Romy’ Ruminations

30 Apr

Day 5

Ran into Commander Morningstar today,and it was with much amusement when he asked if I had run to Fnar yet.  I couldn’t keep a grin off my face when I admitted I had, and I can see what Fnar meant when he said Fnor didn’t miss a thing.Especially not the marks on my neck, though I tried using a bit of powder to lessen the effect, they were still there  vivid reminders of my  time with Fnar..course I can’t complain much. I think  I left as many marks on him  as he did me.

 I couldn’t help but smirk when the commander mentioned my lover was moving a little more slowly during the briefing this morning.,and asked me not to damage his second in command too much. I can’t make any guarantees but I will have to be little less aggressive with him ,during our lovemaking..I tend to get a little too over enthusiastic at times.Perhaps this enforced separation will be good for our self control..because I know everytime I’m with him, i want to throw caution to the winds and revert to the more baser instincts..that’s how I am..

I spent most of that day familiarizing myself with the basecamp..taking in the scents that would be my home for the time being. Like a wolf , I would prowl about the encampment taking the scents of those that lived there. For some one who used their senses alot for survival,it was an odd quirk of mine.Much of the skills I learned in Northrend,applied here in Pandaria as well,which had my compatriots shaking their heads,and I often heard the mutterings of some of the junior members referring to me as a “crazy wolf bitch ”   Though instead of insulting me, I found it amusing.. I was crazy ,but I was also cunning,and I could smell their fear  like a shark to the scent of blood..for some strange reason .. they were afraid of me. It was something I should bring up with Commander Morningstar..and Fnar.. A soldier should not fear his fellows.. that causes dissension,and division.

Well time to get my butt in gear and start my rounds, I need to familiarize myself with the ropes and the patrols. I’m pretty confident about finding my way back to base camp now..I haven’t gotten lost yet,and I have been smart about making notations of the landmarks on my map.. It won’t be long before I can find my way around Pandaria  as well as Northrend. I think once this war settles down, I may have to contact Foxtail about moving the tribe to Pandaria . It’s a thought..


Posted by on April 30, 2013 in Andromedda


2 responses to “Romy’ Ruminations

  1. wowstorylines

    April 30, 2013 at 9:49 pm

    Oh, I’m very sure that things are going to get interesting for all parties concerned. Romy seems to learning her way around the encampment and learning to know her fellow Rangers a bit better. Nice read as always.

  2. dnooskey

    April 30, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    She’s so used to being in the mindset as the Alpha female, and the chieftess of her tribe. she’s used to be being treated as strange,but she doesn’t want the others fear of her, affect their own performance, but she is not willing to show her throat to them to make them feel better. So there will be scuffles as they figure out their pecking order,lol


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