“If music be the food of love ,play on “

08 Apr

She dragged out her fiddle for the first time in monthes.. it was dusty,and out of tune.. lovingly she dragged her fingers across the strings, her face distorting in disgust at the sour notes. Lifting the fiddle out of its case, she turned the knobs and adjusted the tone until the notes came out sweet and clear. Slowly she began to play a slow aire, followed a slightly faster tune.. its been far too long since she played and her hands ached .. she would have to remedy that, and play more often in short stretches at first to get her hands back in shape before she tried playing anything too ambitious.

As she lowered her fiddler, a slow clapping sounded to the left of her,and her father stood there with tears streaming down his eyes but he was smiling ” That was beautiful.. I never knew you played. ” she nodded feeling still awkward around him. He walked over to her,and took her by the shoulders before he spoke ” Too long has this house been a mauseleum,rather than a home.. we need more music, ,more laughter…..more love ” his face sobered for a moment at the last word but he gave her a smile ” Much to my regret, I had a hand in bringing fear and distrust to this family.. I hope to rectify that by encouraging you to play your fiddle more..perhaps hire a private tutor to help you refine your talent,and make it shine. There is alot of raw talent..just need to polish it up and make it sparkle. I know I have much to answer for ,and much to atone..but I would like to start mending fences by repairing the relationship with my children…if they would allow me to.”

Danelora could only stand there, silent tears running down her face,at her father’s humble request…it took a great deal of courage and strength to admit to the things he had done ,and wanting to change was a good step forward in repairing the rifts between him and his family . She flung her arms around his neck ,and gave him a kiss on his cheek before whispering ” Of course.. I would like that above all things ” He hugged her back, wishing he had not squandered the time with his children.

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One response to ““If music be the food of love ,play on “

  1. wowstorylines

    April 8, 2013 at 6:28 am

    Oh, she finally is starting to play her music again – I love it. Great read as per usual.


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