A Little Piece of Heaven

29 Apr

** NSFW .. adult situations **

Day 4

It took us a few days to reach Krasarang but considering the brutal pace we were pushed ,It didn’t surprise me. the situation was dire,and our presence was needed .I had another objective in mind, and this breakneck speed only worked in my  favour but  I didn’t dare let the other recruits know that I only wanted to get to our destination faster.. I needed to get there before he left.

When we finally arrived at our destination we were all tired, from the long trek but when I saw Fnar’s face my tiredness seemed to vanish,and I was filled with elation …I made it .The look of shock and surprise made it worth the trip,and his obvious delight in seeing me again was only rivaled by my own.I never thought I could miss someone so much,nor need someone as much needed him,but the moment I saw his handsome face again.. the entire trip was worth it just to seem him smile at me.

Escorting me to the command tent, we made light talk ,trying not to give everyone else a hint of how we really that moment I  just wanted to drag him off somewhere to have my way with run my hands through that golden hair of his.. to explore every inch of that magnificent body of his. I must admit, the moment we entered the tent, and he had dropped the flap ,the feel of his arms around me, and his lips on mine made me forget myself completely. I returned his kisses with equal fervor ,letting him know the depth of my desire for him..Was it love  or was it just plain lust.. I didn’t know but I knew I didn’t want to go through life without being in his arms without his kisses, nor his touch. It was so hard trying to pretend one thing,and feel another: I could sense his frustration as well..this having to hide our relationship was going to be hard but we both knew we had to find someplace more private before we could give into our passions.

Taking me aboard his rocket, he took me about Pandaria, to show me the different places he had scouted out ; it was more a ruse to the others,though I suspect alot of them already had an idea of what was going on…at least the senior rangers did . I had to admit the land was amazing.especially looking down upon the places I had travelled on earlier.After a little while ,we came to a little house on top of hill. it was so quiet ,peaceful,and private..we were completely alone.

We didn’t waste much time in talk, both of us were burning up with need that we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves. As it was ,we barely made it to the bed before we gave into our passions ,neither of us being able to wait much longer.Though I may never look at a table the same way without blushing, It was perfect..we melded so sublimely .like we were made for each other. We spent that time  just exploring and touching each other, memorizing each other’s bodies before we made it to the bed. I must say..after sleeping in a pandaren bed, it leaves other beds feeling inadequate.. it was like sleeping on a soft pillow, the frame cradling one to sleep.It was like being in a nest was there I gave myself to Fnar completely and joyeously.

After we made love for a second time, we both laid in that bed, just cuddling and talking seemed like the most natural thing in the world. The mention of children did come up,and at one time I would have been leery about the idea but somehow the thought of being pregnant with his children didn’t bother me at fact .. the  thought appealed to me the more I thought of it. Neither of us were too keen on the idea of marriage,, in fact the mere thought of it makes me break out in hives.To some marriage may seem like the ideal thing but I have seen too many cases where a couples vows to each other were as worthless as the paper they were written on. Neither Fnar,nor I wanted to live that way..which is why we are so adamant against marriage. I have seen women get pregnant to catch a man only to discover that the man was not ready to settle down.,and left them to raise the baby on their own.. I don’t think I’m totally ready to settle down but when I do get pregnant …yes, i said when not if.. simply because I know how babies are made..and there is a pretty damn good chance that Fnar and I made one this evening. I think I’m going to enjoy it… I was deprived of my mother when I was quite young so I never had a mother figure to talk to when I was growing up.Alot of things that other young girls had taken for granted  I was deprived of.. I never had much time with my father before we were separated, it was only recently that we found each other again. I know I did tell him that I don’t plan on getting married but if it was grandchildren he wanted, I was more than willing to give him enough to make him blush.I’m sure Fnar is more than game  enough to help me with that ; he seemed pretty willing  the last time .

After our last session ,we were both feeling rather amorous again, and decided to get one bout in before we had to leave.. I didn’t want to leave that little house nor that bed, but we had to get back. I know I’m probably going to be sore but I don’t care..we decided to take some time off together after i had put in enough hours to gain some leave . Considering I only arrived, it was going to be awhile before I had enough time banked before I could but from what Fnar said.. my first set of scouting patrols will be short so I would have plenty of free time. It should give us some time to be alone .,,however I intend to make certain the rest don’t think me less of  ranger because I ‘m a woman.I didn’t get this far by being a pushover.

When we arrived back, it was with much reluctance that we had to part ways at least for the time being.. Fnar showed me where I would be billeted while we were here.. we were both trying to maintain decorum being that we were in the main camp..for the time , we needed to keep our relationship under wraps. This was going to be hard  but there was no other way around it..I went to bed thinking of Fnar and our time together. These dreams are going to have to keep me going until we can get away again.


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One response to “A Little Piece of Heaven

  1. wowstorylines

    April 29, 2013 at 10:57 am

    Yes, they did tour some of Pandaria before they could find the secluded little house on the hill. ((I’m still giggling at the first place that we stopped that is usually very isolated and there happened to be a guild gathering there from the Alliance side – that’s the first time that I have seen anyone there.)) Great read as always and enjoyable RP.


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