Red Skies By Night…

21 Apr

 It took a few  hours to make her way back to her pack , however it gave her time to think about her meeting with the golden haired hunter that never ceased to bring a smile to her face. He was good…very good..and she couldn’t wait for their next meeting. He made her feel alive for once in her life; she never knew just how much she was missing..nor did she realize that up until now, she was only existing ,not living.Sure she survived ,sure she made certain her people flourished but deep down she felt empty , something was missing.

Too many times she had seen marriages fall apart.. seen where both parties treated faithfulness  to their spouse as an option ,not a priority..seen where children were nothing more than pawns or property;used against one parent by another .The children in her pack were precious, protected,and they were loved by all members of the pack,not by just their parents. She did not want to get married, she did not want to become someone’s property; which was how she would be treated by those so called nobles .She valued her freedom, she was not meant to be one of those hothouse flowers ,but a huntress..perhaps that was what drew her to Fnar. He was nothing like those pompous ,perfumed pretty boys that flounced around in Dalaran before the Purge .. he was strong, free spirited,with an aversion to marriage like her, how that did not preclude him from liking or wanting children. With him , she could be herself.. she didn’t have to worry about being trapped in marriage.. with him ,she could focus more on being friends ,and enjoying their amorous pursuits with little guilt. They had no mates to speak of , and she couldn’t say it was love but she wasn’t going to dismiss the fact that there was a spark between them..She knew that if he hadn’t had to leave to head back to Pandaria , they would still be in that room back at Kamagua, mating like animals until they were both too sore to move. As it was, she was moving a little more carefully than normal but a big grin crossed her lips as she thought of their time together.

Her second ,after taking one look at her, gave her a sly wink and grinned knowingly before commenting lowly ” Looks like someone got lucky …..shall we start preparing for a new cub in the future ?” She shook her head before replying ” Don’t count on it..unless I got extremely lucky.. we will know by the next new moon ” her second nodded in agreement, giving way to the intuitive knowledge of his leader. For one so young, she possessed a wisdom that was well beyond her years; a wisdom brought on years of survival in the harshest conditions. She was a huntress but there was an ageless wisdom  in those dark green eyes that spoke of  a life past… a deep unexplained mystery that was beyond the males of their tribe.

” Was the negotiations successful ?”He asked changing the subject, knowing that she talk to him when she felt in the mood to. She was mercurial as the sea, but he knew she had put the needs of the tribe over her own.. he knew she had not taken anyone to her bed for anything other than keeping warm; he also knew of her aversion to taking a mate as well. She was not ready to give up her freedom..if one male was lucky enough to win her affections.. then it must be a very special male indeed. He just hoped that it didn’t blow up in their faces.


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2 responses to “Red Skies By Night…

  1. wowstorylines

    April 22, 2013 at 5:46 am

    Ohhhh my! I guess that Dawnglory made a very favorable impression with the lady – she definitely made an impression on him. Great read as always.

  2. dnooskey

    April 22, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    LOL, he definitely made an impact on her, she’s still reeling but in a good way 🙂


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