Heading to Halfhill

06 May

I spent some time in Halfhill during my free time after my patrol was done, I’m finding that the heat isn’t bothering me as much as it did when I first arrived in Panderia. I learned to adjust by taking dips in the cool water  after we returned to  camp. Shivaya has been on her best behaviour ,and pretty  much ignored the other pets  that travelled with us…unless they tried to take her food then we heard about it.

The first time I arrived in Halfhill, I was astounded by how huge the vegetables got ..I didn’t think anything could grow that big. One carrot could feed my tribe for a week..I can understand why the Pandaren would put food , beer and good cheer  above war and fighting.. it makes more sense than all this hatred .Here the Alliance and the Horde could mingle without coming to blows, each intent on caring for their own little plots of land, not continuing the battle here was one of the few neutral areas left in the world that wasn’t dominated by the Horde or the Alliance.. I think it was an unspoken rule among the soldiers ..we don’t bring the war here.. this was the only peaceful place in Pandaria that both factions could co-exist.

Much to my surprise ,  I took up cooking ..not sure what prompted me to do so but I found I enjoyed it. Nothing beats the smell of a meal cooked by ones self ; it gave me a sense of accomplishment . Course the first attempts  were not edible whatsoever..and the trainer merely giggled and said that it was a common occurence  among  beginning cooks but I would get better with practice.I wonder if that mess could be used as ammo or Virmen repellant..hmm..possibilites..I certainly wasn’t going to eat it !

While I was there, I picked up the basics of gardening.. there was something therapeutic about digging in the dirt,and preparing the soil for seeds.. Course I needed to chase Shivaya out of the garden.. she figured she was going to dig her way to Northrend through Panderia..however the Virmen avoided her like the plague.. especially after she made a meal out of one of the larger ones..course I wasn’t so lucky.. l had to keep smacking them off of me the moment my girl was out of sight.. I suppose being a three hundred and fifty pound grizzly with a bottomless pit for an appetite, does command a healthy dose of respect . I certainly wouldn’t want to cross her, even though she is my pet..though I’m beginning to wonder who the master was ,and who was the pet..

I should head back to camp now,but at least I had a productive day ,and Shivaya seemed to enjoy herself as well..I am however looking forward to seeing Fnar again.. after I talked to my father yesterday , I just realized I hadn’t been taking my herbs since I before I  left Northrend ,and that was over two weeks ago…definitely need to keep watch though case things develop..who am I kidding..if it happens it happens..however getting pregnant while a war is going on is definitely not the wisest idea.. what kind of mother would I be, if I brought a child forth in a middle of a war?! Its’ an interesting dilemma ..something I would have to think on more. Well Shivaya is grousing at me.. time to feed the bottomless pit .. AGAIN..beginning to wonder if she’s expecting herself..or in season.. course if she was.. that could be awkward….very awkward.. oh well.. looks like I need to watch over her as well..

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One response to “Heading to Halfhill

  1. wowstorylines

    May 6, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    Great read as always – I’m sure that things will get interesting when Fnar and Romy get together again. Yes, farming is definitely therapeutic when you have those virmen drop out and try to grab your bits. 😀


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