Bardic Voices

20 Apr

 I met one of the most interesting individuals among the house retinue today; the fact that she was a deathknight like Sivad was equally surprising.. the woman could sing like an angel.Her name is Lily Sweetstar,and she was the house bard,which I found completely amazing..and one of the sweetest people around despite the fact she was a deathknight. The first time I heard her singing,she was in the garden singing to my grandmother, who sat in her customary perch in the garden, sipping her tea. Oh the sweet pure tones  that came from that woman’s throat.. it rivaled that of the sweetest songbird.. I  didn’t think any mortal was capable of that range  but then I remembered she wasn’t exactly mortal.

When she learned that I could play the fiddle, she invited me to join her but I wasn’t familiar with some of the songs she sang so I listened for a bit before I gathered the courage to join her. Blending my fiddle playing with her golden tones , was a challenge but somehow I managed , I wasn’t sure how it worked but the look upon my grandmother’s face made it all worth it. She sat there in rapt attention,and when we were done, had tears running down her face.Lost in the music , I had no idea of the small crowd that gathered in the garden to listen.

My father was beaming, he knew my talent as a fiddler  but my grandmother didn’t it was a surprise to her.After we were done, she congratulated us on a job well done, with a wry glance at her son, she encouraged us to continue playing to gether,since we blended so beautifully. Lily gave a joyful squeal ,and gave me a huge hug, which had me groaning in pain.. the girl didn’t know her own  strength,and she gasped as she realized that she was hugging too hard. She let me go, and I took that moment to  get some air back in my lungs; much to the gentle laughter of my grandmother. When my grandmother heard that the tiny deathknight was blessed with a golden voice ,she had her brought to her right away so she could hear for herself. it was then she hired the tiny deathknight to serve her as her house bard, much to the surprise of the Highlord.

The position of House bard proved a positive influence to the spirited Lily , she had found her place in the world, but not as a killer like so many of her brethren ; she also found love with the quiet introspective Scribe Larinth Bloodmorn,who adored the enchanting little deathknight  in his own quiet manner. The mention of his name often brought a warm loving glow to the diminuative deathdealer, and I felt like an intruder in presence of that quiet devotion. I suppose I will find my own place in the world..but I need to figure  out what it is that I want from life first.

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One response to “Bardic Voices

  1. wowstorylines

    April 20, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    Music in the air – that was indeed beautifully written and I could definitely visualize the setting.


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