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Romy’ Ruminations

Day 5

Ran into Commander Morningstar today,and it was with much amusement when he asked if I had run to Fnar yet.  I couldn’t keep a grin off my face when I admitted I had, and I can see what Fnar meant when he said Fnor didn’t miss a thing.Especially not the marks on my neck, though I tried using a bit of powder to lessen the effect, they were still there  vivid reminders of my  time with Fnar..course I can’t complain much. I think  I left as many marks on him  as he did me.

 I couldn’t help but smirk when the commander mentioned my lover was moving a little more slowly during the briefing this morning.,and asked me not to damage his second in command too much. I can’t make any guarantees but I will have to be little less aggressive with him ,during our lovemaking..I tend to get a little too over enthusiastic at times.Perhaps this enforced separation will be good for our self control..because I know everytime I’m with him, i want to throw caution to the winds and revert to the more baser instincts..that’s how I am..

I spent most of that day familiarizing myself with the basecamp..taking in the scents that would be my home for the time being. Like a wolf , I would prowl about the encampment taking the scents of those that lived there. For some one who used their senses alot for survival,it was an odd quirk of mine.Much of the skills I learned in Northrend,applied here in Pandaria as well,which had my compatriots shaking their heads,and I often heard the mutterings of some of the junior members referring to me as a “crazy wolf bitch ”   Though instead of insulting me, I found it amusing.. I was crazy ,but I was also cunning,and I could smell their fear  like a shark to the scent of blood..for some strange reason .. they were afraid of me. It was something I should bring up with Commander Morningstar..and Fnar.. A soldier should not fear his fellows.. that causes dissension,and division.

Well time to get my butt in gear and start my rounds, I need to familiarize myself with the ropes and the patrols. I’m pretty confident about finding my way back to base camp now..I haven’t gotten lost yet,and I have been smart about making notations of the landmarks on my map.. It won’t be long before I can find my way around Pandaria  as well as Northrend. I think once this war settles down, I may have to contact Foxtail about moving the tribe to Pandaria . It’s a thought..


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A Little Piece of Heaven

** NSFW .. adult situations **

Day 4

It took us a few days to reach Krasarang but considering the brutal pace we were pushed ,It didn’t surprise me. the situation was dire,and our presence was needed .I had another objective in mind, and this breakneck speed only worked in my  favour but  I didn’t dare let the other recruits know that I only wanted to get to our destination faster.. I needed to get there before he left.

When we finally arrived at our destination we were all tired, from the long trek but when I saw Fnar’s face my tiredness seemed to vanish,and I was filled with elation …I made it .The look of shock and surprise made it worth the trip,and his obvious delight in seeing me again was only rivaled by my own.I never thought I could miss someone so much,nor need someone as much needed him,but the moment I saw his handsome face again.. the entire trip was worth it just to seem him smile at me.

Escorting me to the command tent, we made light talk ,trying not to give everyone else a hint of how we really that moment I  just wanted to drag him off somewhere to have my way with run my hands through that golden hair of his.. to explore every inch of that magnificent body of his. I must admit, the moment we entered the tent, and he had dropped the flap ,the feel of his arms around me, and his lips on mine made me forget myself completely. I returned his kisses with equal fervor ,letting him know the depth of my desire for him..Was it love  or was it just plain lust.. I didn’t know but I knew I didn’t want to go through life without being in his arms without his kisses, nor his touch. It was so hard trying to pretend one thing,and feel another: I could sense his frustration as well..this having to hide our relationship was going to be hard but we both knew we had to find someplace more private before we could give into our passions.

Taking me aboard his rocket, he took me about Pandaria, to show me the different places he had scouted out ; it was more a ruse to the others,though I suspect alot of them already had an idea of what was going on…at least the senior rangers did . I had to admit the land was amazing.especially looking down upon the places I had travelled on earlier.After a little while ,we came to a little house on top of hill. it was so quiet ,peaceful,and private..we were completely alone.

We didn’t waste much time in talk, both of us were burning up with need that we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves. As it was ,we barely made it to the bed before we gave into our passions ,neither of us being able to wait much longer.Though I may never look at a table the same way without blushing, It was perfect..we melded so sublimely .like we were made for each other. We spent that time  just exploring and touching each other, memorizing each other’s bodies before we made it to the bed. I must say..after sleeping in a pandaren bed, it leaves other beds feeling inadequate.. it was like sleeping on a soft pillow, the frame cradling one to sleep.It was like being in a nest was there I gave myself to Fnar completely and joyeously.

After we made love for a second time, we both laid in that bed, just cuddling and talking seemed like the most natural thing in the world. The mention of children did come up,and at one time I would have been leery about the idea but somehow the thought of being pregnant with his children didn’t bother me at fact .. the  thought appealed to me the more I thought of it. Neither of us were too keen on the idea of marriage,, in fact the mere thought of it makes me break out in hives.To some marriage may seem like the ideal thing but I have seen too many cases where a couples vows to each other were as worthless as the paper they were written on. Neither Fnar,nor I wanted to live that way..which is why we are so adamant against marriage. I have seen women get pregnant to catch a man only to discover that the man was not ready to settle down.,and left them to raise the baby on their own.. I don’t think I’m totally ready to settle down but when I do get pregnant …yes, i said when not if.. simply because I know how babies are made..and there is a pretty damn good chance that Fnar and I made one this evening. I think I’m going to enjoy it… I was deprived of my mother when I was quite young so I never had a mother figure to talk to when I was growing up.Alot of things that other young girls had taken for granted  I was deprived of.. I never had much time with my father before we were separated, it was only recently that we found each other again. I know I did tell him that I don’t plan on getting married but if it was grandchildren he wanted, I was more than willing to give him enough to make him blush.I’m sure Fnar is more than game  enough to help me with that ; he seemed pretty willing  the last time .

After our last session ,we were both feeling rather amorous again, and decided to get one bout in before we had to leave.. I didn’t want to leave that little house nor that bed, but we had to get back. I know I’m probably going to be sore but I don’t care..we decided to take some time off together after i had put in enough hours to gain some leave . Considering I only arrived, it was going to be awhile before I had enough time banked before I could but from what Fnar said.. my first set of scouting patrols will be short so I would have plenty of free time. It should give us some time to be alone .,,however I intend to make certain the rest don’t think me less of  ranger because I ‘m a woman.I didn’t get this far by being a pushover.

When we arrived back, it was with much reluctance that we had to part ways at least for the time being.. Fnar showed me where I would be billeted while we were here.. we were both trying to maintain decorum being that we were in the main camp..for the time , we needed to keep our relationship under wraps. This was going to be hard  but there was no other way around it..I went to bed thinking of Fnar and our time together. These dreams are going to have to keep me going until we can get away again.


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Day 1

When I arrived in Pandaria,it was amidst chaos and battle.. we barely get past the fog only to emerge into a warzone.The general wasted no time, as soon as he saw the Alliance ships sailing beneath us, gave the order to start firing at it. It was complete and utter chaos;  and people wonder why I stay in Northrend. Sure it’s bitterly cold and desolate but I”m not having to deal with politics.

It was just a surprise to me when I was ordered to Pandaria, as part of the reserves that called upon now since there was a call for reinforcements. I was assigned to the exploration battalion led by  Fnor Morningstar, and Fnar Dawnglory.. it was all I could do to keep the grin off my face.. I don’t know if he knows I will be coming, we were supposed to meet in Silvermoon..but since that is a few days away.. I suppose I could be forgiven for jumping the gun so to speak. I hadn’t planned on being recruited. It just sort of happened.. course it could make things interesting my father is off on the Isle of Thunder fighting as well.

I made it as far as Honeydew village before I met the commander, who escorted me to the Temple ,where I was able to set my stone and take a breather to get my bearings.It was rather enlightning when he told me that my golden lover ,was also one of the other commanding officers I needed to report to ..can you say awkward.However he didn’t seem to disapprove of the fact that his best friend and I were lovers, instead seemed to look forward to seeing his best friend’s face when Fnar discovered I was here. His enthusiasm was infectious,and had me grinning like a hyena as well. When I brought up my concerns, he did admit that while it would prove interesting, as long as we were discrete it shouldn’t be too much trouble.

He did confirm what Fnar said,about marriage..he informed me that when it came to marriage, his best friend had the fastest feet he knew.. I suppose it would be soon to tell him that I wasn’t planning to marry his best friend . just mate with him until we were both too tired to move.. I don’t do marriage..I have seen too many cases where the couple figured that marriage gave them the licence to mess around on their spouse; if your going to mess around, why bother getting married at all? Why bring that pain onto your family?  Everyone is so concerned about breeding back families to existence.. maybe some of them died for a reason, and should not be brought back.They treat their women like broodmares, existing only to service their masters just so the males can act all superior. They are nothing more than high priced whores, who sell themselves to the highest bidder, just so they don’t have to be alone, or for material gain.The males are just as bad, they see all women as nothing more than prizes,or property; they have no respect.. they call the few women ,who fight them back, all sorts of filthy names, just to make themselves feel better about themselves. They are nothing more than little boys playing at grown up, they fear the women who are stronger than they are. and would systematically seek to break them , tear them down. People wonder why I prefer the company of animals to my own race; they have more decency than the Sin’dorei at times.

I can thank my lover for proving to me that not all males are bad; now the problem is ,I can’t think about him without wanting to be with him.. it has only been a short time since we have been apart… yet I already long for him. Does this make me like those other women?  Ones who cannot seem to exist without a man? Not likely…I have gone a year without sex, without suffering dire consequences..I”m sure I can survive being apart for awhile longer..from what Commander Morningstar says,  his best friend doesn’t know that I’m here yet,, it will be a most amusing surprise.  I find.. I can’t wait to see his face, when he sees me here.

Romy’s Ruminations

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It was supposed to be just a simple trip to Silvermoon, to check on the ruins that was her father’s family home. It  had been so long since  either of them had set foot there ..what had been a majestic manor, was nothing more than a shell of the loving home to generations of Nighthearts. She was born there…her innocence ripped away that fateful day when the Scourge devastated the land ,and the city. More than ninety percent of the population had died that day..including most of her family…just seeing the house, brought back the horrors of the day..breaking down the  wall that kept her memories at bay.. Fnar was right….there was some things that should remain forgotten.However there was some things that should be remembered; like her mother.. the brilliant ruby sheen of her hair, the lingering scent of lilacs that always seemed to follow her. Romy had since birth, always associated the scent of lilacs with her mother; it was a tangible memory.. the scent was the first thing that she recalled even before she took her first look at the world around her. Her sense of smell was particularly strong for a child.. and she recognized her family by the particular scents they favoured.. her father, the heady scent of sandalwood, pine ,and fresh air, her grandfather Tywin, the scent of leather,weapon oil,liniment, and steel,and the scent of ink, parchment, and the acrid scent of smoke,always followed her grandfather Selwyn. Her cousin  Pax, often tried to confuse her,but she learned to separate various scents, and identify them.. it was her little special little quirk as a child but it proved invaluable to her when she became a ranger, and scout for the  Sunreavers in the harsher climes.When they returned to Silvermoon, her father  had papers drawn up with the barrister that recognized her as his sole heir, and future head of House Nightheart.

Needless to say, it was equally surprising to them both ,when a message came to her , requiring her to report to Lor’Themar Theron.  When she arrived, she was informed that due to the shortage of troops ,all able bodied citizens were required to report to Warchief Garrosh in Orgrimmar, for immediate dispatchment to Pandaria.  To say the news was a shock, was an understatement; and knowing that she would be away from her tribe, she quickly sent message to her second in Northrend, instructing him to take her place as leader until her return. Thankfully they had found a summer camp prior to her  departure,and the move was relatively uneventful.Two more cubs were born,which raised their numbers to twenty; they would survive; Foxtail would make a fine chieftain;he had all the markings of one,and just needed the opportunity to prove  himself.

When she arrived in Pandaria, it was mayhem..they emerged out of the mist, in the midst of a firefight, their ship taking heavy damage.Though they had succeeded in taking the base from the alliance, their ship was shot down from the sky. It was a struggle trying to fight her way to the nearest town, keeping Shivaya  from attacking everything in sight.. the sheer amount of greenery was discombulating for them both. They had not seen this much forest since Sholazar Basin. Shivaya spent time in the water, trying to keep cool ,and Romy felt guilty for bringing the massive arctic grizzly with her. It was too hot for the huge bear,and she would be miserable here; she was used to the subzero temperatures ,her food source was not readily available either,which meant Romy needed to find another source of food for her pet.

It was a surprise when she learned that her commanding officer was also best friend to her lover, who also would be her commanding officer.To say that it was awkward was an understatement but Romy was used to awkward situations,and forged through the meeting with a certain aplomb.For one thing, it would make their meetings all the more easier ,but she knew she also had to prove herself to these people ,who had been here longer than her. Fortunately her experiences in Northrend, had given her the resiliency required to survive. If she could survive the harsh unforgiving land that was Northrend.. then she can survive anything Pandaria  threw at her.

New Horizons


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Red Skies By Night…

 It took a few  hours to make her way back to her pack , however it gave her time to think about her meeting with the golden haired hunter that never ceased to bring a smile to her face. He was good…very good..and she couldn’t wait for their next meeting. He made her feel alive for once in her life; she never knew just how much she was missing..nor did she realize that up until now, she was only existing ,not living.Sure she survived ,sure she made certain her people flourished but deep down she felt empty , something was missing.

Too many times she had seen marriages fall apart.. seen where both parties treated faithfulness  to their spouse as an option ,not a priority..seen where children were nothing more than pawns or property;used against one parent by another .The children in her pack were precious, protected,and they were loved by all members of the pack,not by just their parents. She did not want to get married, she did not want to become someone’s property; which was how she would be treated by those so called nobles .She valued her freedom, she was not meant to be one of those hothouse flowers ,but a huntress..perhaps that was what drew her to Fnar. He was nothing like those pompous ,perfumed pretty boys that flounced around in Dalaran before the Purge .. he was strong, free spirited,with an aversion to marriage like her, how that did not preclude him from liking or wanting children. With him , she could be herself.. she didn’t have to worry about being trapped in marriage.. with him ,she could focus more on being friends ,and enjoying their amorous pursuits with little guilt. They had no mates to speak of , and she couldn’t say it was love but she wasn’t going to dismiss the fact that there was a spark between them..She knew that if he hadn’t had to leave to head back to Pandaria , they would still be in that room back at Kamagua, mating like animals until they were both too sore to move. As it was, she was moving a little more carefully than normal but a big grin crossed her lips as she thought of their time together.

Her second ,after taking one look at her, gave her a sly wink and grinned knowingly before commenting lowly ” Looks like someone got lucky …..shall we start preparing for a new cub in the future ?” She shook her head before replying ” Don’t count on it..unless I got extremely lucky.. we will know by the next new moon ” her second nodded in agreement, giving way to the intuitive knowledge of his leader. For one so young, she possessed a wisdom that was well beyond her years; a wisdom brought on years of survival in the harshest conditions. She was a huntress but there was an ageless wisdom  in those dark green eyes that spoke of  a life past… a deep unexplained mystery that was beyond the males of their tribe.

” Was the negotiations successful ?”He asked changing the subject, knowing that she talk to him when she felt in the mood to. She was mercurial as the sea, but he knew she had put the needs of the tribe over her own.. he knew she had not taken anyone to her bed for anything other than keeping warm; he also knew of her aversion to taking a mate as well. She was not ready to give up her freedom..if one male was lucky enough to win her affections.. then it must be a very special male indeed. He just hoped that it didn’t blow up in their faces.


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Bardic Voices

 I met one of the most interesting individuals among the house retinue today; the fact that she was a deathknight like Sivad was equally surprising.. the woman could sing like an angel.Her name is Lily Sweetstar,and she was the house bard,which I found completely amazing..and one of the sweetest people around despite the fact she was a deathknight. The first time I heard her singing,she was in the garden singing to my grandmother, who sat in her customary perch in the garden, sipping her tea. Oh the sweet pure tones  that came from that woman’s throat.. it rivaled that of the sweetest songbird.. I  didn’t think any mortal was capable of that range  but then I remembered she wasn’t exactly mortal.

When she learned that I could play the fiddle, she invited me to join her but I wasn’t familiar with some of the songs she sang so I listened for a bit before I gathered the courage to join her. Blending my fiddle playing with her golden tones , was a challenge but somehow I managed , I wasn’t sure how it worked but the look upon my grandmother’s face made it all worth it. She sat there in rapt attention,and when we were done, had tears running down her face.Lost in the music , I had no idea of the small crowd that gathered in the garden to listen.

My father was beaming, he knew my talent as a fiddler  but my grandmother didn’t it was a surprise to her.After we were done, she congratulated us on a job well done, with a wry glance at her son, she encouraged us to continue playing to gether,since we blended so beautifully. Lily gave a joyful squeal ,and gave me a huge hug, which had me groaning in pain.. the girl didn’t know her own  strength,and she gasped as she realized that she was hugging too hard. She let me go, and I took that moment to  get some air back in my lungs; much to the gentle laughter of my grandmother. When my grandmother heard that the tiny deathknight was blessed with a golden voice ,she had her brought to her right away so she could hear for herself. it was then she hired the tiny deathknight to serve her as her house bard, much to the surprise of the Highlord.

The position of House bard proved a positive influence to the spirited Lily , she had found her place in the world, but not as a killer like so many of her brethren ; she also found love with the quiet introspective Scribe Larinth Bloodmorn,who adored the enchanting little deathknight  in his own quiet manner. The mention of his name often brought a warm loving glow to the diminuative deathdealer, and I felt like an intruder in presence of that quiet devotion. I suppose I will find my own place in the world..but I need to figure  out what it is that I want from life first.

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Waking up later in the day, Romy lifted her head ,and looked around ,her dark ruby red hair tousled ,and hanging about her face like a curtain. Taking a long elegant hand ,she ruthlessly brushed it from her eyes, before her heavy lidded dark green eyes fell upon her armour tossed haphazardly in a corner. For a moment she couldn’t figure out why she didn’t stack as she normally did; when slowly the events from the previous evening came to the forefront,and a big grin crossed her face.She grabbed an armful of the furs, and inhaled deep,they still had his scent, and she filled her senses with it.. her body tingling in the aftermath of their lovemaking.

When he came to her after they had arranged to meet through letters, she was curious about him , he intrigued her ..he was unlike any of the other men she had met..Though he could be wicked at times, that smile of his that made her knees turn to butter, and her deeper recesses throb with wanting.,he surprised her with  how much of a gentleman he could be. The rose ,he gave her, was lovingly wrapped in paper , to protect it from damage.. she needed to look into getting it preserved.

To say the night was amazing ,was an absolute understatement,, Fnar had more than met her challenge, he met it , and blew it out of the water,showing her that real men actually existed and went on to prove it in an exquisite marathon of pleasures both sensual and sinfully erotic that had her breathless and wanting more. He more than kept up with her, he matched her the entire time, completing her in ways she never thought were possible. In the afterglow of their lovemaking, he held her close, both of them cuddling underneath the furs , talking quietly about themselves.. She found herself telling him about her time in Shattrath..and her time in the orphanage… her hands still shook as she recounted the events that lead her to being sent away from the orphanage.. the locket that she had taken back from the bullies who had taken it from her.. the feel of the knife in her hands.. the warm gush of blood ,and the give of skin..when she slit the throat of her main tormentor..and the feel of the precious locket clenched in her hand.

The feel of his arms around her, the touch of his hand stroking her hair and skin, was soothing ,she felt protected, He seemed to understand her better than most, offering a sympathetic ear when she needed it ..she discovered she didn’t need to be on her guard with him..she  could let her walls down and be herself..When he admitted to her that while he liked the idea of children ,he was not keen on marriage..which was fine with her, since she didn’t like the idea of getting married either , and becoming a broodmare for someone else’s family. She was the last of her bloodline.. she didn’t want a weakling siring her future heirs. and she didn’t need to be married to have children.However Fnar, was more than happy to help her build a family, he just wasn’t sure he could be a husband,and she found she actually like the idea of them creating little ones together.. She was perfectly alright with the idea of them being friends and lovers, they had already proved that they were more than a good match in bed. The memory made her smirk as she recalled how easily he made aroused her to a fever pitch of wanting…if they hadn’t created a little one in that long passionate night, it certainly wasn’t for the lack of trying..especially neither of them had thought of protection against conception.

Giving a sublime stretch she purred like a great cat, running her hands down her body until they rested over her belly .as she imagined a baby taking root in her womb. At one time the thought of becoming a mother scared her,but after a night of thorough loving from the golden haired hunter, she found herself liking the idea.Perhaps her threat of giving her father plenty of grandchildren to make him blush wasn’t that far off.. especially if the sire was her golden lover.She caught the scent of him on her skin, the unmistakable scent of earthiness, the muskiness from their matings,and the essential male that was was an intoxicating blend ,and she laid under the furs with a silly grin on her face as she thought about him.. she was definitely smitten.

Lustfully yours


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