25 Apr

It was supposed to be just a simple trip to Silvermoon, to check on the ruins that was her father’s family home. It  had been so long since  either of them had set foot there ..what had been a majestic manor, was nothing more than a shell of the loving home to generations of Nighthearts. She was born there…her innocence ripped away that fateful day when the Scourge devastated the land ,and the city. More than ninety percent of the population had died that day..including most of her family…just seeing the house, brought back the horrors of the day..breaking down the  wall that kept her memories at bay.. Fnar was right….there was some things that should remain forgotten.However there was some things that should be remembered; like her mother.. the brilliant ruby sheen of her hair, the lingering scent of lilacs that always seemed to follow her. Romy had since birth, always associated the scent of lilacs with her mother; it was a tangible memory.. the scent was the first thing that she recalled even before she took her first look at the world around her. Her sense of smell was particularly strong for a child.. and she recognized her family by the particular scents they favoured.. her father, the heady scent of sandalwood, pine ,and fresh air, her grandfather Tywin, the scent of leather,weapon oil,liniment, and steel,and the scent of ink, parchment, and the acrid scent of smoke,always followed her grandfather Selwyn. Her cousin  Pax, often tried to confuse her,but she learned to separate various scents, and identify them.. it was her little special little quirk as a child but it proved invaluable to her when she became a ranger, and scout for the  Sunreavers in the harsher climes.When they returned to Silvermoon, her father  had papers drawn up with the barrister that recognized her as his sole heir, and future head of House Nightheart.

Needless to say, it was equally surprising to them both ,when a message came to her , requiring her to report to Lor’Themar Theron.  When she arrived, she was informed that due to the shortage of troops ,all able bodied citizens were required to report to Warchief Garrosh in Orgrimmar, for immediate dispatchment to Pandaria.  To say the news was a shock, was an understatement; and knowing that she would be away from her tribe, she quickly sent message to her second in Northrend, instructing him to take her place as leader until her return. Thankfully they had found a summer camp prior to her  departure,and the move was relatively uneventful.Two more cubs were born,which raised their numbers to twenty; they would survive; Foxtail would make a fine chieftain;he had all the markings of one,and just needed the opportunity to prove  himself.

When she arrived in Pandaria, it was mayhem..they emerged out of the mist, in the midst of a firefight, their ship taking heavy damage.Though they had succeeded in taking the base from the alliance, their ship was shot down from the sky. It was a struggle trying to fight her way to the nearest town, keeping Shivaya  from attacking everything in sight.. the sheer amount of greenery was discombulating for them both. They had not seen this much forest since Sholazar Basin. Shivaya spent time in the water, trying to keep cool ,and Romy felt guilty for bringing the massive arctic grizzly with her. It was too hot for the huge bear,and she would be miserable here; she was used to the subzero temperatures ,her food source was not readily available either,which meant Romy needed to find another source of food for her pet.

It was a surprise when she learned that her commanding officer was also best friend to her lover, who also would be her commanding officer.To say that it was awkward was an understatement but Romy was used to awkward situations,and forged through the meeting with a certain aplomb.For one thing, it would make their meetings all the more easier ,but she knew she also had to prove herself to these people ,who had been here longer than her. Fortunately her experiences in Northrend, had given her the resiliency required to survive. If she could survive the harsh unforgiving land that was Northrend.. then she can survive anything Pandaria  threw at her.

New Horizons


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2 responses to “New Horizons

  1. wowstorylines

    April 25, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    Yes, I am sure that she will survive Pandaria quite nicely with her previous experience. That was definitely some great impromptu RP last night between Romy and Fnor – imagine just happening to run into that man. Great read as always.

  2. dnooskey

    April 25, 2013 at 6:01 pm

    Oh that was totally enjoyable rp last night.It was only a matter of time before she met Fnor,and the fact that he met her before Fnar knew she was arriving ,was funny!


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