Romy Ruminations

03 May

may 3

Some say mud is good for the skin, but I doubt falling face first into it was what they had in mind;especially when you have a three hundred and fifty pound arctic grizzly who thinks she’s a bear cub ,and decides she wants to play tag.

i was standing on the river banks watching her splash about happily in the water,and laughing at her antics, until she decides I need to cool off as well. Clambering out of the water, she ambles out , dredging water whereever she walked. I swear she must have had a little bell go off in her head telling her to get me soaked.. next thing I knew I was soaked from head to toe from the drenching she gave me, after she shook herself dry . While trying to avoid the imminent soaking , I had forgotten how close to the edge I was ,and when I turned ,just as she gave me a nudge with her massive head, I stood on the edge of the bank, my arms flailing about trying to keep my balance before I fell face first into the mud.

After the storm, the mud was pretty slick,and it made trying to get out ,a bit of challenge. Everytime I put my hand down so I could lever my self up out of the mud, my arm sank into icky mess, up to my shoulder.After a few moments of fighting with the mud, I managed to get myself into a kneeling position, my body precariously balanced on the sticky mess. As I started to make my way to the bank, Shivaya came hurtling off the bank and into the river, as as I tried to avoid her massive weight , I fell back into the mud ,onto my back,and struggled to get myself righted again. Now I  know how a turtle felt after its been turned onto it’s back.I couldn’t  raise myself up,without my arms and legs sinking deeper into the ooze,and I basically had to roll myself onto my stomach and crawl my way up.

Two of my teammates just happened to find us, and seeing my predictament,started laughing uproariously.Watching them laugh, only confirmed that I was getting no help in that direction, I finished crawling my way back up,and while they were having to prop themselves up as they laughed, I  came up behind them ,and gave them both a gentle shove,which toppled them into the mess below. I laughed as I listened to them scream and curse,before whistling to Shivaya,and went upstream aways to where the little falls were,and proceeded to clean myself off ,armour and all. By that time, i was already soaked thoroughly,and didn’t see any point in stripping off my armour. Since it needed to be cleaned as well,  I tried to get the worst of the mud off,out of my armour, and out of my hair. It took a good twenty minutes before I was satisfied,and climbed out of the water. soaking wet.What started out as a normal day, ended up with me taking a rather impromto mud bath.

It was a good forty five minutes before my two teammates returned looking rather sheepish,as they arrived, dripping from head to toe. I just gave them a  little wave,as  I sipped my tea,trying to get the chill out of my bones, watching them both grimace as they made their way to their billet.Shivaya by that time , was dozing behind me, as I used her massive body was a back rest,letting her heat warm me back up again.Though I think I would have preferred to have Fnar warm me back up again,however since he was away,and we had to keep our relationship under cover,that option was out, so with a sigh, I leaned back against my pet, stroking her head with one hand, as I sipped my tea. I had stripped out of my wet armour when I returned, and dressed in some dry clothes, my armour beside me,drying after I gave it a good cleaning.Thankfully the water,had gotten the worst of it out, so all I needed to do was give it  a good  rub down, to get most of the water out, and let it dry .

I think I will be staying away from river beds after its rained..I don’t relish going through an experience like that again.


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2 responses to “Romy Ruminations

  1. wowstorylines

    May 3, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    Oh, that must have been a sight to see and one that would have had at least two of my characters laughing. What a sticky mess!! Hehe, glad she made it out and back to camp unscathed. Great read as always.

  2. dnooskey

    May 3, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    She hadn’t planned on taking an impromptu mudbath but her pet figured she needed cooling off in more ways than one so took matters into her own paws. Thanks for reading and the comment 🙂


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