27 Apr

Day 1

When I arrived in Pandaria,it was amidst chaos and battle.. we barely get past the fog only to emerge into a warzone.The general wasted no time, as soon as he saw the Alliance ships sailing beneath us, gave the order to start firing at it. It was complete and utter chaos;  and people wonder why I stay in Northrend. Sure it’s bitterly cold and desolate but I”m not having to deal with politics.

It was just a surprise to me when I was ordered to Pandaria, as part of the reserves that called upon now since there was a call for reinforcements. I was assigned to the exploration battalion led by  Fnor Morningstar, and Fnar Dawnglory.. it was all I could do to keep the grin off my face.. I don’t know if he knows I will be coming, we were supposed to meet in Silvermoon..but since that is a few days away.. I suppose I could be forgiven for jumping the gun so to speak. I hadn’t planned on being recruited. It just sort of happened.. course it could make things interesting my father is off on the Isle of Thunder fighting as well.

I made it as far as Honeydew village before I met the commander, who escorted me to the Temple ,where I was able to set my stone and take a breather to get my bearings.It was rather enlightning when he told me that my golden lover ,was also one of the other commanding officers I needed to report to ..can you say awkward.However he didn’t seem to disapprove of the fact that his best friend and I were lovers, instead seemed to look forward to seeing his best friend’s face when Fnar discovered I was here. His enthusiasm was infectious,and had me grinning like a hyena as well. When I brought up my concerns, he did admit that while it would prove interesting, as long as we were discrete it shouldn’t be too much trouble.

He did confirm what Fnar said,about marriage..he informed me that when it came to marriage, his best friend had the fastest feet he knew.. I suppose it would be soon to tell him that I wasn’t planning to marry his best friend . just mate with him until we were both too tired to move.. I don’t do marriage..I have seen too many cases where the couple figured that marriage gave them the licence to mess around on their spouse; if your going to mess around, why bother getting married at all? Why bring that pain onto your family?  Everyone is so concerned about breeding back families to existence.. maybe some of them died for a reason, and should not be brought back.They treat their women like broodmares, existing only to service their masters just so the males can act all superior. They are nothing more than high priced whores, who sell themselves to the highest bidder, just so they don’t have to be alone, or for material gain.The males are just as bad, they see all women as nothing more than prizes,or property; they have no respect.. they call the few women ,who fight them back, all sorts of filthy names, just to make themselves feel better about themselves. They are nothing more than little boys playing at grown up, they fear the women who are stronger than they are. and would systematically seek to break them , tear them down. People wonder why I prefer the company of animals to my own race; they have more decency than the Sin’dorei at times.

I can thank my lover for proving to me that not all males are bad; now the problem is ,I can’t think about him without wanting to be with him.. it has only been a short time since we have been apart… yet I already long for him. Does this make me like those other women?  Ones who cannot seem to exist without a man? Not likely…I have gone a year without sex, without suffering dire consequences..I”m sure I can survive being apart for awhile longer..from what Commander Morningstar says,  his best friend doesn’t know that I’m here yet,, it will be a most amusing surprise.  I find.. I can’t wait to see his face, when he sees me here.

Romy’s Ruminations

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One response to “Romy’s Ruminations

  1. wowstorylines

    April 27, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    Oh, it should prove to be rather interesting when Dawngloy discovers that his lover is now in Pandaria, especially since he’s been busting his bum trying to get things caught up so he can take a few days off to be with her…again. Great read and I think this is going to be “funtimes” in the very near future.


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