Letter from home

11 May

It was surprise when I recieved a letter in the mail from Northrend; without ceremony, I tore into it,and read the missive from Foxtail. It was full of news regarding the new members of the tribe, new cubs being born after we made the move to Grizzly Hills. The move definitely did wonders for the tribes, plenty of hunting ,and gathering ,everyone was in brighter spirits. However it brought them into close proximity with the Horde..he wanted to know what he should do.. to keep their distance, or make contact.

It didn’t take long for me to pen a quick note to him and warned him ,about making contact with the Horde;given the war happening in Pandaria, the tribe would find themselves drafted despite the fact they have young to care for, and sent to Pandaria ,to fight for someone who had clearly lost his mind.I am not going to allow that to happen; those children will not be made to suffer what I had ,when I was torn from my father.They will not go through life alone..

I felt a little better after hearing from Foxtail.. I often wondered how they were doing,and lately my dreams were filled with the familar snowy summits of Stormpeaks, the lush verdant wetlands of Sholozar basin, the barren landscape of the Borean Tundra,and the rugged shorelines of the Howling Fjord.. Pandaria , was beautiful but it will never be home. Silvermoon may have been where I was born ,,but it was a city of the past..not this den of iniquity that it has now become. When I think of Shattrath, all I can remember is the hell I went through at the orphanage, and my training in Shadowmoon Valley. It will be burned forever in my memory,along with our prince’s betrayal.

Tucking Foxtail’s letter in my inner pocket, I went back to check on Shivaya, who hasn’t been herself the last day or so. She had been limping about after we got into a fight with one of the prowlers that lurked about the camp. The cat took a good bite out of her, and I did what I could to treat the injury.However I was worried that she may have gotten an infection. but the stubborn girl refused to let me near it.. which means it must be hurting her greatly. I may have to use the plants that Lin Tenderpaw asked me to gather one time, and see if that would help my girl get better. I will have to check with Lin,or an other herbalist to find out whether it will work with animals as well.

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One response to “Letter from home

  1. wowstorylines

    May 11, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    Well, it does sound as though Romy has been keeping herself busy. Poor bear!! I hope that she will be okay. Great read as always.


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