to leave. Unfortunately we  got saddled with some loud mouth, who wouldn’t shut up the entire time; he complained , and whined all the way there, despite  the rest of telling him to shut up. I just happened to catch the scent of the oncoming  group of Mogu ,and just had enough time to warn my team about the incoming  attack. We weren’t that far from camp.. and judging from the direction the Mogu were heading : they were heading straight for it.

Without speaking , we knew what we had to do.. everyone ,surprisingly was in accordance..even the loudmouth. who was momentarily stunned silent. Though the Mogu didn’t see us at first, we were waiting until they got  in range before we sprung our ambush. That’s when things went to hell. The loudmouth, ran out of the cover,and began yelling and screaming ,attracting the Mogu… then began running  TO THE CAMP! How the hell did he ever get past Basic Training?!We barely had time to leap out on the other side of the Mogu, and start firing at them, drawing their attention from the fleeing recruit. I had Rakhasa with me, and like a champ,he went after those Mogu like it was no one’s business;  I had tamed him, when I saw him in the slopes of Kun’lai summit,and fell in love with him. He was a handsome fellow with his  white coat and black stripes, if I didn’t know better he could have been a relative to my beloved  Mystic, whom I had since I first become a hunter. After  diverting them from the direction of the camp, we kept pulling back, and drawing further and further away before we realized we had walked into THEIR camp. That’s when all hell broke loose. The recruits realizing their predictament, were starting to lose their cool ,but we managed to hold it together, .. barely. However two groups of Mogu were a little more than we can manage on our own ,and we had to call a retreat. A  group of recruits were no match for the hardened behemoths.. one smack of those fists, could easily smash our skulls if connected right.. I wasn’t about to let any of my group get killed. I drew on my experiences in the North,when dealing with larger foes. While they had the strength and power to crush, I had the advantage of speed,and I used that to confuse them. The other recruits seeing what I was doing, began to follow suit. It was working until one of the recruits was knocked off her feet, and hit the ground pretty hard,knocking the wind out of her.  She laid there stunned, an easy target..which the Mogu were quick to take advantage of. I quickly ran over to where she was lying ,and hauled her to her feet,when  I felt something hit me on the side, and felt something break inside. When I looked to what struck me,, I saw a Mogu, make ready to swing again.and realized, I had the caught the edge of his club against my ribs. I barely had time to duck before he swung again. I had missed the club but I didn’t see his hand come around and give me a good clip across face.. I managed to dodge the worst of it but caught the edge of it on the side of my face.  He brought the club around ,making to swing again,and we both ducked as the club flew over our heads .The other recruit and I , could feel the air move, as the club swept over our heads ,missing us by inches. My head  was pounding ,and the side of my face burned. I was going to have one hell of a bruise  afterwards That was when two of the other recruits seeing our dilemma, took it upon themselves, to draw  our assailant from us. With much  yelling, and shooting of arrows,  they got him away from us, so we were able to get to our feet. By that time I was coughing up blood from the injuries I had taken.. Fuck. it all.. it hurt so much to breath..and every step jarred me,until I was almost in tears.  I didn’t see the  treeroot at my feet until I tripped over it, which had me falling against the trunk ,and hitting my head pretty good. I don’t even remember returning to camp,everything was spinning,and I was vomiting despite how agonizing it was on my ribs.Thankfully the ranger I had saved , had reciprocated.and was helping me stay on my mount, on our way back to the camp, she kept talking to me, keeping me awake the entire time. Bless her heart..because I may have passed out once we got to  camp .. I don’t remember  even getting to the medic.. I hope to hell the commander doesn’t get on my case for the fuck up . Bad enough I got injured ,but I fucking hope they ship that little prick that caused it back home..if not, put him on latrine duty.. actually latrine duty sounds more appropriate.. serves him right to be up to his eyeballs in shit after the crap he’s put us through.

My dad is going to be furious… Fnar is going to be fucking pissed.. we only had that one time after I arrived in camp, and just when I was about to get a couple of days off..this fucking happens. I wanted to spend my time off with him, but with broken ribs , it ain’t happening ….ugh not sure who is going to be more frustrated or him. Starting to get sleepy… drugs are starting to kick in….ssooo






* inks spots dot the page  followed by a large splotch , where obviously the pen has rested too long *


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2 responses to “Hell in a Handbasket

  1. wowstorylines

    May 13, 2013 at 8:22 pm

    Ut oh, seems like Romy has gotten herself in a bit of a bind there. Very interesting read there. Oh yeah, there is going to be one angry Lt. Commander and a very disappointed man wanting to see her. Great read.

  2. dnooskey

    May 13, 2013 at 8:50 pm

    LOL, she’s more mad at herself ,for getting hurt..but all she could think of ,was getting the one ranger to safety,and trying to keep the Mogu away from the main camp. She takes the safety of those she’s with ,very seriously,and will often put herself in the way of danger to protect those she’s with. A habit she needs to control especially now she’s got more reasons to live for she can’t throw her life on the line like that anymore.


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